Servlet Advanced


  • Including, forwarding to, and redirecting to other web resources 
  • Servlet life-cycle events 
  • Invoker Servlet

Including, Forwarding, Redirecting to other Web resources

  • When to Include another Web resource?
    • When it is useful to add static or dynamic contents already created by another web resource – Adding a banner content or copyright information in the response returned from a Web component

Types of Included Web Resource 

  • Static resource 
    • It is like “programmatic” way of adding the static contents in the response of the “including” servlet 
  • Dynamic web component (Servlet or JSP page) 
    • Send the request to the “included” Web component 
    • Execute the “included” Web component 
    • Include the result of the execution from the “included” Web component in the response of the “including” servlet

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