Initializing our JEE 8 Development Stack


  • Eclipse for Java EE Developers 
  • Maven Archetype 
  • Angular 
  • Payara 5 Java EE server 
  • Vagrant and Docker

Eclipse for Java EE

Eclipse IDE 

  • A good IDE is essential for better productivity while coding. 
  • Eclipse is one such IDE, which has great editor features and many integration points with JEE technologies. 
  • The primary purpose of this section is to show you how to develop JEE applications using Eclipse. 
  • So the following is a quick introduction to Eclipse, if you are not already familiar with it.

What is Eclipse 

  • Eclipse is an open source IDE for developing applications in many different programming languages 
  • It is quite popular for developing many different types of Java applications 
  • Its architecture is pluggable—there is a core IDE component and many different plugins can be added to it 
  • Along with editor support, Eclipse has plugins to interact with many of the external systems used during development : 
    • examples include source control systems such as SVN and Git, build tools such as Maven, managing servers such as Payara and GlassFish, database explorers, memory and CPU profilers, Vagrant support … 
  • All those external systems are displayed as views


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