Docker Swarm


  • What is Docker Swarm? 
  • What is a Node? 
  • Docker Swarm visualizer 
  • Docker Swarm service

What is Swarm? 

  • A swarm is a cluster of Docker engines, or nodes, where you deploy services 
    • The Docker Engine CLI and API include commands to manage swarm nodes (e.g., add or remove nodes), and deploy and orchestrate services across the swarm 
  • You enable swarm mode for an engine by either initializing a swarm or joining an existing swarm 
    • When you run Docker without using swarm mode, you execute container commands 
    • When you run the Docker in swarm mode, you orchestrate services 
  • You can run swarm services and standalone containers on the same Docker instances.

Docker Swarm Features 

  • Cluster management integrated with Docker Engine 
  • Decentralized design 
  • Declarative service model 
  • Scaling 
  • Desired state reconciliation 
  • Multi-host networking 
  • Service discovery 
  • Load balancing 
  • Secure by default 
  • Rolling updates

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