Grails Deployment


  • Grails commands for running an application 
  • Creating and deploying WAR file 
  • Deploying Grails app over the Cloud 
  • Continuous integration for Grails apps

Grails Commands for Running Grails App

grails run-app 

  • Runs an application during the development phase 
  • An embedded Tomcat server is launched that loads the web application from the development sources, thus allowing it to pick up any changes to application files 
  • Not recommended at all for production deployment because the performance is poor 
    • Checking for and loading changes places a sizable overhead on the server 
    • grails prod run-app removes the per-request overhead and lets you fine tune how frequently the regular check takes place 
  • Setting the system property "" to true disables this regular check completely, while the property "recompile.frequency" controls the frequency

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