Java Web Start


  • What is and Why Java Web Start? 
  • How does Java Web Start work? 
  • Platform requirements 
  • Developing Java Web Start application 
  • JNLP file syntax 
  • Running Java Web Start application 
  • Java Web Start and Security 
  • Deployment best practices

What is & Why Java Web Start?

What is Java Web Start? 

  • Java Web Start is a helper application that gets associated with a Web browser. 
  • When a user clicks on a link (typically on a web page) that points to a special launch file (JNLP file), it causes the browser to launch Java Web Start, which then automatically downloads, caches, and runs the given Java Technologybased application. 
  • The entire process is typically completed without requiring any user interaction, except for the initial single click.

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