Grails Security


  • What is and Why Spring Security Plugin? 
  • Step by Step Guide 
  • Remember-me 
  • Roles and Rules 
  • Helper classes 
    • Security TagLib, SpringSecurityService, SpringSecurityUtils 
  • Controller metaclass methods 
  • Ajax login 
  • Plugin configuration 
  • Custom login forms

What is and Why Spring Security Plugin?

What is Spring Security Plugin? 

  • Simplifies the integration of Spring Security (formerly Acegi Security) into Grails applications 
    • No need to implement your own security schemes 
  • Handles authentication and authorization 
  • Provides sensible defaults with many configuration options for customization 
    • Nearly everything is configurable or replaceable in the plugin and in Spring Security itself 
    • The plugin's configuration values all start with grails.plugins.springsecurity to distinguish them from similarly named options in Grails and from other plugins. grails.plugins.springsecurity.password.algorithm='SHA-512'

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