JPA 1.0 Transaction (Java EE 5)


  • Transaction Types 
  • Transactional attributes 
  • Entity manager and transaction types 
  • Concurrency and locking

Transaction Types 

  • Two different transaction types are supported in JPA 
    1. Resource-local transactions (RESOURCE_LOCAL) 
      • Single resource 
    2. Java Transaction API (JTA)
      • Multiple participating resources 
      • Distributed XA transactions 
  • Transaction type is defined in persistence unit (persistence.xml file
    • In Java SE environment, the default is RESOURCE_LOCAL 
    • In Java EE environment, the default is JTA


  • You must use the EntityManagerFactory to get an EntityManager 
  • The resulting EntityManager represents PersistenceContext 
  • You must use the EntityTransaction API to begin/commit around every call to your EntityManger 
  • Calling entityManagerFactory.createEntityManager() twice results in two separate EntityManager instances and therefor two separate PersistenceContexts

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