Hadoop HBase


  • What is and Why HBase? 
  • HBase Shell 
  • HBase Architecture 
  • HBase Data Model 
  • Storing Data Into HBase table using Pig and Hive 
  • Accessing data in the HBase table using Pig and Hive 
  • Access HBase table via REST/Thrift

What is and Why HBase?

HBase is a type of NoSQL database

  • "NoSQL" is a general term meaning that the database isn't an RDBMS which supports SQL as its primary access language, but there are many types of NoSQL databases 
    • BerkeleyDB is an example of a local NoSQL database, whereas HBase is very much a distributed NoSQL database 
  • Technically speaking, HBase is really more a "Data Store" than "Data Base" because it lacks many of the features you find in an RDBMS, such as typed columns, secondary indexes, triggers, and advanced query languages, etc.

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