AngularJS Animation

Animation Support in AngularJS

  • Include ngAnimate module as a dependency
  • < script src="/../angularjs/1.3.15/angular-animate.js" > < / script >
  • Angular provides animation hooks for common directives
    • ngRepeat, ngSwitch, ngView
    • These animation hooks are set in place to trigger CSS-based animations during the life cycle of various directives
  • ngAnimate module provides built-in styles
    • < li class=”... ng-enter ng-enter-active” > item < /li >
    • < li class=”... ng-leave ng-leave-active” > item < /li >
  • When an animation occurs, two sets of CSS classes are added to the element: 
    • A "starting" class that represents the style at the beginning of the animation. 
    • An "active" class that represents the style at the end of the animation 
  • The name of the starting class is the name of the event that is fired (like enter, move or leave) prefixed with ng- 
    • So an enter event will result in adding the ng-enter class.

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