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Please note that the recordings do not match the current lab document and exercises.  The recordings will be redone when we do our next live codecamp.

Course Contents

  1.  REST Introduction
  2.  Spring 4 REST Design - PDF, Lab, Recording
  3.  Spring 4 REST Resource Matching
  4.  Spring 4 REST Injection Annotation
  5.  Spring 4 REST Content Negotiation
  6.  Spring 4 REST Response Generation
  7.  Spring 4 REST Exception Handling
  8.  Spring 4 REST Filters and Interceptors
  9.  Spring 4 REST Caching
  10.  Spring 4 REST HATEOAS
  11.  Spring 4 REST Best Practices
  12.  Spring 4 REST Security
  13.  Spring 4 REST Asynch. Processing