Java 8 Lambda Syntax


  • What is and Why Lambda Expression (or simply Lambda)? 
  • Lambda implementation in Java 
  • What is Functional interface? 
  • Lambda expression syntax in Java 8

What is and Why Lambda Expression?

What is Lambda Expression (Lambda)? 

  • A formal system for “expressing computational behavior” (or “parameterizing behavior”) 
    • Through functions (function objects) 
  • Function objects are first-class citizens 
    • Function object can be assigned to a variable 
    • Function object can be passed to a method as an argument 
    • Function object can be returned as a return value 
  • Many modern programming languages support Lambda expression 
    • JavaScript, List, Scheme 
    • Ruby, Scala, Clojure 
  • Java 8 now supports Lambda expression 
    • Biggest language change since Generics of Java SE 5

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