The certificate is a personal recognition from Sang Shin and and other teachers that you have successfully and passionately completed the course. It does not have any affiliation with any company, or institution.


NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Sebastian Meyer Germany Best regards


NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Jarrod Dieppa USA This course taught me about many Java EE features I never even knew existed. Thank you!
Johannes Amtén Sweden Good course. Very comprehensive, covering all major parts of Java EE. Took a while to go through :) . Good that differences between EE 5, EE 6 and EE 7 are clearly pointed out. In practice, you are not always able to use the newest version, depending on what company/department you are developing for.
Vicky Roy India Thanks for the course. It has really several good lectures but certainly, it has a lot of scope to improve. For example, EJB/JMS like topics completed in an hour topic!!! These technologies has a lot of other important concepts. Hope it will be considered later. OR I have a suggestion. Before starting a topic, ask to your subscribers which topic they want to include? It can give you fair numbers of idea what to include or not. Thanks



NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Samuel Gachanja Kenya Great Java EE 6 course. Learnt so much. Keep up the good work Sang Shin!
Sławomir Turlej    
Tex Eduardo Albuja Estévez Ecuador This course helped me learn JEE Technologies
Vladimir Stalin Monsanto Almanzar Dominican Republic Great Course... Thank For all.



NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Lisandro della Croce La Plata,Buenos Aires, Argentina Thank you for the constant learning and for these excellent courses.

Session #4

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Stepan Severin Finland Once again great course with a lot of god examples, this is definitely basic must know information about new possibilities in Java world Jdevs need to know. Thanks Sang Shin!

Session #3 (January 10th, 2011 - April 30th, 2011)

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Ales Bednarik Czech Republic Thank you for this upgrade course. I am glad to receive an overview in new JEE trends.
Gianluca Ferrario Italy A very useful course with some challenging homeworks, thanks a lot!
Rene Enriquez Ecuador JEE6... very good
Roman Burdakov Russia A lot of great examples. Some of the activities are challenging but overall its a great course! Thanks to Sang and all your team!

Session #2 (July 30th, 2010 - October 15th, 2010)

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Jeffrey Schindler United States of America Great course, I learned alot. Live life with passion, Java Passion.
Vance Arocho USA I've enjoyed taking this course, and would like to thank the instructors for all their help.
Yvonne Kinsey USA Great course. Learned much detail and best of all understanding theory so I can analyze JavaEE programming.

Session #1 (January 12th, 2010 - January 30th, 2010)

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Abdelrhman Khamis Egypt Thank you I found this course very good start for me in J2EE i think now i can start search for jobs
Abdrabba Yassine Tunisia This is was a great course I learned many new thinks from the well established labs especially the JPA 2.0 and the DI. I'll participate for sure if it will be any future codecamp.
Abhishek Gupta India The duration of the course was a bit short for the amount of material covered in the course.
Adeniyi Samad Nourou Atoro Benin Thank you so much for this course. Two years ago, when I decided to drop out of school and get a job as a Java web application developer to support my family, a google search led me to your website. While I didn't formally take the courses, I studied your lessons,found the resources very useful, and used them to build a JSF application to present at my interview. They were impressed for someone was still in school! So I got the job. Thank you for your time. I'm sure you enjoy doing this, but I though knowing how they impact our lives would make you all very proud.
Alberto Rodriguez Porral Spain Thanks for another great course about the interesting new features of J2EE 6 and glassfish v3.
Alessandro Ramos de Oliveira Brazil This course was a great way to be introduced to the new technologies in JEE 6. I wish I could completely forget JEE 1.4 and 5.0, but I will certainly be using GlassFish 3 as my primary development server on new projects.
ALPHY THOMAS KANATT INDIAN A very good coverage on all topics and a good start for who want to develop applications using JEE6.Hope this will spark the interest in JEE6 among Java Community and get a good start .
Andrés Guzmán Fontecilla Chile First thing thanks to all the people who created this great course, in special to Sang Shin, which i find very interesting for giving us the posibility to learn the new features of Java EE6.
Antoon Ramon Belgium I'm a student and I loved this course. Thanks to all of you guys for giving your time and your Java Passion.
Anup Dargar India Thanks to everyone who made this possible. Cheers.
Bambang Sadikin Indonesia The JEE6 class is superb and as always Sang Shin and team deliver it beautifully. i recommend anyone who are having interest in Java /J2EE / Web technolgies
Ben Setzer United States This course has been very useful in getting a feeling for what is in JEE6. The code examples have been easy to follow, but very instructive.
Benny Vaessen The Netherlands I really enjoyed this course on JavaEE6
Benoit Vandamme Wevelgem, België (Belgium) Thanks to all the instructors for giving us the chance to learn JavaEE6.
Bojan Pisek Slovenia Thank you for a great Java EE6 course. Very educational introduction of new features, I like it...
Catarina Tomé Portugal Great course, flexible, accessible and very well organized.
Chandrika Nagalingam USA A gentle and quick way to get exposed to and test out Javaee 6 features. Absolutely great lab exercises with each exercise focusing on just the feature that it intends to demonstrate.
Clifford Sharp U.S.A. This course was extremely beneficial to me. I realize the importance of being up-to-date with regards to J2EE if I want to stay competitive. This course have certainly helped me reach this goal. The most important thing to me is creating and walking through code examples, with explanations, and this course did a great job of that. I applaud your efforts and the wonderful resources you have made available to everyone.
Crescenciano Zamora Lozano México course very usefull
Cristi Cioriia Romania This is a great course for keeping one up-to-date with the latest developments in the JEE specifications and Glassfish application server. The course's materials and the external resources provided for the training sessions are very helpful and the course moderators were always there to provide help when necessary.
Cyril Picat France Great course to understand and apply the new concepts in Java EE 6. The organization is neat and class mailing-list is a great opportunity to learn from Java EE experts.
Daniel Sheppard United Kingdom This course is a great to ensure that I devote time to thinking Java EE6. It has been really enjoyable. Many thanks!
David Robles Alvarez Espania Un gran curso y un gran metodo de ense1anza. Gracias!.
Diego Castro Spain This has been a great course, I encourage you to continue with this great labour
Diego Enrique Silva Límaco Perú This course is the main source to know JavaEE6. I had find in several blogs, websites, but this course has all JavaEE6.
Dominik Dorn Austria This course is the best thing that happened to me, since I started programming Java years ago! I'm now IN LOVE WITH JavaEE6! Thank you very much, Sang Shin & staff!
Dominik Flisak Poland It’s really great opportunity to get familiar with many new interesting features, which came with Java EE 6. I really enjoyed it. Thanks!
Dongwoo Kim Republic of Korea This is a great course. I really enjoyed doing the assignments in this course. Thank you.
Emmanuel Delgado Lara Mexico Excellent course with great practices thanks
Fabio Cepeda Colombia Thanks for this course it was helpful :)
Firmansyah Indonesia Very interesting course, very helpful to feel the power of J2EE6, Million thanks for this team and Mr Sang Shin.
Gabor Kapitar Hungary The course was really helpful and interesting. Thanks for your work!
Gary Mann Australia  
Geraldo Luiz Muniz Rodrigues Brazil This course was a very good introduction to the Java EE 6 ecosystem
Helge Waastad Norway Brilliant intro to some of the new functionalities of EE6
Henry Suryawirawan Indonesia This course is really helpful for me to understand and find out the new features of Java EE 6. Thanks for preparing such course! Will look forward to joining other courses.
Hussein Rashid Tanzania This is a really good hands on course on JEE6, Thanks Sang Shin.
Islam El Hosary Egypt Life is worth living ... with Passion!
Ivo Neskovic Macedonia Great course. This is the first code-camp I've  attended, but definitely not the last.
Janko Heilgeist Germany This has been a great course and an excellent opportunity to learn more about JavaEE 6. Thanks a lot for the work you and the rest of the team have put into the lectures, hands-on-labs, and homework.
Jason Porter USA  
Jeremy Valcourt Canada I think this is a very good course for starting someone off in the Java EE world. I personally would have like to see more written notes in the labs explaining the details of how things were working.
Jimmy Xie China Sang Shin, Thank you so much for the great detailed examples. They really help a lots to understand the J2EE concepts. I searched the web for the tutorials for the new J2EE 6, but only you have everything in one place. I tried all the examples and all worked. That saved me lots of time! Again, thanks a million with PASSION!
Jinyoung Kang Rep. of Korea This course is the best thing which i have chosen to learn JEE6 A thousand thanks for this wonderful opportunity for studying JavaEE 6!! THANKS YOU ALL!! :-)
Jonathan Lister England Excellent JEE6 course, great hands-on labs, many thanks.
Jose Manuel Valladares Pernas Spain Thank you very much for the course, I have learnt a lot from it about the new features of JavaEE6. I appreciate the effort you have put on it.
Joshua Outwater United States Thanks Sang, and everyone else who contributed, for putting together this course. It's an extremely helpful and fast way to learn about Java EE 6. I'm looking forward to taking more courses in the future!
Kathleen Horbaty Pendracky United States This course was a very good overview. Although I do not have an extensive background in J2EE as I needed in preparation for it, I feel that I was able to understand the concepts well enough. It definitely helped to have some background in some areas, but this was my first experience of any kind with OSGI and maven so I had to work at that more ... ditto with jsf which I had only worked with slightly.
Kayode Odeyemi Nigeria Really great code camp! An excellent way for me to start the year 2010. The code camp gave me the opportunity to renew my skills and learn some new java technologies. Thank you Sang and all the other instructors.
Khoo Kien Yong Singapore Great course, lab is easy to follow and homework is good for hands on what i have learn. Look forward some topic related with Web service !!!
Klearchos Klearchou Greece This course is great. I hope that more wil follow. Please keep us up to date. We are waiting. I hope that you will be able to do such courses for all major releases. I am sure that Glassfish acceptance will be higher with courses like this. Congratulations.
Kollurani Pandian India Thanks Sang and his team mates.
Kon Keong Lee Malaysia It has been a great course.
Kumar Arunachalam US Citizen, Country of Origin: India I personally feel that this is an excellent method of training, and the information / follow up sessions provided by the instructor Sang has been very helpful. I would love to take other courses like Webservices on Java EE 6
Kustian Indonesia The topics on this course are relevant with the newest Java technologies
Lumir Navrat Czech Republic  
Lyn Evans USA Java EE 6 CodeCamp provided me with strong fundamentals for developing future web applications.
Mahesh Yadav Vanamula India This is great course and It is very pleasant to join your 'Java EE 6 one-week Online Codecamp' online course.
Manuel Emilio Araujo Dominican Republic Thanks, for selflessly teach... With The Java Passion ! ;-)
Marcin Swierczynski Poland  
Marco Perestrello Portugal Great way to get people familiar with the technology on their own time and terms. Thanks for the opportunity. Looking forward to doing more courses like these.
Marvin Charles Brooklyn, NY The Java EE 6 Codecamp was a great way to explore some of the new and exciting things Java EE 6 and Glassfish v3 has to offer. Big thank you to the organizers and all those who participated!
Massimo Ferrara Italian Dear Sang, this is my second course with you. The quality of lessons is very good, I think I will do other courses with you. See you soon with passion :)
Matthias Hänsel Germany Great introduction to JEE6, good coverage of topics, many thanks!
Matthieu VIDAL FRANCE Congratulation !! Very nice way to see quicly all the important functionalities of Java EE 6. I will keep this course in my web shortcuts because of all the links it contains. Thanks for that !
Michael Müller Germany This course had been a great step towards JEE6
Mimika Koletsou Greece Great course. The hands-on labs and other resources are very well chosen and they demonstrate a lot of the new capabilities of JavaEE 6. Thank you!
Neha Agarwal Indian Thank you for all your effort and time to carry out this online tutorial. Am a newbie at this, but really helped me a lot.
Nelson Menetti Brazil The course was great showing how the improvements in Java EE 6 will help us in real life projects , the classes where objective and direct , the proposed enviorment was also very good ( netbeans and glassfish worked pretty well ! ) . Thanks.
Nikolaos Apostolakos Greece This was a really nice and easy to follow codecamp, perfect for an introduction to the new features of Java EE 6.
Norbert Lenkiewicz Poland Thank You for this great course !
Oriol Martí Spain I like it and learn many things. I'll be looking for other possible courses in javapassion.
Paweł Węgrzyński Poland I want more :)
Peter Hallama Germany Nice course, Thanks.
Peter Johansson Sweden Thansk for an interesting course, great work. This course was very giving, I think to do a lot of exercises helps understand the new features of Java EE 6. The new Java EE seams to be very nice to use. I alredy started to try to use the new model in reworking an old applikation that I made in Java EE 5.
Peter Lindqvist Sweden This course has been interesting, i've recently taken a java ee 5 course with learning tree but this one suited me better since it was based on glassfish and netbeans. Some of the excercises were not "ready-to-run" and one excersise was already done in the sample. The quality of the excersises can be improved, but overall this was a really pleasant course!
Piotr Swiecicki Poland Nice stuff, great motivation to catch up with the new concepts introduced by Java EE 6. And even some of the mistakes or overlooks in materials were just additional incentive to learn new stuff by myself. Thanks a lot!
Prabhu Pathak India This course is fantastic... Looking forward for many more such courses...
Ramon Nogueira Republic of South Africa Great introductory course, I learned a lot coming from a background of no Java EE experience.
Ramsundar Kandasamy Indian Thanks a lot for this course. Great eye opener for me to the Java EE world. Within the last few months I tried to learn EE but gave up, but this time (motivated by the certificate) I really learned something new and this will help me in future...
Reda HAMZA Canada as usual M.Sang, you did a great job. Thanks to all of you guys for giving you time and very important sharing your Java Passion with us. I got exactly what i came for "Chapeaux Bas". Hope see you soon in another Java experciense.
Richard Grin France Ths course was a good opportunity to learn Java EE 6 as I plan to write  very soon a new application with this platform. Thank you very much for  this big and good work.
Roberto Meneghetti Italy Great codecamp I've learned a lot of new stuff.
Roger Tan China This is a great course with helpful exercises. I mastered JAVAEE=A06 when I completed all exercises and homeworks with passion. I am looking forward to subscribe future sessions.
Romulo Maratas Estrera Philippines Thank you for giving us the opportunity to learn and use this awesome technology!  Best regards!
Ronald Tischliar Germany Great course, Thanks.
Samuel Barboza Nicaragua Thank you, great course
Santiago Conti Argentina this course was very useful to me thanks!
Scott Melton USA I thoroughly enjoyed the JavaEE6 Code Camp. The course material did a good job in teaching me the latest features of JavaEE6, GlassfishV3 and Netbeans 6.8. My thanks to the instructors. Good job!
Scott Mitchell Chicago USA This was a great course, thank you!
Sean Kim USA This course is a great introduction to Java EE 6 new features. Thank You, Sang Shin and the Code Camp instructors!
Sebastian Kolski Poland Thanks for great course. It is really good introduction to what is new in JEE 6.
Shambhu Kumar Sinha Pune (India) Great cource and it was very much explained everythings. However, I would like to learn in more detail once again.
Shane Semanek USA  
Slavy Popov Bulgaria Amazing course. Thank you Sang Shin, it’s very helpful!
Sonia Bilbao Spain Very interesting and useful course. Lots of examples.
Stefan Roeper Canada Thank you for the great course, your samples and resource links helped me to find my way across the new JavaEE 6 features.
Stevi Deter USA  
Sung Powley Korea / United States A very good head start into many of the new features of Java EE 6. Thank you for organizing this code camp.
Susie Moffat USA Thanks for a great learning experience.  The JavaEE6 Codecamp pulled together a vast number of resources and labs and presented them in a logical and approachable way.
Theodore Casser United States of America Definitely a great way to learn the basics of Java EE 6. I feel more prepared now for the next version as it starts to move from draft proposals to usable technologies.
Tim Leonard USA This course was a lot of work but well worth it. Concentrating the lessons helps to keep up interest and to help in retaining the information. Thanks for all your efforts.
Toni Penya Spain  
Valter Coutinho Portugal Nice presentation of JAVA EE 6 technologies with good practical exercises.
Víctor Hugo Herrera Maldonado México I wanna thank all collaborators and advisors for the content of the online codecamp and I´m currently applying some of the things that I've learnt (CDI) in a project in the company that I work (a web application with JSF 2.0) Congratulations!
Victor Lyssoun Russia Great and quite an intensive course, required full time work on it. Mr.Sang Shin and team thank you very much.
Vijay Thumma India This is an excellent course. Learnt a lot from this course. I wish I knew about these courses a long time ago. Wish you good luck.
Vladimir Shulyak Russia Really enjoyed doing tasks on this course
Vonnie Kinsey USA I have always wanted to understand servers. I feel less scared of it and know that is a good sign I will start to use and understand it. Such a good class. You stepped me through to see how this all works. Thanks much.
William Gadney South Africa Thanks for the codecamp/course. I really enjoyed it.
Unmesh Chowdhury Bangladesh It is absolutely great effort, a lot of thanks to all.
Uno Carlsson Sweden Great course, I learned a lot of new productive features!