WebSocket 1.0 (Java EE 7)

  • What is and Why WebSocket? 
  • WebSocket protocol 
  • WebSocket support in Java EE 7 (Server side) 
    • Programming model 
    • Sending messages to all peers 
    • Path parameters 
    • Encoders and decoders 
    • Data type 
    • Subprotocol 
    • Endpoint configuration 
  • WebSocket Java Client API T

What is and Why WebSocket?

Characteristics of Modern Web Apps 

  • Collaborative 
    • Many participants access the same app 
  • Participatory content generation 
    • Participants post contents
  • Real-time 
    • Contents are published and distributed real-time 
  • Multi-device & Mobile-friendly 
    • Apps are accessed through many client types: Desktop browser, Tablet, Mobile phone, TV, etc

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