1-day TDD Programming codecamp Feb. 11th

We use Google alias for class discussion. You do not have to be a paying subscriber to join the alias. If you have not subscribed it yet, please do so by sending a blank email to jpassion_android+subscribe@googlegroups.com or from class alias website.

Course Contents

  1. Step by Step
  2. UI Layout
  3. UI Menu
  4. UI Dialog
  5. UI Miscellaneous
  6. UI Adapters
  7. Activity
  8. Intents
  9. UI Notifications
  10. Resources and Assets
  11. Data storage
  12. Content Providers
  13. Multimedia (Audio and Video)
  14. Animation
  15. Services
  16. Location and Maps
  17. App Widgets
  18. Search
  19. Web services, XML, Cloud-computing
  20. Testing
  21. 2D Graphics
  22. 3D Graphics with OpenGL
  23. Security and Permissions
  24. Publishing
  25. Licensing
  26. Device Administration