Hadoop Hive


  • What is and Why Hive? 
  • Hive Architecture 
  • HiveQL 
  • Physical Layout 
  • Loading data into Hive tables 
  • Partitions 
  • Joining 
  • Buckets

What is and Why Hive?

What is Hive? 

  • Provides data warehousing solution built on top of Hadoop 
    • Facilitates querying and managing large data sets residing in distributed storage of Hadoop (HDFS or HBase) 
  • Comes with SQL-like language called HiveQL 
    • SQL has huge developer base
    • Brings Hadoop capability (querying, analyzing, and summarizing large amounts of data) to developers familiar with SQL 
  • Allows you to project structure to any data formats 
    • Can handle non-structured data 
  • Open source Apache project 
    • Started at Facebook

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