JavaScript Advanced


  • JavaScript functions as first-class objects 
  • Self-invoking function 
  • Function scope 
  • What is Closure? (Closure examples) 
  • Why use Closure? (Closure usage examples) 
  • Global object, non-global object, and “this”

JavaScript Functions as First-class Objects

A function is a first-class JavaScript Object (like String or Number object) 

  • Functions are a bit like Java methods (like in Java) 
    • They contain statements for performing some tasks 
    • They have arguments and return values 
  • A function is a first-class object in JavaScript (unlike in Java 7) 
    • Can be considered as a descendant of Object object 
    • Can do everything a regular JavaScript object can do such as having properties and their values 
    • Function objects can have other function objects as methods 
  • A function behaves like a first-class object (unlike in Java 7) 
    • It can be saved into a variable (like String object) 
    • It can be passed as an argument to another function 
    • It can be returned as a object

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