The certificate is a personal recognition from Sang Shin that you have successfully and passionately completed the course. It does not have any affiliation with any company, or institution.


Lei Wang This course helped me to learn Java Web Development


NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
H. Yeray Sánchez Hernández

Spain This course helped me learn ...
Maksim Ileev

United States  
Norman Gies

Germany Great course! Thank you!


NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Fernando Aguada

Argentina This course served me for I could understand and introduce in technology of Java EE. Many Thanks!
Hermann Erb

Germany This course helped me learn ... handling application servers
Jarrod Dieppa

USA Excellent course. Thank you.
Johannes Amtén

Levi Sandoval

Mexico This course helped me learn more about Java Web (only knew about servlets...) This course is awesome! Thank you so much!
Maciej Łoś

Poland This course helped me learn to understand what Servlet and JSP technologies are. Quite fun!. Thank You.
Natalya Portnov

Ukraine This course helped me learn Java Web Programming basics
Ove Kreison

  This course helped me learn
Roman Pavlacka

Czech Republic Great course! Thank you!
Stephanie Edgar

USA great course!
Victor Bruno Dias Ronda

Mozambique I did enjoy taking this course. It is a stepping stone into JavaEE world.


NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Butha Buthe

George Dedes

Michael Chandler

United States Good course for getting started with servlets and JSP pages.
Tjeerd Hes

Tumelo Phume

South Africa  
Vincenzo Squillante

Italian This course helped me to learn the basics of web development using java language.


NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Domagoj Margetic Croatia  
Emanus Simeon United States Thank You for another productive course. Keep up the great Job!
Harry Hernandez United States  
Jeffrey Botsch USA Another great class!
Joel C. Lim USA  
Piotr Sobolewski Poland  
Prateek .H. Tawal Indian  
Vaishali Dighe USA  

Graduates from the 21th session (September - December 2011)

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Aravinthan Pathmanathan Canada  
Hiroshi Kubo Japan This was my second study of this course. Of course I enjoyed it and have felt that it could be very useful to refresh the relevant knowledges.
Joe Bertoli Pimentel Brazil  
Luke Collins New Zealand  
Marina Paskal Canadian  
Martin Rumánek Czech Republic Great! Excellent course. Thank you.
Pankaj Bhojwani Indian  
Timothy Puchala British  

Graduates from the 20th session (Winter 2011 - Summer 2011)

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Douglas Lewis USA Another great class, glad I found this site.
Esra Özbek Turkey  
Gerardo Méndez Pérez Costa Rica  
Gideon Snyman South Africa This course was excellent to learn to configure java web projects and build JSP web apps.
Jeffrey Schindler United States of America Great course, I learned alot.
Melvin Blokhuijzen Netherlands Best resource of Java EE information around
Stephan Segedy United States Curriculum was excellent, thanks! Began this course as Java EE without realizing it had been split into 2 separate classes, so am sending this info for both Web Programming Basics and Struts...
ToddAJohnston USA Thanks Shin for making such a valuable resource available. Java Passion Rocks !!
Zoltán Kónya Hungarian  

Graduates from the 19th session (Summer 2010 - Autumn 2010)

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Adina Tusa Romania I found your course very helpfull, the practice made the difference. Thank you!
Allan Casalla Philippines Thanks Sang! I just have one suggestion, I think it would be better if you could create a version of this training using the Eclipse IDE. I think I could learn more if I build each of the components of the project/application manually unlike in Netbeans pretty much of the components are created automatically. Nonetheless, the training is quite good. I learned a lot! Thanks again.
Chris Kellawan United States Great course; provides a good over-view of basic Java EE concepts. On to Android programming! 
Emmanuel Faneye United States Thanks
JohnFantry US  
Joseph John India The examples and explanations was directly helping me to understand the concepts clearly,From the studynotes we can see how much effort Shang Shin sir has taken.Thanks for the course
Madhavi Yeduguri U.S.A Good course
Mihail Cristian Tusa Romania Now, thanks to your online courses I can say: "I know a few things about Java!" Keep up the good work teacher, show us the right way in programming!
Mike M. Lin United States On to "Advanced Enterprise Java Programming (with Passion!)"...
Redmond Militante US  
Sai Ming Law Hong Kong, China  
Vaishali Dighe USA  
William Aguirre El Salvador Thanks javapassion!

Graduates from the 18th session (Spring 2010 - Summer 2010)

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Anthony Chung Kwan Lam Hong Kong  
Ben sbeh France Thank you with passion dear Mr Sang for this excellent Java EE programming course.
chethan indian  
Dario Cruz Dominican Republic I want to learn Java Enterprise Edition. I really like The Java Tech. I already know how to progam on the stardard Edition. I want to do my best in this.
Doug Fawcett USA Thanks for the great course.
Edward A. Morris USA The structure of the course was very well laid out, the exercises easy to follow with links to great resources/articles for further reading. A one-stop shop for learning java...sweet!
Eugenijus Sabaliauskas Lithuania Thanks for a great course, it was very useful! I will definitely continue with Java EE Advanced!
Faissal Barbosa Lauar Brazil I enjoyed being able to attain a good basis at several technologies in less time than having to read books from cover to cover. This course is practical and fun!
federico argentina i like to send me the tutorial the j2ee to my mail. Thanks you
Javier de la Haza Martinez España I have completed the tasks of the course. I found it very interesting and I look forward to doing more courses soon.
Jose Campos Spain I really like and enjoy this course, It was useful for me to know a little about J2EE, but it could be more interesting if it were more interactive, for example to send a feedback about the homeworks, or maybe to do a complete project besides the homeworks,and evaluate this project at the end.
Mohan India  
Mudassir Pakistani  
Preet K Sekhon USA Thanks Mr. Sang Shin for this wonderful resource.
Srivalli Paladugu Indian  
Stephan Rusli Australia Many thanks for providing this great online course.
the quyen viet nam  
William R. Behymer USA Great course! Looking forward to advanced course.


Graduates from the 17th session (Autumn 2009 - Winter 2009)

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Andriy Dubovyk Canada This is a very interesting and usefull course. Thanks.
James Macharia Kenyan Netbeans has enabled me to undertake projects that would have been difficult to carry out with any other IDE.
Kari Lintulaakso Finland Thank you for this course! This course gave me good basic knowledge of J2EE programming. I'm looking forward to participate the advanced course.
Regine Vergon France I really enjoyed this course and hope for more. Thanks for this big effort and the materials provided.
Romulo Maratas Estrera Philippines Thank you so much for giving this free course.
Sujata Nikam India This is very great course.After 2 yrs break in work,its very useful for me to start again my work life.Its very useful,elaborated.Hands on labs,Homeworks will help to understand it fully.Thanks Sang Shin.
venkat ramanan India  
Zofia Zagubieniak Poland  


Graduates from the 16th session (Summer 2009 - Autumn 2009)

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Ahmed Saleh Abdullah Al-Malki Saudi Arabia I do not find better than THANK word to Mr. Sang. Thank you very much Mr. Sang Shin for your great course.
Aitor Etxabarren Basque Country  
Alfredo Torres Caracas Venezuela I think this course is great and i will continue with the next one, Thanks Shang
Amita Engineer USA This is a useful and practical course available to all that are interested in learning J2EE technology for no-cost, living anywhere in this world. How awesome is that?! Thanks to Sang Shin for making it possible.
Anton Schastny Ukraine Thank you very much for the course.
Arturo Melo Mexico The JSF section is great!
Bill Lee U.S.A. I really enjoyed this class and learned a lot of techniques to help me develop web applications.
Bogdan Minculescu ROMANIA Sang Shin, Korea, This is a great course , thank you for keeping it . I admire you because you help us in this hard process of learning Java programming.
Bruno Pierri Galvao United States This course brushed on most Java EE topics. Thank you for the experience! I ALWAYS recommend this course to any Java enthusiast! I have learned more than any Java EE book out there and have the practical skills to apply my knowledge the the real world!
Darren Eisenhauer USA  
Diego Fernando Rangel Pardo Colombia This is a great course, because I looked several themes about the language j2EE basics , the course is quite different with regard to the courses I have done. The asks were asked gradually to foreground. The laboratories are incredible,very dinmics and the hormeworks too. Very much , Thanks Sang Shin for all.
Dominique Gnaman USA Thank You for offering this course as well as the whole serie from the passion family !. The course material is very good and the Web references very pertinent. I will now turn my attention to the advanced J2EE subject. Thank You  very much.
Elsbeth Hartmann Germany The best way to learn the basics of JEE. Thank you.
Esteban Gutiérrez Marín Spain Thanks for this excellent course. Congratulations Mr. Sang Shin
Eudis René Duarte Sanguino Colombia Estoy muy agradecido con el Mr. Sang Shin, pues con este curso he aprendido bastante y voy a seguir con los demás cursos avanzados que hay en este sitio web mientras sea posible. Muchas gracias señor Sang Shin
Filomena Leone Italy This is a great course
Firmansyah Indonesia It is very pleasant to join your online courses, million thanks for you Mr Sang Shin.
Fotios Sigalos Greece Very easy lessons with in depth material that help you grasp the basics in javaee programming and even more.Big thanks to Mr.Sang Shin and his team.
Ganesh Babu, Devarajulu India This course was very use full to me in many ways .The discussions forum and the homework assignment highlights the uniqueness of this course.
Gary Bake United Kingdom I really enjoyed the course. A massive thank you Mr Sang for providing it.
Ghulam Muhiuddin Pakistan  
Gianluca Ferrario Italy Thank you very much for this useful course. I'll surely join the advanced!
Gideon Snyman South African/Cape Town  
Giulio Bellezza Italy Thank you for this great course
Ivan Mihaela Romania This is a great course. Thanks.
James Macharia Kenyan, Country of Origin - Kenya The J2EE Basics course has been an eye opener. I had netbeans for years but without the course I could not contemplate on its performance.
Jan Nemec Czech Republic Very good – especially the description of the J2EE structure and basis of frameworks – I would welcome focus one one of them (my preference is JSF) and maybe one-two lessons about design patterns. Thanks.
Jerry Yanhui Zhao Australia I finished this course with PASSION!
Joachim Rexroth Germany Thank you very much for your efforts to create this great course, I truely enjoyed it!
John King (Luojun Jin) Canada I love this class because it gave me a quick overview of the J2EE architecture and lots of hands-on experience so that I could better understand what my team are doing now. With these knowledge, it helps to better communicate with my team and better manage the projects.
Justin Hogg UK Thank you for a great introduction to some of the core J2EE functionality and libraries. Thoroughly enjoyed the course and looking forward to doing some of the more advanced ones.
Lucian Vrabiescu Romania It was a great learning experience. Thank you for this chance to learn about J2EE!
M.Safdar Butt Lahore Pakistan I would say simply this is a great on-line course. The key thing about this course is the course topic covered, material organized and comprehensive LAB examples for any on-line course that shows a professional work and effort. In short excellent J2EE on-line course and great effort by Sang Shin.
Marcin Strzyz Poland Very good introduction to J2EE world. I appreciate your work a lot. Thank you very much!
Marcos Gomez Lanus Argentina Im very happy about doing this course. I learnt a lot about thing that I thought I already knew! I wish i had found any course like this 2 years ago.
Massimo Ferrara Italy The course is very important and interesting.
Mauricio Rosas Fuentes México I just want to say thanks for all  people that did this course, I learned many things .This is the best online course that i ever seen, Thank you for your time Mr. Sang Shin
Michel Mihai DINCA France I enjoyed the Java EE Basisc course, full of useful hints and examples. Thanks Sang Shin
Mohan Babu Vijaya Gopal Indian This is a very great course. The schedules are nicely planned and works very well for the working professionals trying to keep up with the latest technologies. I get to learn a lot about J2EE framework and associated frameworks like Structs, JSF and i am pretty sure it will help a lot in my career. I will strongly recommend this courses to others interested in learning J2EE. Mr.Sang, Please keep up the good work and wish you the best luck.
Moria Shebsovich USA This course helped me to put all pieces of a puzzle together giving a clear high level picture of how different parts of J2EE communicate. In the same time, I learnt great details about different components. Thank you Sang Shin, it’s very helpful!
Pradeep C India This is a wonderful online course for people who wants to learn and improve their knowledge on J2EE. It was a good opportunity for me to enhance my knowledge on J2EE. Thanks a mill Sang Shin.
R. Oosterhoff Netherlands Many thanks for your wonderful work.
Rey A. Barcelon Philippines Thanks!
Richard Wasleski United States This is an excellent course.
Robert Worrall England I have found the course very useful and I am looking forward to doing the next. Thank you very much indeed for the knowledge you enable in others.
Roger Goessens Belgium  
Ron de Groot Netherlands I found this course very useful for learning the basics of the Java EE platform. With the provided labs and homework it has a good balance between theory and practice. I will be back for more, thank you.
Ruben Chavarria Teruel Spain This course is really helpful and it has driven me to know a lot about J2EE and web development. I am looking forward to starting the advanced one. Thanks Sang.
Sandip Dutta USA This is a very resourceful and well designed course. Thanks for offering this course.
Sergio Catarino Portugal Excellent course.Thank You very much.
Sergio Vicente Brazil This course got me enough knowledge to be a better programmer in JEE platform. The exercises covered all important features, so you can learn in fact. Sang, congratulations for this opportunity.
Shimin Xu USA This is truly a great course. I have finished the Java Programming just a few weeks ago, also signed up for the J2EE Basics and Advanced. Thanks so much for all the courses you have put together! Well done.
Slavy Popov Bulgaria This course is fantastic. I really enjoyed it and found it very useful and comprehensible .Thank you Sang Shin and the team
Stefan Brunig Finland Thanks for this excellent course! It was really useful and informative.
Stepan Severin Finland Thank You, Sang Shin! Again great course and a lot of very useful information!
Susan Smith USA This is a great course that has helped me quickly learn J2EE. I'm up and running in no time.
Svetlana Vashkevich Russia Well organized and helpful course which can be used as a good starter for deeper knowledge. The homework assignments are built in such a way that they make it easier to digest material and to learn.
Thomas Lampe Germany This course was excellent. Thank you!
Victor Lyssoun Russia Great course, very informative, well structured. Good thing that you can go with your own pace. Mr.Sang Shin and team thank you very much.
Vonnie Kinsey   Great course. I've tried javaEE and I had fragmented understanding. It was so good to fill in and build a good foundation to javaEE.
Wan Sze USA but born in Hong Kong your course rocks because it lets people to get bigger picture of what J2EE is without getting their hands too dirty in coding.
wei xie China It's a very helpful course to learn J2EE technology. Thanks a lot!


Graduates from the 15th session (Spring 2009 - Summer 2009)

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Adetola Fadahunsi UK Very indepth and quite interesting. I have really learnt a great deal. I found JSF too loaded. I have to admit thats one topic i going back to do really slowly. But i thank you for this, its a great course and i have truly enjoyed it.
Alvin A. Tan Philippines A course that is right for you if you’re interested in learning JEE, with a good combination of both easy and challenging exercises.   Thank you Sang Shin and team, “Live long and prosper” Spock
Ananth Suryanarayan C India THis Course is awesome.
Andrew Jones United Kingdom  
Bhama Sridharan India I joined this course very late, just 3 weeks before the last date, and the reason I have been able to finish all the homeworks is becuase this course has been so very well organized and structured, with everything in place. I look forward to the next one, on Web services.
Biljana Čepić Montenegro/Serbia I just want to say "THANK YOU"!  The best part of this course is that you making programs and what ever you do not understand in theoretical part of this course, you will learn making projects, for lab exercises or homeworks. Thank you for this course!!
Bruno Pierri Galvao United States This course brushed on most Java EE topics. Thank you for the experience! I ALWAYS recommend this course to any Java enthusiast! I have learned more than any Java EE book out there and have the practical skills to apply my knowledge the the real world!
Constantine Coutsoukes    
Cruz Castillo Alcántara Mexico Thank you very much Mr. Sang Shin and team by this excellent on-line course of J2EE. I felt me intimidated by the size and complexity of J2EE when I was starting this course. You have guided us step by step through the course to learn various key topics. Now that I have ended all the homeworks, I have a more complete vision of J2EE. I think that I have acquired the necessary confidence to learn more about enterprise Java. I am ready to learn more by myself or to take other courses related to this topic. Congratulations because you have achieved the objective to transmit the passion and knowledge of J2EE to your students.
Danilo Brembilla ITALY A very big,big, big THANKS for your GREAT JOB ! See you on the next course
David Amend Germany Definitely the best course by all over the internet and Books. -From Beginner to Expert.  Hope for Advanced Java and Scala Workshop.
Enrique Estellés Arolas España  
Farag Zakaria Safy Saad Egypt This is a great work from a great person. This course suitable for graduates as well as students which contains plenty of resources which are enough to master J2EE. Good resource for good learning.Thank you Mr.Sang for being helpful.
Federico Miralles Mendoza-ARGENTINA Excellent entry-level course to initiate in the Java EE's world. Thanks Mr. Shin!
Frank van der Kruijssen The Netherlands This course was great! It got me a good overview of J2EE. I will definitely continue using this technology and will tell everyone who is interested in J2EE about this course. Thanks a lot!
Gerald Hurdle Canada Thank you for a wonderful course. I liked the format of the course: theory, examples and applied homework.
Harmeet Singh USA  
Héctor Morales Piloni Mexico  
Hiroshi Kubo Japan I have loved this course and should like to join the other Passion! courses too.
Iman Zare Iran this is a great course...
Jonathan Untalan Philippines This is the best J2EE online course I took so far. Plenty of marvelous exercises and homework to play with. Passionately crafted and well-thought. There will be no boring moments guaranteed.
Jorge Roldán Spain I have really enjoyed the course becouse it touches the technologies i am interesed in at this moment. Thanks for your efforts, Mr. Sang.
Karthik Shanmugam USA Great Course. Nice to have bonus homework which is more challenging.
Kathy Pendracky Avella, PA  USA I really enjoyed this class. I learned many things I never knew and know there is a lot more to study and this was a wonderful first step. I like the hands on since I have trouble memorizing things. Thanks so much!
Kollurani Pandian India Thanks Sang.I am grateful you .
Konstantyn Harasevich Ukrine This cource is free and interestig. Big interest is in content of the course that required some time to resolve homework. And to finish this course is not simple . Thanks Sang Shin.
Kristanto Oetomo Indonesia This is an awesome course Sang Shin. It gives me a good picture of what JEE is about. Many things (such as EJB) have been simplified compared to the time when I took your course in 2003. It also keeps me up-to-date with the newest open source stuffs in use on the market. Keep it up Sang! Thank you!
Lisandro della Croce Argentina Thanks to all those who made possible this course, it is very complete, with all the possibilities that are asked today on the market. Thank you again and regards from the city of La Plata (BsAs, Argentina).
Matthias Neuburger Germany Thank you very much for offering this great course!
Mayer Alan Horna García Perú ${"Excellent Course, Thanks Sang Shin and your Team"}
Miguel Iniesta Spain Thank you for offering this course.
Omer YILMAZ Turkey Most comprehensive and conscious course i ever have seen , Thank you.
Paul Kadzielawa United States of America This course was excellent and I hope it helps me land a job in the programming field. I will be sure to make many references to this site.
Petar Nenov Bulgaria This is a great and very interesting course.Thank you.
Philippe DUBRULLE France Thanks a lot for your work, your online course is very useful to learn or refresh some old-dating knowledge
Qiyan Wang China Thank you so much for the great online J2EE course. It really helps me understand fully of J2EE. I like the slides and homeworks. They help me to understand the knowledges. Thank you for your great work on this course. I believe that it can help many people who are trying to learn J2EE by themselves.
Rabin Aryal Nepal I really appreciate Sang Sing for spending so much time in making the course as well as, one of the best reference for java and j2ee. Passion! that's what Duke say's right
Rajeev Trikha British This course really is one of the best resources on the web for learning Java EE. A heartfelt thanks! I certainly look forward to benefiting from your many other offerings.
Revathi Tungaturthi India This is a excellent,well structured course . Thankyou Sang Shin.
Richard A. Nowak USA Excellent course. Thank you very much.
Robert Antonius Henru Indonesia I thought I've understood Jave EE, but learning from Sang Shin is refreshing. I know much much more from the course, and how different technology comes into place in Java EE. Thanks for providing such course!
Rodolfo Avila Navarro Colombia This is an excellent course.
Siobhan Roche Ireland This course touches off all aspects of J2EE and so provides a very good overview to people new to J2EE. Thank you very much for providing the time and material for this course.
Sumani Inkonda Indian Sang Shin, Thank you for your effort.I learned a lot from this course.This course broaden my understanding and it has also increase my exposure of the j2ee platform.
Suman Kassis USA Thank you so much for taking the time to teach this course. I greatly appreciate and look forward to taking more courses.
Supriya Khare USA I really enjoyed this course and found it very useful. The labs were excellent.
Thanh Huynh Quoc Vietnamese This cource is excellent roadmap for everyone who have passion with J2EE.
Tony Fang USA This is a great course and I have learned a lot from you.  Especially in the session of Hibernate and Spring Framework.  I started your course at Fall, 2008 and finished at Spring 2009.  In between, I have read a couple of books of JSF, Hibernate and Spring as supplement materials.  I like the most is your sample project running under NetBean.  It is very  effective teaching method.
TRAC TRUONG NGOC VIET NAM An fantastic course. I really got something out of this course with the type of skills and concepts presented.I would recommend the course to anyone who needs or wants some J2EE basic knowledge . Thanks Sang Shin again.
Unmesh Chowdhury Bangladesh Thanks Mr. Sang Shin for your great and fantastic effort which is very helpful for starting with J2EE programming from the ground. It is a terrific starter. But, I think every slide should be properly speaker noted though I know, it is a very time consuming mission. I am definite that everyone who has pursued this course has gotten a very effective, solid and productive guide-line about the essentials. It is absolutely a tremendous effort indeed.
Vanessa Towers Australia Thanks Sang Shin for providing such a quality online course, I have learnt a lot about J2EE.
Warren Schembri Australian This is a great course as it has helped me in gaining a good understanding of the various technologies and frameworks that can be used in developing Java EE Applications.
Zach Li China This is a great course, THANKS much for your time and efforts!


Graduates from the 14th session (Summer 2008 - Winter 2008)

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
André Vink Netherlands This course lowers the threshold of learning Java Enterprise Edition, to an easy entry level. The presentations focus at the core knowledge and one does not get buried into details. I recommend this course to each Java SE programmer who wants to start Java EE programming.
Andy Chieh-hung Chen Taiwan R.O.C.  
Beverly Wright Canada Thank you very much for offering this course.  It was a great learning tool to extend my knowledge of Java, and I am sure I will take another one of your online courses.
Bolaji Salau Nigerian My heart  is filled with gratitude for Mr Sang Shin and his Team for providing a wonderful opportunity such as this for the rest of us. This course broaden my understanding and it has also increase my exposure of the j2ee platform. Thank Mr Sang.
Chen Han China This is course give me main idea about J2ee, and also present serval fashion framework. Greate Course!
Craig Mckeeman British Good course, maybe enhanced with more examples and the walk throughs were more detailed
Derlon Brazil A great overview for who is begining in JavaEE!! ;-))
Douglas G. Allen USA The best Java EE tutorial on the www.
Eudis René Sanguino Duarte Colombia I'm seeing that this is a great course. I worked for 4 years in J2SE and now My job is to program in delphi, but I am a passionate java.
Ilya Paramonov Russia This is a really great course! Presentation slides contain a lot of useful information organized in a convenient manner. The only small problem is that some examples have a lot of code not related to the theme of the lesson. I suppose it's a good idea to eliminate such a code. But, anyway, it's a great course. Thank you very much, Sang!
Jan Galbas Poland Thank you very much Mr. Shin! This course has been nothing short of wonderful and I feel it has given me a great start into J2EE programming. You Sir cannot be commended enough for all your efforts! Cheers! :)
Jian Li China Thank you very much.
Joel Fradkin USA The course was excellent. I learned a great deal and plan to re-visit many of the resources.
John Darby USA I wanted a thorough review of J2EE programming.  I knew that the J2EE topics had changed considerably since I last attended class. Thanks Sang.
Jose Luis Huamán Villar Perú The course is very important and interesting.
Marcelo dos Santos Brazil This course is a big step for the web development with java ee, complementing the series of courses Java Passion.
Maria Prokofieva Australia Great overview of J2EE, very practically oriented. Thank you for making this course!
Nicolás Elias Rivera Argentina A nice course with great examples, gives me a nice view of J2EE, their frameworks, persistence and application servers. Thank you Mr. Shin.
Nimish Sanghi India A really great course to understand J2EE and various popular frameworks
Paulo Alessandre Brazil This is a great course ...
Peter Lukesch Germany Thank you for this great course.
Piotr Imielski Poland Sang Shin, thanks lot for this course. I liked it very well. Now,I can  understand more about this entreprise technologie and I think it will be helpful for me on the future.
Radim Hartmann Czech Republic Thanks Sang Shin for this free web course. Build and run sample application are very handy. Thanks for them.
Robert Smith USA This was a great course and an excellent roadmap for me to use to brush up java skills after being away from it for several years on other projects.
Roberta Strambini Italy  
Roman Semynog Ukraine This course was very interesting and useful for me. I'm not a beginner in Java but it was not so easy :) It was good opportunity to verify my knowledge and to know something new. And it was FREE :) Good luck!
Ruben Diaz USA Thank you for the time an effort to create such a great source of information. This site offers a great help for all of us that aspire to learn more and more about Java. Hopefully as we learn we can also help others as you do.
Sankar SV India Like wheels for cars, this course for me to climb up the next level. This is my second course taken from Java Passion and I am sure, this is not my last one.
Santiago Nivelo Ecuador This course has been very interesting, thank you for give us the chance to share with each other.
Snekalatha Jegadeesan India Excellent Course
Stephen Brooks Ireland A great mix of theory and practical work on this interesting area. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the development and administration of this course.
Tariq Masood Pakistan Mr. Sang Shin, I am thankful that you allowing me to join J2EE training community and I am feeling to proud that I have a lot skills in J2EE course. This is a result of Sang Shin endeavors. All over the world I am unable to found any free online training of J2EE course. This is an excellent training. Before joining of Sang Shin's community, I was read many books and consulting with teachers for J2EE learning but unable to understand and there was no proper way of teaching.When I joined Sang Shin's community and after completing the course, now I am feeling that I have a lot of skills which were hidden for me. I will be obedient of Sang Shin in all life. Great Sang Shin
Taruna Seth India Thank you for offering this wonderful J2EE course!
Vasudevan Vamanamoorthy India This is an excellent course.
Wai Leung United States This is a great course and I learned a lot from it. Thank you so much.
Weimin Ni U.S.A Thank you so much! It's a wonderful online course. Passion!

*Thanks to Jan Galbas for his contribution.


Graduates from the 13th session (Autumn 2007 - Spring 2008)

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Agustín Gallardo Spain A great course for J2EE study. I enjoyed the learning here. Thank you so much for all the work and the fun!
Alieu Ceesay Gambia Thank you for allowing everyone in the Java/J2EE Community to benefit from your passion, wisdom and knowledge of J2EE. This is a great course for anyone who intends to learn or become an expert in J2EE System Analysis, Design and Implementation. Please keep the passion alive!
Aleš Bednařík Czech Republic Many thanks for making this on-line course. It gave me an excellent overview in the J2EE technologies.
Alvin A. Tan Philippines A course that is right for you if you’re interested in learning JEE, with a good combination of both easy and challenging exercises.   Thank you Sang Shin and team, “Live long and prosper” – Spock
Andrea Maietta Italy Thanks again Sang, this is my third course (and I'm longing for more) and I found it as great as the others. Your passion (and deep knowledge) can really help us so much to improve our skills, thus increasing our passion as well.
Andrés Margendié Benoit Spain This course has allowed me to develop the skill to manage the knowledge. As well as lay the groundwork to improve the innovates technologies. For the future It will help me as an extended reference which i can use anytime i need like a concept font, philosophy of work or technology. Thank you very much for the kindly attention and the oportunity.
Andrew Beales Australia I really got something out of this course with the type of skills and concepts presented.I like the easy to understand notes with non complicated practivals. I would recommend the course to anyone who needs or wants some J2EE knowledge quickly. Thank you.
Anthony Wong Australia This course keeps me disciplined with homework dates and the focus to finish the course. Absolutely brilliant idea. Thanks Sang Shin!
Antonello Del Sorbo Italy Dear Sang Shin, thank you for this great course. It is very formative, I have learned many valuable notions for my job.
ANTONIO GIORGI ITALIA This was a very good course for who wants to learn J2EE. I hope to see you again in Milan (Italy), for the next SUN TECH DAYS. Thank you, Mr. Sang Shin and Passion for JAVA!!!
Anup Francis Indian Fantastic course which keeps one abreast with the latest developments in the java enterprise space
Araz Mustaffa Sweden  
Ata adjé LASSEY-ASSIAKOLEY TOGO It's a esay way to learn java technology without fees
Carolina Guillen Valencia Peru Thanks...It's great. The examples are well development.
Carvel McKisic United States It is a very good course. This was my first online course. I wish you had a better way to ask questions which would make it easier to complete the homeworks. I was not able to get answers to my questions from the group. The exercises are excellent over all. Keep up the great work. Best of luck to you and all your helpers.
Casonya O'Neal USA Mr. Sang Shin, you have prepared and "compiled" a wealth of information.  I am forever grateful to you for your generosity.  Your efforts will not be in vain, because I am using everything I have learned, and I will definitely reference the materials, updates, and technological advancements.  Words can not explain how much I truly appreciate you.  Thank you!
Cesar Ogalde Chile  
Constantine Voronin Russia Thank you for this course, it is really interesting and very useful.
Corrie Vermaak South Africa Thanks for a wonderful and informative course. It is highly recommended.
Daniel Reznick Israel This was a very interesting course, I've learned allot and I really enjoyed every lab and homework that I've done during the course! Thanks allot!
Dian Oberdieck Germany By participating in this course I got a good overview about J2EE and several related frameworks.
Donato Grassi ITALY  
Donna Silveira United States Let me offer my appreciation to you for this course.  I learned a tremendous amount in a relatively short period of time. The examples were outstanding, and greatly assisted me in understanding the interaction of the pages/components. I appreciate your time, and the time put in by all those who assist you in looking over all the homework submissions. This was an invaluable asset and has brought me up to speed with J2EE technology.  I will definitely recommend this course to all who inquire about J2EE resources.
Doug Joel Canada Thanks very much for the online course, I thoroughly enjoyed all the lessons about the various frameworks,  I had heard lots about many of them, and the lessons provided a great introduction into their various features and strengths.  Thank you Sang for providing the course.
Dov Tsal-Sela Israel Great thanks for a the passion and opportunity to review the J2EE technology and grasp a broad picture
Eliel Herrera Gress Mexico It was a wonderful experience improvement my knowledge of java technology, it was a great help, it's a great course. I feel proud for take the course.
Erkan OZEL Ankara/TURKEY Thank you very much to Mr Sang Shin and his collegues. These study  guides help  me to improve my knowledge base on J2EE technologies. I enjoyed the course,  and homeworks. I recommend this course to all programmers who are willing to improve their programming knowledge on Java Technologies.
Esteban Luengo Spain  
Ewald Ertl Austria A very good course as the Java Passion course I also attended before. I would like a little more classes on the server part of J2EE like EJB/MDB, ... Thank you very much, you do a wonderful job
Gary Cristofoli Boca Raton, Florida, USA Sang, I thank you whole-heartedly for this course! Although it's a LOT of reading in a short amount of time (especially if you're working full time), it is well worth the time and effort. I've learned so much about Java Enterprise development, and have already introduced some of the concepts and frameworks you have taught here to my team for use on our projects at work. Although my homework assignments are done, I'm eager to finish the rest of the reading material. Thanks again for taking the time to produce such great training material. Keep up the good work and your JAVA PASSION!
Glenn Scadden U.S. The course is absolutely THE BEST software development structured course I have ever taken for a working professional. Plenty of materials supporting the learning objective of each topic, a good amount of overall course time to complete the course, relevant homework that is not overwhelming on each topic with plenty of example applications to use/study for each topic, and extremely good bulletized outline material(s) supporting the learning objective of each topic. The best software development course, for a working professional, I have ever taken, bar-none !
Giuseppe Cinque Italy This is the second Sang Shin's online course that I follow, it's excellent. I advice this course to all person that want to work as java programmer. Thank you Sang Shin and your assistants.
Ioannis Canellos Greece That was a wonderfull journey through the  "state of the art" Java Technologies, thanks Mr Shin.
James Dawkins South Africa Great course, thank you for all your efforts.
Josep Oriol Odena Torrent Spain  
Juan Felipe Maillane Tabares Colombia this was a useful course thath help me a lot to learn about J2EE
Juliano Alves Brazil Great course. Thanks Mr. Sang Shin... THIS IS JAVAAAAAA!!!!!!
Khurram Shahzad Pakistan It was really an excellent course. Sang has worked really hard to prepare all the contents of this course. You get a lot of reading material; a lot of exercises and a lot of homeworks which altogether really make you learn; practise and re-generate the knowledge.
László Kövári Budapest Hungary Thank you again of your effort which you involve to this web course. The course was very useful for me, I offer this course to everybody.
LB Corney USA Again, many thanks for offering up this program.  It had an excellent course syllabus, with very challenging and interesting lessons. Obviously you put a lot of work into this.  Many thanks for offering up this service!
Loan Quach USA It's awesome. I have enjoyed learning this course . Excellent lessons and labs . Thanks again Sang Shin.
Luis Eduardo Bautista Villalpando México Thanks Sang Shin this is a great course I learned two things, 1) The J2EE technologies and 2) live my life with passion, thanks a lot...!
Maciek Opala Poland This course is a great and very useful initiative!! I've learned a lot about j2ee fundamentals, excellent for the beginners.
María del Pino de Dios Spain I think this course has been very interesting. This course is well organized and complete. The best thing the course is exercises because it is the best way to put in practice your knowledge. I prefer practice rather than reading a lot of tutorials (although I know it is necessary, but it is boring).
Matthias Hüller    
Maury Miller United States I enjoyed the course.  I also found out how little I know about j2ee.   One can spend years learning the technology. The most difficult challange is keeping up with the advancement of the technology.
Minhua Zhang China This course is very useful and I learned a lot from it. Thank you very much.
Mohamed Farook Rinsad Ahmed Sri Lankan  
Murray Hayward Australia I've really enjoyed the course - it has opened my eyes to a whole new range of technologies. I'm now enthused to continue learning about this subject area. Sang, I really appreciate the effort you and your tutors put into this course.
Nikolai Gorshkov Russia  
Niranjan Angadi India Its wonderful course. Excellent introduction to the Java EE world. It was a great learning experience. Thank you Sang and staff for providing this wonderful opportunity to learn.
Osvaldo Sotillo Bolivia I learned a lot in this course. Thank you
Pablo Andrés Barrientos Argentina  
Rajeev Trikha UK This course really is one of the best resources on the web for learning Java EE. A heartfelt thanks!
Ricardo Ríos El Salvador Thanks Sang Shin and all the people involved. I have learned a lot about J2EE and I hope to take more courses and I will continue to study other topic about this issue as well.
Rizky Januar Akbar Indonesia A good place to start learning J2EE basic. This course gives me fundamental understanding in J2EE, so I have a basic for learning more advanced feature in J2EE. Thank You for you great effort and attention.
Roger Kang Ren United States of America This is a great course because I have learned a lot of knowledge from it such as  J2EE , JDBC and SQL,  JSF , Struts,  Hibernate, Spring , etc. There are many good labs and presentations which you spent your much time to prepare. Thank you very much for your a lot of hard works. God bless you !
Roy Rivas Argentina  
Rudi Gruteke Netherlands This is a great course because it gives a good overview of J2EE and its alternatives like Spring and Hibernate. It helped to get a focus in the many different possibilities to create great Java based (web) applications.
Saira Mathai Varghese US I would like to thank you for this wonderful website - this is an excellent starting point for those who want to get into J2EE, and I think would be a reference for new features added in J2EE.
Samson Habte Tesfazgi Eritrea First of all I would like to thank you for teaching this course for free. I am  very happy that I participated in this course and I have gained a lot from the course and recommend to every body interested in Advanced Java to take the JEE online course.
Stanislav Malistean Republic of Moldova Great course.
Stefan van der Merwe South Africa This is a fantastic course, I have learned a lot! Thank you very much!
Tibor Teigiszer Slovakia I´m very glad I attended this course. In my opinion the best way how to understand the principles of various technologies is to study essential theory and immediately to practise it on examples. And from this point of view this course have fulfilled my expectations. Thanks for Yours effort.
Timothy A. Baxter USA Mr. Shin - Thanks for all the hard work and long hours you put into providing these courses! Looking forward to building upon the JAVA EE foundation we have learned from you.
Vladimir Kogut Ukraine It's tough to overestimate the value and importance of such course especially for us, new-bees. I do like to see a little bit more explanations maybe some basic things on some subjects (on Spring Framework in particular) but overall it is a great course. Huge thanks, Sang!
Wei Huang China This is a great course and it impressed me both in the online lab section and the class slide. Great training course, great teacher.
William W. Walsh USA/Ireland Many thanks for all the hard work that has gone into preparing the course materials. Appreciate the opportunity to expand my knowledge.
Wim Tieleman Netherlands This is a nice course to get up to date with JEE 5 and other new technologies (hibernate, spring).
Žarko Ajduković Croatia Thank you very much!


Graduates from the 12th session (Spring 2007 - Autumn 2007)

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Adam Biczok Hungarian  
Adrian Dimaunahan Philippines Good thorough guides. Lives up to it's title, J2EE rocks! You really need Passion though to endure long but worthwhile readings.  I hope Mr. Sang Shin can finish the guides on Spring.
Aguedo Hernandez Venezuela Excellent introduction to the Java EE world. The course is very well structured and the labs and homeworks are designed to apply the knowledge acquired. Five stars to Sang Shin and his group!!!
Allen Shao China
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Andrzej Silaczuk Poland It was a great learning experience. Thank you for this chance to learn more about J2EE technology!
Aruna Gottimukkala India It is nice a course, I got good knowledge about all J2EE  related technologies, Thank very much Sang Shin for such a good course
Barrie Hill Australia I have enjoyed this course. It is well structured and introduces topics at a comfortable pace. It has helped me understand the technologies used in the environment in which I work. Thank you very much for the time, the effort and the passion you put into providing this course.
Chen Qian China A great course for J2EE study. I enjoyed the learning here.
Chetankumar Patel    
Christopher J. Baldoza Philippines Thanks Mr. Sang Shin! I found this course very useful. Program with PASSION!
David Demirjian USA Opens the intellectual doors...awesome job Mr. S!
Dimitry Polivaev German and Russian This excellent mix of theory and practical labs gives good feeling and solid introduction into j2ee technology with minimum efforts.
Doti Raffaele Italy Sang Shin, Thank you for the excellent course course. It was very helpful for me. Now I live my life with passion for J2EE!.
Douglas Wah-chi LAI Hong Kong, China This is a GOOD course, it provides opportunity for anyone who likes to upgrade his or her knowledge. Thank you Mr. SANG SHIN, you are GREAT!!!!
Drabo Constantin Burkina Faso Great time with world around J2EE passion !
Franz M. Krauth Australia Thank you so much for all the work and the fun!
Istvan D. Varga Hungary I truly enjoyed the course, I admire Your devotion Mr. Sang Shin, thanks for it
Iveen Duarte Guatemala This has been a great opportunity, I knew that Java was a solid and comprehensive development platform, but now I discovered its truly power, Thanks Sang Shin for sharing your experience and knowledge with us. This course was very complete in terms of topics coverage, it opened my eyes regarding all the capabilities of Java as an Enterprise Development Platform, Thanks Sang Shin for conducting this courses.
Jeff Conrad USA I enjoyed taking this course. It increased my understanding of web and database programming, and provided a good base for future j2ee certification.  Thank you Sang and staff for providing this opportunity to learn.
Jefferson Gan Philippines It was an excellent experience! I will try to repeat this course if time permits, since everyday you learn something new :) Thanks to all the effort of Mr. Sang Shin!
Jialiang Lu U.S.A This online course is a very good J2EE course. The presentation slides and lab examples are very useful to help you learn Java J2EE technology. Teacher Mr. Sang Shin uses his professional knowledge and teaching skills and his passion to help so many students in different countries. Thank you!
José Ignacio Garcés Pérez Spain Thank you so much, Sang !!!
Juan Angel Vanrell Argentinian It was a great course, I think it help me to understand how can I build a web aplication using a lot of good frameworks.
Kristof Heiremans Belgium Amazing you are willing to spend your free time trying to make us better programmers. Thanks!
Maciej Jaźwiński Poland great course - some hints how to make it better from my perspective:
1. Maybe add some JBI- there is something in one of the presentations about Java EE 5, but noting more. Of course an excersize for JBI would be difficult, but maybe just point to resources about JBI
2. Add more Web Services (JAX-WS, AXIS) - go beyond the annotation basics ;) - I'm thinking about dynamic proxy - not a static client
3. In the J2EE design patterns provide a link to j2ee design patterns web site on, and other patterns (fowler, gof, etc.)
And that's it :) Thank you for the work you done preparing this course.
Marius Petan Romania J2EE Programming (with Passion!) is a very good course, in my opinion. Very well documented and with systemic aproach to details. 
Thank you, Mr. Sang Shin.
Mitu Bansal Indian This Course really helped me a lot.Its easy to understand and its very good for beggineers as this training gave step by step tutorial Thanks
Muhammad Arslan   This course is very good alot of knowlegde in this course. I have very much enjoying this course. And this course is very helpful which want to learn j2ee at a very peak level.
Neil R. Juan Philippines This is the best course I've accomplished! The best J2EE environment for those who want to start learning it.
Patrick Kägi Switzerland javapassion is cool to learn j2ee
Peter Gelderbloem UK/South Africa I found this course very useful to brush up and bring my J2EE knowledge up to date,especially the JSF part
Randell Benavidez Philippines The course is particularly good for learning Java EE Basics and getting a quickstart on the latest web technologies.
Ricardo Salcedo Silva Colombia A great learning experience!!!. Thanks to Mr. Shin for sharing his knowledge and giving such a great course
Robert Evans US A great course, lots of hands on labs, well thought out presentations. I learned more from this course than I did from many that were offered at a local University. Well worth your time.
Samiullah Khan Suryazi Indian Simply Superb
Sebastián González Vega CHILE All i have to say is thank you for give me the opportunity to learn a lot of my Passion!!
Teodora Ciolan Romania Thank you for this great course. It gave me a good understanding of J2EE.
Tommaso Micheletti Italy Great course.
Try Kret Cambodia This course is interesting and great for startup with JEE.
Wing Kee Kan Hong Kong This well structured course covers a lot of grounds but it is easy for the learners to follow. Materials are comprehensive and update. Homework effectively reinforces the concepts that have been taught. I take my hat off to Sang Shin.
Vincent Li Canada Excellent resource. Excellent hands-on to get one's feet wet in the many aspects of J2EE. Thanks!
Vincent Wong Malaysia A very good introductory course for J2EE.
Xiaobo Fuld China I enjoyed the class very much--especially the presentation slides. Thank you so much for offering this course online!!!
Yuttana Sangchoei Thailand It's such a great course. Thank you very much Mr Sang Shin.
Yves Greatti France This class was great. I attended the AJAX training which I liked it more. I found out the JAVA EE session was maybe too long, too many topics are covered. Overall the J2EE course is great for anyone who wants to have a complete understanding of the different concepts, technologies or frameworks used in Java Web land. The power point presentations predigest for you the most important notions about specific topics so you don’t need to dive too much into the vendor or framework documentation details, hands on and homeworks are a good study complements. I will recommend this class to anyone who is looking for a complete tour of J2EE technologies.
Zoltán Gere Hungary Thanks Sang. This course was very useful for me,  because a lot of mysterious words became clear due to your teaching.


Graduates from the 11th session (Autumn 2006 - Spring 2007)

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Abdulhameed Dhaiban Yemen The Easy J2EE Course, The Hard To Find Like.
Abdullah  Al-Qayum Bangladesh  
Ad van Ommen Netherlands Great way to refresh and enhance your general J2EE/JEE knowledge and proficiency
Adebiyi Kuseju Nigerian I would like to say a big thank you to Mr Sang Shin and all the other people who contributed to making this course a success. Though, the course was free, it was nothing short of formal courses that most company pay huge amount of money to course providers in order to train their employees. This is a golden opportunity for anyone who wants to add something of value to his/her CV; endeavour to make good use of it!
Anton Gochev Bulgaria Sang Shin, Thank you for the nice course. It was very helpful for me.
Alain Delisle Canada This is a great course with a great path around the technologies of the J2EE environment and a good help in learning NetBeans ide.
Aleksei Belikov Belarus Good work! Passion. :)
Araceli Checa Spain Good documentation and support. Enjoy with Passion!! ^_^
Benny Vaessen The Netherlands I really liked your course
Bob Tarling UK A great learning experience.
Chris Lawrence England  
Cole Calistra North Attleboro, MA USA Sang, thank you very much for the time and effort you have devoted to the class.  It was extremely beneficial and I am eagerly awaiting the AJAX class and going back to get more detail on some of the topics not covered in the homeworks.
David Pulkrabek Czech Republic Pretty nice and informative course, I did it with Passion! ;-)
David Salter England This is an excellent course covering all aspectes of Java EE.
David Tunon Fernandez Spain Great course. Thanks Sang Shin and all the people involved!
Deniz Turkoglu Turkey Thank you for this awesome course!
Diana Hardy American/Caucasian/whatever I LOVED this course!  I learned alot.  I hope to take more courses and I will continue to study other avenues as well.
Dien Nguyen Vietnam I like to work in Java, and this course is very useful for me.
Dinicescu Dan Romania Great course!
Dora Kinghorn Cuba This was a great course, good exposure to J2EE. I would like to see more on JavaServer Faces  and Java Persistence. Thanks again, for showing how to work with so much Java J2EE techonology so simple.
Edson Soares Ramos Venezuela(but I live in Brazil) I really did this course with Passion and because I love Java
Eike Berger German  
Elías Manchón López Espania Thanks  for this opportunity
Eric Freiborg USA Great refresher course for someone who hasn’t programmed in Java for about five years.
Fábio Guimarães Brazil I found the very good course, with vast material and well structured. I am computation student and have just made a discipline of " Technologies of Internet ", and the course me it helped enough.  Congratulations Sang, for your initiative and disposition in sharing your knowledge.
Fabio LANI Belgium It is a pleasant initiation into Sun's J2EE technology !
Gabriel Monaton French Very valuable and progressive course. Give a clear idea of the J2EE world.
Gerhard Pachler Austria Great course for helping to understand this complex material
Glen Sherman Greenwood Village, Colorado, USA This course provided a terrific opportunity for inquisitive and ambitious Java programmers to extend their knowledge in a program that guides students through hands-on experience with exciting topics.  I found the course interesting, challenging, and rewarding.  My hat's off to Mr. Shin for his excellent efforts, expertise, organization, guidance, and dedication.  His passion for life, like J2EE itself, rocks!    Thank you for this chance to learn more about Java and J2EE!
Hsiu-Mei Liu USA This course is very helpful to me. All the material, exercises, references, and the homeworks are well-prepared.
Ismael Rincon Spain Thanks for this course. It's good to learn about the things that Java offers.
Iván Yáñez Marquina Spain  
Jack A. Rider Spain I had a great time learning with you. Thank you.
Jina Lindsay United States of America  
Jiri Kotal Czech Republic I found the course very usefull - a lot of information and references to other info sources. Thank you.
Jorge C. Hilfiker Switzerland  
Kiet Nguyen Doan VietNamese I did this course with Passion!
Laura Harting USA This class has been very helpful - good mix of hands on and lecture. Thank you!
Mael Le Bideau France  
Manjula Kini India This course was very helpful in understanding J2ee.
Manoj.G.S Indian  
Marko Tekavc Slovenia Thanks for doing a good job with free Java courses.
Meyer Tanuan Canada This is a great online J2EE course. The lecture slides with speaker notes was a great resource. The online tutorials were very helpful to complete the assignments. I really enjoyed the Java EE 5 lesson.
My sincerest thanks to Sang Shin and to all the instructors. You folks are doing a great job!
Michael Phoenix United States This course gives an excellent overview of J2EE Web technology. It has taught me a lot and has made me want to learn more.
Miguel Kojiio Nobre Brazil If you don't know nothing more than JSP/Servlet, or you are a beginner in JEE you are due to do this course!! At the end of it you aren't going to be changed in a JEE master but you will learn the way to get that!! This course helps us to find the north in this big JEE sea.
Miguel Costa    
Mike Wilkinson United Kingdom A challenging course especially those areas concerned with the web interface
Monica Kawakame Ramalho Sampaio Brazil I would like to thank Sang Shin for this course, I learned a lot. God bless you!
Narasimha Reddy Dwarsala India J2EE with Passion is Excellent Course to Learn all basics of J2EE including latest technlogies of J2EE
(b) There was a little error in my certificate for Java Intro Programming Bootcamp 2nd Session; my initial was omitted. My name should have been written as NDUWUBA RANSOM E. instead of RANSOM NDUWUBA. I do not know if anything could be done about that.
(c) In conclusion, I had fun learning Java with Sang Shin.
Nicolae Rau Romania This was a great course! I have now a good idea about server-side java development! God bless you!
Noel Dunn Northern Ireland Good beginners course
Nuno Oliveira Portugal You can believe it that I really did this course with lots of PASSION
Ong ShernPoh Singapore Thanks for the materials! They're areally helpful!
Patrick Kägi Switzerland I'm full of passion!
Paul Farrar United Kingdom I enjoyed this course very much. It gave me a good introduction to J2EE. Thank you very much for your hard work.
Peter Schönhofen Hungary Thanks for this great course, it was a very useful base for further studies
Ralf Peter Lucke German Many thanks for your effort.
Ram P Kochhar USA It was a great learning experience.  Thank you for all your effort in creating such an excellent J2EE course.
Ricardo Romero México Thanks for this course, it´s very interesting !!!!
Rohely Lafuente Bolivia Fantastic!!!
Roman Kalinin Russia This course is usefull. Thank you!
Ronald Wouters Belgium This isn't just a course. It's also a great reference work.  The course materials are excellent.
Rudi Bouwens Germany  
Semegne A. Tafesse Ethiopia / Canada This course gave me a  good understanding of J2EE
Thank you Mr.Sang Shin God Bless you.
SIVARAMAKRISHNA KANDRA INDIA A very good introduction to J2EE
Stanislaw Styszynski Poland This is an outstanding possibility to get to know JEE and it's concepts!
Susana Méndez Bartolomé Catalunya - Spain Thank you for the time spending preparing this course. It's been very useful for me.
Tadas Brasas Lithuania passion!
The Budiman Indonesia Thank you for the course. It has helped me a lot especially to gain understanding of the new technology like JSF and JPA.
Tim Leonard USA Overall, this was a very good course.  I would like to see more information on JSF – perhaps the advanced information could be added back in to the course next time.  The extra week would be well worth it.  Thanks for all your time and effort in making this possible.
Waldes Machado CANADA Great course, lots of examples, simple approach but effective. This is much better than the Sun's Tutorials. Thanks!
Walter Sorrenti Italy The Sang Shin's J2EE course is very good but, maybe,it's better to divide into two courses for basic and advanced user.
Vasanth Madhure USA This was an excellent refresher course for me. And as a bonus, I got to learn a lot of new things. Thanks for all your efforts.
Velyana Petrova Bulgaria This is a excellent course!
Yingjin Wang United States Wonderful introduction course!
Zaina Kawasmi Jordan A great way to learn J2EE, the material is arranged nicely, and the group work makes the learning experience very efficient

*Big thank you to Laxmikant Dash and Stanley Styszynski for their help in creating Certificates.


Graduates from the 10th session (Spring 2006 - Summer 2006)

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Alberto Rodriguez Porral Spain  
Antony Mwangi    
Barry Higgins U.K.  
Brian Gallagher Ireland  
Daniel Matteoni Czech Republic  
David Oseas U.S.A  
John Cecilio Z. Narvaez Philippines  
Shane Semanek U.S.A.  


Graduates from the 9th session (Winter 2005 - Spring 2006)

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Anya Vaysman U.S.A.  
Ashley Scott Australia  
Bertold Kolics Hungary  
Jess Thrysoee Demark  
John Ferguson    
Sigrid Keydana Germany  
Steve Goldman U.S.A.  
Tomas Zezula Czech Republic  


Graduates from the 8th session (Summer 2005 - Autumn 2005)

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Cathy Segedy    
Luis Floreani    
Po-Ting Wu    
Secheresse Patrice    
Suresh Vadhanam    


Graduates from the 7th session (Spring 2005 - Summer 2005)

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Oliver Hecker    
Quan Nguyen    
Thi Nguyen    
Tanya Moskun    


Graduates from the 6th session (Autumn 2004 - Spring 2005)

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Pilar Marin    
Paulius Juzuitis    
Allen Holbrook    


Graduates from the 5th session (Summer 2004 - Autumn 2004)

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Andrzej Nowakowski    
Carlos Garcia    
Padhraic Kearney    
Ronan O'Driscoll    


Graduates from the 4th session (Winter 2003 - Spring 2004)

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Arcadius A.    
Artur Wronski    
Fergal Gavin    
Irina Chekanov    
John Segrave    
Sean Mullins    
Steve Tee    


Graduates from the 1st session (2002 -2003)

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Xiaoping Feng