Android 2D Graphics


  • Android Graphics 
  • Drawing 2D Graphics

Android 2D & 3D Graphics Support 

  • Android graphics are powered by 
    • A custom 2D graphics library 
    • OpenGL ES 1.0 for high performance 3D graphics. 
  • The most common 2D graphics APIs can be found in the drawable package. 
  • OpenGL APIs are available from the Khronos OpenGL ES package, plus some Android OpenGL utilities 
    • (We will cover 3D in another presentation)

Drawing 2D Graphics

Two Options of Drawing 2D Graphics 

  • Option #1 - Drawing into a View (or ImageView) 
    • Draw to the background of a View or to the content of an ImageView 
    • The drawing (and any animation) of your graphics is handled by the system's normal View hierarchy drawing process — you simply define the graphics to go inside the View.Option #2 – Draw your graphics directly to a Canvas yourself 
  • Option #2 – Draw your graphics directly to a Canvas yourself
  • You personally call the appropriate class's draw() method (passing it your Canvas), or one of the Canvas draw...() methods (like drawPicture())


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