AngularJS Routing


  • What is and Why routing? 
  • Configuring routing (with $routeProvider) 
  • $routeParam 
  • $location
  • $templateCache 
  • $routeParam

What is and Why Routing?

  • In SPA (Single Page Application), everything happens in one page 
    • One layout page with partial fragments filling up the content area 
  • Issues that need to be addressed in SPA application 
    • How should “back” button work? 
    • How should linking between pages work? 
    • How about URLs? 
  • AngularJS routing comes to rescue 
    • It helps you in dividing your application into logical views based on URL patterns - in other words, it simulates the navigation behavior of multi-page application 
    • It also let you bind different views to different controllers

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