Session Tracking


  • Underlying mechanisms 
  • Why do we need Session Tracking feature of Servlet? 
  • Servlet Session Tracking Programming APIs 
  • Session timeout and invalidation

Underlying Mechanisms of Session Tracking

Why Session Tracking? 

  • Need a mechanism to maintain state across a series of requests from the same user (or originating from the same browser) over some period of time
    • Example: Online shopping cart 
  • Yet, HTTP is stateless protocol 
    • Each time, a client talks to a web server, it opens a new connection 
    • Server does not automatically maintain “conversational state” of a user

Session Tracking Use Cases 

  • When clients at an on-line store add an item to their shopping cart, how does the server know what’s already in the cart? 
  • When clients decide to proceed to checkout, how can the server determine which previously created shopping cart is theirs?

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