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Justus Mwendwa Ngui This course helped me to learn
Olaf Donk  


Jesse Alan Johnson New Java 8 concepts
Vitaliy Voronkov This course has helped me to learn new things in java.


NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Bruno Rodrigues Franco Brazil Good course!
Fernando Aguada Argentina I liked this course because I could enhance and deepen my know about java. Thank you, very much.
Kim Jong Kwan    
Martin Konicek Czech Republic This course helped me to wider areas of my java expertise
Nguyen Dang Phuoc Dong Vietnam This course helped me learn ...
Norman Gies Germany Thanks and kind regards.
Park Yunsun   This course helped me learn
Scott Byrd United States This course helped me learn...
1) Exposed me to several new Java technologies.
2) How to perform unit testing using JUnit.
3) How to use Apache Felix.
SEUNGKYUNG KIM Korea This course helped me learn how to use Java effectively and how to test java code through various tools, Thank you.
Victor Bruno Dias Ronda Mozambique This course covered a bunch of interesting topics, taking my java programming skill set up the next level. Once again a good job by Sang Shin and his team.


NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Angel López Gómez Spain This course has helped me to ensure my java knowledge and learn new things as OSGi
Bill Hardesty USA  
Gerrit Boshoff South Africa  
Hermann Erb Germany This course helped me learn ... important basic concepts of the Java programming language (like Generics and Concurrency). The concept of the course is great. Keep it up!
Jeff Hodd Canadian / US Resident This course was a refresher for me on some of the topics and a great introduction to some of the more recent Java concepts. I especially enjoyed the later chapters on JMX and OSGi.
Massimo Manfredino Italy Very interesting topics illustrated easily and clearly.
Michael Chandler USA Good class. On to the next one ...
Mike Ternent USA I enjoyed the advanced java programming class :)
Samuel Gachanja Kenya Great course, well structured and easy to follow. Wish i had taken it much earlier.
Tex Eduardo Albuja Estévez Ecuador Great course
Tjeerd Hes the Netherlands  
Yuriy Buy Ukraine Great stuff!


NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Abhinav K Adduri USA I learned a lot during this course, and at the same time, I also enjoyed this course. Thanks!
Christine Rosenboom Germany After having implemented embedded Java SW for the most recent years, this course was very useful to catch up with the latest changes in Java SE. Thank you!
JiYoung Kim Korea  
Jung-joon lee Korea,South  
Jun Kang KOREA  
KimByoungSik Korea Thank you
leejunhwi Korea  
Luis Manuel Jaimes Lorenzo Mexico In this course, i learned many new things in java, of course with passion, thank´s JPassion team.
Nithesh Shettigar India I got some knowledge through this course. Worth trying.
TAE-HWAN, KIM REPUBLIC OF KOREA On [SSA] Software architech coarse In Samsung SDS

Session #3

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Dae Hong Seo Korea  
Dong Sun Park Korea  
Seung Il Kim Korea Sound body, Sound mind

Session #2

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Ad van Ommen The Netherlands Excellent course to catch up with some more advanced subjects and with the latest changes in the JDK.
HaeMin Choi Korea  
JongSik Park Korea  
Sang In Oh Korea  
Timothy Robert Puchala British  
Todd A. Johnston United States Of America Another outstanding job putting together a worthwhile course of useful topics. Great upgrade to my SCP 1.4 certification and a good stepping stone towards my SCP 1.7 when it becomes available
Vincent De Paul Tene Kengne Germany Very usefull course on advance programming with Java.

Session #1

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Ales Bednarik    
Chris H Pettigrew Canada  
Douglas Lewis    
Gerhard Wirnsberger    
Hiroshi Kubo Japan  
Jeffrey Schindler    
Juan Antonio García Lebrijo    
Mark Goleby    
Neville Nortier    
Trudi Machin UK Found this very useful course to help understand concepts of Java
Uno Carlsson Sweden  
Vonnie Kinsey