JSF 2.0 Template and Composite Components (Java EE 6)


  • Templating 
  • Composite components 
    • Simple composite component 
    • Nested attributes 
    • Adding JavaScript to a composite component 
    • Invoking Action method 
    • Attaching ActionListener (to ActionSource2 UI components) 
    • Attaching Validators/Converters (to EditableValueHolder UI components)


What is Templating? 

  • Templates define common look and feel in layout, styling 
    • Display pages provides actual content fragments that will be inserted into a common template 
    • Display pages share common header and footer and common styling defined in the template 
    • If layout needs to be changed, a single template file needs to be changed 
    • Template file and display pages are XHTML files 
  • In JSF 1.x, templating options were varied 
    • Tiles, Oracle ADF regions, JSP includes, Facelets 
  • In JSF 2.0, Facelets provides standardized templating 
    • Standardized template tags 
    • Template tags accept parameters


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