The certificate is a personal recognition from Sang Shin that you have successfully and passionately completed the course. It does not have any affiliation with any company, or institution.


Dmitri Komarovski  
Erwin Rohde This course helped me to learn ... erhm...Java
Frank Endres This course helped me to learn
Günter Lieck This course helped me to learn
Jeffrey M. Aubert This course did a good job teachning me Java. I wish that I would have completed it earlier instead of letting work and other things get in the way. Good materials throughout the website.
Justus Mwendwa Ngui This course helped me to learn ... This course helped me learn the basics concepts and getting more confident in my core Java knowledge.
Lei Wang This course helped me to learn java, which is very helpful in my career.
Lorne Schachter This course learn new features in Java since I last did development in it.
Olaf Donk Great intro course, very good exercises in the labs!
Ravi Banavara This course helped me to learn the fundamentals of the Java language. Its been simple and yet effective to learn the language basics from which I can move on to more advanced courses...Thanks!
Vinayak Hegde This course helped me to refresh my Java basics.


NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Ananth Korlimarla Indian This course helped me learn key concepts and gain confidence working with them through exercises and home works.
Angel Padilla Mexico A basic understanding of Java and how it works...
Bernhard Anderer Germany Greetings, this course helped me learn java basics again and the updates to JSE 5. Kind Regards
Christopher Fournier    
Dmitry SAndratsky   This course helped me to learn Java basics and OO concept.
Etuan Chou USA This course helped me learn the basics of Java with much passion. Look forward to the next course
Ion Cucos   Great introductory course. Thank you !
Jesse Alan Johnson   This course helped me to learn!
Julia Kunst   This course was a great refresher and gave me an opportunity to learn new things as well. Thanks!
Lukas Aron Czech republic This course helped me learn the basics of Java programming
Mark J Stacy   This course helped me to re-inforce java basic principals. I plan to move on to the Advanced Java course but in the future see myself reviewing this course again as it is a great language basis course.
Muhammad Saleque   This course helped me to learn ... basic topics of Java
Randy Bartholomew USA This course helped me learn
Spyridon Dosis   This course helped me to consolidate my knowledge of the Java programming language and set strong foundations for the more advanced topics.
Zsolt Holman   This course helped me to learn. I have reorganized, refreshed my knowledge. There were a couple of uncertain part of my information gained recent years. Helped me to clarify the basics of OO concept. I found it detailed, thorough as needed. Thank you very much.


NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Francois-Louis Zannettini French This course gives a good knowledge about Java programming for sure. It takes some time to finish and so a quite significant involvement. Thanks!
hugo_portillo El Salvador C.A. This course helped me learn ... La programacion basica con Java, la metodologia orientada a objetos y su uso, muy bueno Gracias...
H. Yeray Sánchez Spain This course helped me learn the basics concepts and getting more confident in my core Java knowledge.
Jesse Johnson USA This course helped me learn ... Refresher & clarify various topics
kondru suresh India This course helped me learn ...
Luis Alvarez Hernandez Mexico This course helped me learn the basic concepts of JAVA, I can understand some terms from Java and basic structures. And also it helps me with my job.
Martin Konicek Czech Republic This course is full of labs which are really helpfull to get to know Java language.
Natalya Portnov Ukraine This course helped me learn Java programming fundamentals
Nguyen Dang Phuoc Dong Vietnam This course helped me learn!
Norman Gies German This course helped me learn
Ove Kreison Estonia This course helped me learn
Rafael Jurado Ordóñez Spain This course helped me learn
Roman Pavlacka Czech Republic This course helped me to learn basics of Java. Thank you!
Valdemar Pacyno Lithuania This course helped me learn the basics of Java.


NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Alin Ursu Romania After I tried some books I decide to try something else so I took this one and I am 100% satisfied. A big plus for me is the way how is build this course, here I mean a "good index". Thanks a lot ! See you at the next one !
Aravindhan India This course helped me learn basics of Java in a different dimension
Asadullo Akhmedov Raxmatullayevich Uzbekistan Thank you very much!
Bill Hardesty USA  
Carolina Foster Argentina This course helped me learn the basics of Java. Very simple and very good!
Chuck Todd USA The recorded presentations, followed by the labs helped me to really undrestand the various subjects.
Dimitris Moumoulidis Greece  
Fernando Aguada Argentina This course helped me learn Java Standart and I would like to give many thanks to Sam for maintaing this site.
Francisco Antonio Regalado Mexico  
Gerrit Boshoff South Africa  
Gregory Berlin USA Recall what I knew and learn something new.
Hermann Erb Germany This course helped me learn ... Java Basics in a very effective way. Thank you for offering this great course!
James Valenzi USA This course helped me relearn java basics and help me prepare for certification.
Jason Williams United States This course helped me learn Java and finally get a grasp on object oriented programming.
Jeff Hodd

Canadian / US Resident This course was a great refresher. Looking forward to the Advanced Java and Web Programming/Services courses.
Jonathan Romero Lopez

Joseph John India This course helped me learn Concepts
Juan Pulido

Perú This course helped me learn ...
Karthigai Priya Govindarajan   This course helped me learn ...
Khaled Al. Khanbashi United Arab Emirates This course helped me learn ...
Maheswar Vayugandla

INDIA This course helped me learn core java fundamentals in detail. Your code camp was very useful. Thank you JPassion.
Marius Bajorunas Lithuania A good course to remember all basic java and to update missing parts
Matilde Elena Hernández Cornejo

El Salvador This course helped me to learn more about java
Michael Chandler

USA Really happy with the class. It's a good introduction to Java.
Naveendurai India This course helped me learn Java Technology in wonderful manner.
Peter DaSilva

United States Reasonably priced course. Very good materials and video. Can't wait to continue on to Android now!
Peter Rauhut United States of America This course helped me learn the basics of the Java programming language.
Ronald N. Steinke United States of America  
Suryazi Samiullah Khan Indian Important topics like OOP concepts and Collections framework are well explained. After learning Groovy, writing code in Java seems to be a daunting task.
Tex Eduardo Albuja Estévez Ecuador This course help me learn Java Standard Edition Programming
Tjeerd Hes the Netherlands  
Vallivel Shunmuga Sundaram    
Vincenzo Squillante Italy This course helped me learn the fundamentals of the java programming. I wish to thank all the staff of JPassion for the great study material who made for the new and advanced programmers!
WAHI NARSISIAN Armenia This course helped me to refresh my knowledge and learn some specific topics.


NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Boris Belovic Czech republic  
AustinPuduseril USA This was a good introduction to Java
Butha-Buthe Matsumunyane Lesotho I enjoyed the course and hope to pursue other interesting topics.
Irwan Setiawan Kilay Indonesia It's really a great course.
Luis Manuel Jaimes Lorenzo Mexico  
Maksim Ileev Kyrgyzstan  
Michal Uhliarik Slovak Republic  
Mike Ternent United States I enjoyed the Java Programming course, I'm almost finished with the Advanced Java Programming course as well. Thanks very much
Naser Haman Venezuelan  
Piotr Sobolewski Poland  
Richard Rowbotham USA  
Seethalakshmi Sankaranarayanan India  
Tumelo Phume South Africa I've finally completed this course. Cant wait for the Java 7 version.

Session #14

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Aaron Washburn United States  
Abdel Hakim Bensiali United Kingdom  
Benoit Langevin Canada Well structured class allow me to jump back into java a learn a couple of new technique since Java 1.4
Chao Zheng China Thank you so much!
Emanus Simeon United States Thank you, it was a very informative course! I wish Sang Shin all the best in his new assignment.
Fred Clausen South Africa Enjoyed the course! It was very valuable - thanks!
Nikola Buljan Croatia  
Nilesh Mevada USA I use eclipse IDE. So my all assignments have eclipse projects. Swing assignments are in Netbeans.
Shibu M Lekshman USA Thank you!
Tomasz Serafin Poland  
Vi Hong USA All homework assignment completed.
Vladimir Stalin Monsanto Almazar República Dominicana  

Session #13

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Brian Conner United States  
Clinton Eads United States  
David Johnson USA  
Emil Ujcik United States  
Jeffrey Botsch USA Great class with excellent materials! The hands on labs and homework were the most valuable and very thorough. I have been working with Java for years; however, this is the first “formal” training I have completed and I learned a lot of good details and built a nice code base to reference for future projects. Thank you!
John Allison American  
Kirtesh Lathkar Indian  
Krzysztof Pawski Poland  
Leng Ung Cambodia  
Manuel Alejandro Jiménez Quintero México It's really a great course. Thank you so much.
Marcin Zakidalski Poland  
Marco Mommers Netherlands  
Marina Paskal Canadian  
Mikael Meinhardt Sweden  
Nicola Bucci Italy Excellent course. Thank you!
Pankaj Bhojwani Indian  
Pooja Hoskere India Great course! Submitted all the required homeworks. Awaiting certificate. Thanks!
Stephan Klaus Switzerland  
Vaclav G. Ujcik USA This was fun and interesting all put together. Really helped me beef up my skills in programming as I've never had any other formal training.
Victor Bruno Dias Ronda Mozambique This is unquestionably such a great course. The presentations are well arranged and as for the labs,wow! simply hands-on and amazing.Studying them intently is the key for doing the homework tasks. No doubt this is a springboard as I'll take many more JPassion courses. Thank you so much.Sang Shin is an awesome instructor!
Vincent De Paul Tene Kengne Germany Thank you
Volker Tilgner Canada Thanks for the introduction!

Session #12

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Aleksey Kovalenko Russia Thanks for the course. It was really helpful.
Amit Laxman Ahire India  
Chris Delnooz The Netherlands  
Christopher Pettigrew Canada Thank you for the help practicing difficult concepts.
David Dumitru Romania First homework was sent on 9/28/10
David Morrison United States of America  
Eric R. Liscinsky U.S.A  
Esra Özbek Turkey  
Georgios Kyriakou Greece Great course. Thank you.
Gerardo Martín Méndez Pérez Costa Rica  
Gerhard Wirnsberger Austria Java Passion is very useful for me! Thank you.
Heyaze Bargi Saudi Arabia  
Jon Kohr United States A very informative class for a novice developer. Though I still need to continue my education, the material and labs provided have certainly provided a foundation for what is still to come. Thank you!
Jordi Romagós Figueras Spain  
Josef Pohl USA  
Juan Carlos Cervantes Cornelio Perú  
Luke Collins New Zealand Thanks, really enjoyed this course. Has given me a good base in java. Looking forward to my next course.
Marek Durian Slovakia Thank you very much for your help and this course. The webinars/recording were very useful for me. I'm looking forward to the next courses. I wish you all the best.
Maria Padayao USA Great course. Thank you.
Mark Goleby Australia  
Martin Rumánek Czech Republic Excellent course. Thank you!
Melvin Blokhuijzen Netherlands I just wanted to thank the JavaPassion team for providing such great resources to learn the Java programming language!
Paul Wigham UK  
Peter stevenson New Zealand  
Ranjit Manneth India This course was suggested to me by one of my co-workers, Mike Lin. I must commend that this is a pretty neat online course. Some home works do have little typos here and there but then again, I believe that will make you think as to what went wrong. If there is something that can be added to enhance the already great power point documentation is to provide an easy look-up glossary towards the end (like you find for most of the language books). All in all, I would recommend this to anyone who wants to learn Java at his/her own pace and I do intend to pursue my quest of learning more about Java. Onto Java EE now!
Rich Schwarz United States of America Thanks for putting together this awesome intro class! I have learned a lot from this class and am much more confident with my Java knowledge now. I plan to take more courses from your site. I'm thrilled with the information provided in this class.
Roman Burdakov Russia Thanks for such a great job you did in order to make this course! I'm looking forward to do more of your courses.
Rusdinal Indonesia Thank you Mr Sang. It's a great course. God bless you and all JavaPassion Team.
Stefaan Verscheure Belgium I realy enjoyed the course
Timur Ileev USA  
Tri Nguyen USA Thank you.
Zoltán Kónya Hungarian Thanks!

Session #11

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Adriana Jara Costa Rica  
Andre Lashley Canada Thank you for this great course. It really helped to spark my interest in software development and I plan to delve deeper into Java and Android programming in the near future.
Bogdan Gersak Romania Hello, My name is Bogdan Gersak, I'm from Romania and I've sent all the homeworks for this course. Thank you for this opportunity to study java.
Cecil William Haertel III USA Great course. Wish I had more time to devote to it. However I will continue to move through the courses.
Charalambos Charalambous Cypriot  
DHARMENDRAN GOVIND UNITED STATES I have submtted all the homeworks for java programming with passion. Great site to learn java.
Dhiraj Bahroos INDIA  
Dr. Shawn Ayromloo USA I enjoyed the hands-on approach in creation and submission of the required projects and look forward to the Android Programming course.
Gigi B. Malilay Philippines  
Guillermo Rojo Mexico Thanks a lot, this is a great oportunity to learn java, you have great courses at low cost, now I'll get study java SE advanced and ajax and web 2.0 Greetings and thanks you very much.
Ivan Maltsev Russian Federation Thank you. Great course.
John McGuinness Ireland  
Madhavi Yeduguri American I am done sending all the homework for the Java Programming Course.
Michael O’Donnell United States I believe I've completed and submitted all the homeworks required
Mirko Parente Italy  
Newton Manzanillo   It was the best course I could find online. This course had enabled me to go from novice to someone that can be used within my organization to complete projects where java expertise was a requirement.
Oliver Winston Chua Philippines  
Patrice Badger USA  
Paul Clarke UK Thanks for an excellent course. When I started, Hello World looked complicated, now I understand how Java works!!
Plinio Gatto Italy  
Robin James British  
Rodrigo Aguilera Chilean  
Stephan Segedy    
Timothy Robert Puchala British  
Trudi Machin United Kingdom Really enjoyed this course. I found it very useful. Thanks again for all your work.
U.S.Sathyavathi India  
Yvonne Kinsey USA Great course. Used what I learned to add more functionality to my applications.


Session #10

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Anthony Chung Kwan Lam Hong Kong  
Anupama usa  
Bob Lyden USA  
Daniel La Corte Germany I really enjoyed it. Thanks a lot.
Eduardo Ucha Tortuero Spain  
Eliel Herrera Gress Mexico Thanks a lot. Great Course
Francesco Berton Italy  
Gagan India Amazing site.
Igor Ukraine Thank you for a great course!
John Ferguson USA Thank you for the time and effort it takes to put a course like this together. It was very helpful.
kepa Poland The best Java online course you can attend online. Thanks you very much and keep up the good work
Michel Mihai DINCA France Great introduction to Java programming, touching the sensible topics and the novelties of the language
Mike M. Lin United States I've been a professional software engineer since 2001, and this is my first time actually learning Java. Despite the slightly buggy website and the typos, I was very impressed with the course. This is a great format for learning since you get to read and write so much runnable code. I think the typos in the labs actually helped, because having to work through them really drove the lessons home -- no joke. Thanks so much to you guys for putting this together.
Mohan Kandpal India  
S Whitney Powell USA Great Course. Thank you!
Saidamin Usmanov USA Good on-line course to study Java
Sonja Muhm USA This is an excellent course to take. Coming from a COBOL background this course has been essential to my understanding and enjoying Java. Thanks to all who make it possible.
Stefano Miglia Italy Thanks :)
Stephen Pilon United States  
Vaibhav Agrawal Australia  


Session #9

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Alejandro Wasilewsky Uruguay This course was awesome! Thank you very much for it and keep up with the good work.
Alvin Wallace    
Ana Maria Clos Argentina I am very happy; thank's Sang Shin, it is a great course. I enjoyed taking this class, and I learned so much.
Analyn R. Flores Philippines This course is great! Keep up the good work. More power!
Béatrice Barbier France this course helped me greatly and I will recommend it. Thanks a lot.
Bivolaru Ovidiu Laurentiu Romania  
Capatina Andreea Georgiana    
Chris Kellawan    
Cristiano Carvalho    
Dongwoo Kim Republic of Korea thank you for your course
Gary Wang USA  
Jose Espinoza Cruz Living in Chile  
Justin Taylor USA Excellent overview of the basics of Java - I appreciate the hard work that Sang Shin and others have put into this course!
Lidia Pop Romania I am from Romania and I would like to thank you very much for all your efforts teaching us Java. It was a great course and helped me a lot. I/m looking forward to joining the next courses that are available, courses that will help me improve my skills.
Rodrigo Amaya Centeno El Salvador Thanks! :)


Session #8

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Aarati Janardhan India This course helps to gain a fair amount of knowledge pertaining to Java basics, acting as a foundation for other advanced Java topics.
Aaron Lott USA I enjoyed the experience of taking this introductory course. I believe that it served its purpose well in providing a solid framework with great reference materials and exercises to assist the new Java Developer in moving forward in the technology with confidence, direction, purpose and passion. It was truly an enjoyable experience and I thank those responsible for providing this body of work for their passion and commitment. Onward to Java EE Programming Basics (with Passion!) and beyond. Thank You.
Aitor Etxabarren Basque Country Thank you for the tremendous support you give!
Ajitesh Gupta US Great course for any new Java Student. I probably never would have learned Java unless i saw the concept and methodology ease with which Sang has compiled and presented the course online.
Alexander Cholakis USA This course was very helpful. Feedback from the list was the most encouraging. I hope you will make the online course material searchable in the future. Thank you and your staff for the effort in making this possible. I am now a NetBeans user because of this course. My sincerest gratitude to Sun Microsystems for offering this course for free.
Alexis De la Hoz Colombia It's a great Java course and covers most of your needs in Java Programing Thanks for everything.
Alfredo Torres Caracas, Venezuela I want to thanks Sang Shin for this great effort helping people learn Java, Great Job!!!!
Ali Googerdi Iran Thanks Mr Sang Shin I really appreciate your works and efforts in this and the other website courses
Alvaro Trindade Portugal It was a great oppurtunity to initiate myself in Java programming - Thank you very much - you will see me in the advanced courses too. Best Regards
André Brown Jamaica I studied Java in University but haven't really used it as much as I would have liked to. This course was a great refresher and gave me an opportunity to catch up with the new features of the language. I've recommended it to others. I will also be doing the other courses with Passion!
Atta Ullah Pakistani This is a very good and helpful course and a great help and support to the java language learners and the language itself. Thank you very much and best wishes for your desired purpose you have planned to achieve from this effort.
Ben Schroeder Luxembourg A great overview and introduction into the Java programming language.
Bhama Sridharan India I really enjoyed doing the assignments in this course. Thank you.
Bogdan MINCULESCU ROMANIA Sang Shin ,Korea, thank you for this great course . I found it very useful. You are the best !
Bryan Herbst USA  
Catalin Ciurea    
Craig Pringle New Zealand The course has been great and covers a lot of information. Thanks to everyone for providing their time and effort in providing this information.
Darren Eisenhauer USA  
David Amend Germany A great chance to fill in gaps of Java-Programming knownledge. Some Project examples like in the Ruby on Rails course would be nice. (Idea for Java Advanced?)
David Banish USA Thank You Sang Shin for the time and effort that you have put into this course. It is a fabulous Introduction, far superior than just following the Sun tutorials and the help from the Google Group is immeasurable.
David Garay Paraguay Thanks for the course, with a full time job and a new born baby I had trouble finding what to do those quiet evenings...seriously, the way the course is set up helped me to keep motivated and the contents are challenging. Thanks a lot for your good work.
Diego Antonio Moreira Argentina It's hard to find such a complete course on Java, thank you for it.
Edward A. Morris USA Great course! The labs and homework were just challenging enough to be educational, without being onerous.
Eudis René Duarte Sanguino Colombia with this course I learned new things since I had knowledge of Java programming, but there are things that I had no very clear
Eyas Kopty Israel This is course is great, study materials,lab and homework are well written and explained, thanks to Mr. Shag Shin and his team for this great course.
Fabian David Camargo Amaya Colombia This is a useful online course tanks for it.
Fabio Donadon Brazil The course was simple and objective. Very important to someone who wants to start java studying.
Filipe Alves Pinheiro Brazil Sang Shin, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to learn Java. It was a great online course. I want to say that I've been studying Java for two years, but this course is the only one that gave me the solid basics knowledge of Java. It was amazing. I'm going to take the next one soon. God bless you.
Firmansyah Indonesia This is amazing course, Thank you very much Mr.Sang Shin
Frinea Irina Republica Moldova, Chisinau Sang Shin, Korea, this is a very good course, which brings new opportunities and knowledge. Thank you for you.
Gary Kinard USA Sang Shin, I want to thank you for a wonderful coures. Very well laid out and professional. When i have time i will follow up with other courses you offer. Thanks again.
Gerald Kandulu Malawian The course was very helpful and the hands on Labs were precise. This helped me to easily apply what I learned to real world problems in my everyday job.
Gideon Snyman South African/Cape Town  
Giulio Bellezza Italy Thank you for this great course
Grzegorz Mazurek Poland Thank you for this course. It is a great way to learn Java.
Grzegorz Patynek Poland This is great Course to remind java. Thank You
Guan Yi China Really learned a lot of things with passion! Thanks for all you have done!
Guillermo Beiro Ferreira Spain Thanks Sang Shin, I really enjoyed this course. It is great as introduction to java and the resources endless. I am looking forward to start off the EE one.
Hallgrimur G. Njalsson Iceland I wish I would have found this online course sooner. It would have saved me a lot of time and effort. Great Course.
H. Francisco Arellano A. Ecuador This course has given me a great approach to understand what Java is about and what is capable to do. Great job! Thanks to you and your team, for giving lots of your free time to us: "the future Java experts".
Hiran Dias Sri Lanka Thank you very much Sang Shin for your Great Passion!
Ho Anh Hao Viet Nam This Course Is Really Exciting, My Knowledge About Java Becomes Better. Thank Sang Shin And Your Team So Much !!!!!!
Ian Thompson England Superbly put together course. Starts gently enough but really gets you to think about what you're doing and why it works.
Leon L. Bailey III USA This was a great course. I loved the fact that it was self-paced. This allow me to get the work done before other stuff at work hit. In other words, this course allowed me to finish the course as I found time to work on and get my work done as well. I will plan on taking another course in the future. Great Class!
John Godfrey UK Great course, thanks very much for making such a brilliant resource available for free!
Johnny Goode USA I enjoyed taking the course. I would like to see more emphasis on GUI application design and implementation.
Jan Němec Czech Republic I consider this course very useful – could be little bit faster, but I understand that course is done for beginners. As to me I welcomed new features in JAVA 5. Simply: thank you for this course and I am looking forward for other ones. Sorry for my English.
James Hathaway United States Bravo Mr Shin, Bravo!!!!!! This is a small token of my appreciation for the wonderful introduction to J2SE that you and your staff have created. I was able to smoothly gain knowledge due to the structure of the course. The theory in the presentation slides of each topic opened my eyes to a whole new world of Object Oriented Programming. The hands-on lab of each topic proved to be a great way to apply that knowledge. The well planned homework assignment of each topic provided a meaningful, thought provoking way to put it all together. I now have an exciting new road to travel in my quest become a better software engineer.
Jason Bailey Brighton, UK A great introduction to Java and the weekly deadlines really helped me keep motivated.
Jeffrey A Dunlap USA really enjoyed this class. It’s been a while since I’ve programmed and I am looking forward to other classes in Thanks for all your hard work!
Joseph John India Excellent course material Before joining this course I thought programming is not for me Cleared my Java Concepts ,Thanks to Sang Shin effort in reaching out this well organized study materials to all who are interested Thanks
JOSÉ RAÚL SHICSHI LUNA PERÚ Mr. Sang Shin, Korea, thanks for open spaces is as important as learning "JavaPassion.I am very happy to have participated in this online course run by you.Continue to very actively involved in other courses.Thank you very much and congratulations on such valuable lessons provided to all participants.
Joshua Chung Hong Kong  
Karen Doyle Canada This is a great course. I have almost 20 years in developing in procedural languages and never expected Java to be so complex. I really like all the hands on exercises, that’s the best way to learn. I also want to thank the class forum. It’s full of good information, very helpful. Sang Shin, thank you for taking your personal time to organize and manage these online courses. I plan to take more.
Karen Tiernan UK Excellent course.
Kari Lintulaakso Finland Thank you for this excellent course! The material with all the examples was very clear and useful. This gave me a good boost to use Java in the future.
Kelly Coble USA Sang Shin, thank you so much for this course. it was a great help in getting me started down the Java path. After 24 years of being a COBOL programmer, i found myself unemployed this summer and everyone wanted JAVA or C#. So i decided that i needed to start learning a new language. I found your course one night decided to take it. Thank you for providing this for free, being unemployed money is tight. i really like Netbeans and was thankful that your course used it. Only thing i wish is that the advances course was active. i really want to learn to make desk top database applications and i'm struggling on how to start and what to do. the tutorials that are out there kind of help but what i want to code isn't like what they are showing.
Krunal Sheth India This course is really helpful for absolute beginners like me to learn java and I would like to thank Mr Sang Shin for his efforts.
La Phuong Thanh Viet Nam Thank you for this course, a great way to learn Java.
Larisa Ryzhkova Ukraine This is a very useful course! It helped me to refresh my knowledge of Java and to understand a lot of additions to the Java language. Thank you!
Laurence Welt USA Thank you for your assistance. You are helping a lot of people.
Leonid Evstigneev Russia Thank you for this great course
Li SONG Canada This is a great course and very helpful! Thanks for all the work!
Linh M. Tran Vietnam Sang Shin, thank you very much. Your course really helped me a lot in learning Java.
Lucian Vrabiescu Romania This is an excellent course and it was very helpful to me. I will recommend it to others. I am looking forward to take other Java courses (with Passion!). Many thanks to Mr. Sang Shin and his team for their work (and time).
Luis Torres Canada Thanks for this course I recommend this course not just for beginner for keep update too. Very good examples.
Maria Stoichita Romania This is a great course. A gift. It is free, online , clear and efficient course. Thank you Mr Sang Shin for your presentation slides, hand-on labs and homeworks.
Marek Sierbin    
Mark Schaafsma Sydney Australia An excellent course!!! I highly recommend it. Really well structured, it is appropriate for beginners through to those who already have significant Java SE knowledge and skills. The material is comprehensive; the presentations easy to read through; the exercises were many and varied, but not overly onerous; the homework was educational, some straightforward reinforcing skills and building confidence, and some challenging; and much reference material was supplied. The course requires a significant investment of time, but is definitely worth it, with undoubtedly greater skill development than a short course! And it was free!!! Thank you Sang, its much appreciated!!! I look forward to doing more of your courses.
Maroof Ahmed Bangladesh This is the best place to begin java.
Martin Ruiz Jerez Spanish  
Massimo Montecchi Modena - Italy  
Mehmet Durdudiler Turkey I learned a lot from this course. Thank you.
Michael Escott USA This course was both informative and fun, I had been through all of the material on the sun web site tutorials but you managed to bring them to life for me. It is much better to have a “hands on” lab to learn from. Thank you.
Michaela Šusteková Czech Republic Course was good, but sometimes HW setting wasnt clear. i had sometimes real trouble to understand what is wanted to do. but i say, course itself was great.
Min Htun Zaw Myanmar Thank you very much, Mr. Shin, for teaching me Java as well as how to be passionate for life. I don't really have words that can fully describe my appreciation. I did have extreme fun, and I just love Java Passion! I'm so excited to take more Java Passion courses ... starting with Java EE Programming Basics (with Passion!).
Monica Giuroiu USA This online class is a great hands-on approach to learning/ or refreshing Java basic concepts. Thanks a lot for the time and effort you put into delivering such a well-structured, updated and well organized course. The variety of examples and the screen captures have been most useful. Thank you!
Moria Shebsovich USA This was a great course to refresh my Java knowledge and to learn absolutely new topic – J2SE 5. The course is very nice organized, I felt myself as participant of very enthusiastic group, and this helped me to go through. I am planning to take more JavaPassion classes (already have started J2EE Intro).Thanks a lot!!!
Moses Glenn C. Villena Batangas City, Philippines Thanks sir Sang Shin for this Course,..It helped me a lot in JAVA Programming,..thanks again,..
Navin Vanjani India this course is really one of a kind, the deadlines really are one of the best feature of this course.Sir, I wish you be at best of your health always and keep such activities going. Thanking you once again.
Nicholas Tortello USA This was an excellent course for learning the basics of Java. The course materials and lab execises were robust and the additional material was very interesting. I would like to thank you and your team for offering this course and I look forward to taking other of courses in the near future.
NICUSOR STRATULAT CANADA The material with all the examples was very clear and useful. This gave me a good boost to use Java in the future.Thank you for this excellent course!I will continue with the next step.
Nimrod Gal-Oz Israel Thank you for a very educating course that really gave me a very good starting point in java.
Noel P. Anceno Philippines This course has thought me a lot about the Java language. Thanks a lot Mr. Sang Shin for this online couse. I'm looking forward to begin the next lesson you are offering. More power to the team and the community. Peace.
Papatya Kartal Türkiye This course helped to improve my fundamental skills that has so important meaning for my career. Many thanks for your greatly appreciated support.This is the most helpful group in internet, i have ever seen.Once again, Thank You =)
PAUL OSEYI ORIWOH NIGERIA These courses gave me the true passion to do my best. It's like a guide to success for any Java developer, with a different level of skills. The discussions among students and professionals, provides a possibility to exchange experience. Reading questions and searching for solutions – is a best challenge before taking a certification test. Thank you Mr Sang Shin for giving such a great opportunity you have given to me and i will cherish it for the rest of my life.
Randall Metzger USA Great course to start learning JAVA. I am interested in taking the next course on the JAVA Passion list. Thanks to Sang Shin and his team for their effort in composing this course.
Rashaad Wells United States of America I intended to use this course as a refresher and ended up learning something new. Thanks!
Rasmus Maul Denmark This course was my main inspiration for starting to learn java. A very well written course with a good solid introduction to the Java language.
Ray Discaya United States, State of Maryland As a COBOL programmer in the AS/400 for more than 10 years, I feel a need to update my skills. JAVA is hot and so are the jobs for JAVA programmers. This course, JAVA PROGRAMMING with PASSION helped me a lot to learn JAVA Programming. I really appreciate Sang Shin's idea of offering this course online - especially that it's free! Thank you so much, SANG SHIN. You're the best!
Richard Wasleski United States This is an excellent course!
Rita Dhruve US This is a great course which is very well organized. The homework gives hands-on experience on the topics covered.
Robert (Mike) Melendez USA Sang Shin's online Java Intro course supplies what full-time week long courses cannot: experience. The exercises are many and varied backed up by required homework programs, some straightforward, building confidence, and some challenging. At the end of the course, I find myself knowledgeable of the plentiful resources for Java on the net. I am comfortable in NetBeans. I leave with a frequently reinforced sense of how Java looks and feels when it is written both with bugs and without. I have a solid foundation in the basics of Java and a sense for the breadth of the Java APIs. I was well served by the three month investment of my evenings and weekends.
Robert Wojcik USA This was a great course and would recommend it to anyone interested in learning Java.
Robinson Enedino São Paulo - Brasil This is an incredible way to learn Java, very efective. Very thanks.
Roger Goessens Belgium  
Roland Jason Salazar Philippines Many thanks to all the people who have made this course possible.
Roman Prochazka Czech Republic Thanks for this opportunity to learn more about Java technology. It was a great learning experience!
Romulo M. Estrera Philippines This is an excellent place to start to program in Java! More power to you Sir Sang Shin.
Sammy Reyes Philippines This is really a great course to anybody who wants to learn Java. I learned how to managed my own time, family.
Scott Parmelee USA Great Course. Thanks for making these available.
Sergey Rybakin Russia It was a my dream: to learn Java programming language. This dream is about 10 years old. Thank You, Sang Shin for "Java Programming online course".
Sergio Catarino Portugal Thank You Mr. Sang Shin for this excellent course.
Seyed Ali Jamali Iranian Excellent and useful course for me & Really great overview.Big thanks to Mr Sang Shin .
Shannon Norstad USA Great Course
Sharmishta Nagarajan INDIA Sang Shin, Korea , this course you are offering is really very good , it has helped me get a very good hold of Java programming , and has inspired me to join the J2EE course also . The practice exercises helps a lot in truly understading the concepts that I have learnt in the theory.Thank you very much for sharing your programming knowledge with all of us.
Shimin Xu USA This is truly a great course. I recommended it to the department I am working for as soon as I found it. I have also signed up for the J2EE Basics and Advanced. Thanks so much for all the courses you have put together! Well done.
Shivani Paidimarri India This is a great course for all the people who want to learn java
Shubha Roy India This is a great Course, explains all concepts beautifully
Sirazudin Indonesia Thanks Shang Shin for this amazing course
Socrates Benitez Dominguez Mexico This is a great course, the best, thank you for all.
SREEMANNARAYANA MANNAMU INDIA I am extremely thankful to Mr Shag Shin and his team for this great course .This is a excellent course for those who wants to learn java .I found the course to be a very effective learning tool. It offered just the right amount of weekly structure to incentivize me to learn the weekly material and complete the homework.This class helped me to learn and become proficient at work with Java technologies and able to use NetBeansIDE effectively . Really enjoyed the course and learnt a lot. Once again Thank you very much for your time to make such a great course.
Stephan Rusli Australia Many thanks Sang Shin for providing this excellent online course.
Stephen Zimmerman II USA Thank you for providing this course.
Sung Powley USA Thank you so much for offering this online training! This is a great way to learn Java programming. I learned a great deal...many topics learned here were not even mentioned in my "Java (How to Program)" book. I have also enjoyed taking your Java FX and AJAX Programming courses. Thanks again.
Wayne N. Barker USA Thank you for a great course! Enjoyed the broad spectrum of Java programming that the course covered. The interactive e-mail discussions were helped as well. Look forward to taking more advanced Java With Passion Courses in the future.
Willie Loyd Tandingan Philippines Thanks to Sang Shin for the great course :).. I'd like to send my regards to batch 2013 of BSCompE at the University of San Carlos :D
Wiktor Górczyński Poland Thank You
Victor Bulatov Republic of Moldova This course is very useful, it gives good basic knowledge of java.Thanks to Sang Shin and his team!
Vincent Piéron Belgium Very nice course. I'm not afraid about java anymore !
venkat ramanan india This is a amazing course for those who wants to learn java themselves.This course is very useful for selflearning .The best thing about this course is that downloadable study materials,so you do not need to search for the appropriate study material. I am extremely thankful to Mr Shag Shin and his team for this great course
Vonnie Kinsey USA This course helped me fill out my understanding of Java Introduction. I have implemented better code into my applications.
Yavor Nikolov Bulgaria Very nice introductory Java course. Still much remained to be explored - now waiting for the advanced course to get published online :-)
Yong Hua Lee Malaysia Excellent Java Technology introduction course with good hands on lab and homework which enhance our understanding on each topic in this course. Appreciate Mr. Shin and his team for the hard work and passion which lead to this well thought through online course.
Zakaria Ben sbeh France Thank you Mr. Sang Shin for this excellent course, I advise all people who wish to learn Java step by step to use your java slides. For me I will keep them as references !
Zofia Zagubieniak Poland Thanks for the opprtiunity to participate in JAVA online course.


Session #7

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Abhishek Shukla India This is a amazing course for those who wants to learn java themselves.This course is very highly scientifically designed for self learning .The best thing about this course is that all the study materials links is provided ,so you do not need to search for the appropriate study material. All your doubts and queries are solved very quickly by instructors. I am extremely thankful to Mr Shag Shin and his team for this great course
Adam C. Smith USA This is a very good course. It helped serve as a refresher for my previous Java knowledge, but also taught me creative ways of coding I had not learned before. It also provides the latest Java techniques, which served as a big help. Thanks for doing this.
Adrian Militaru Romania Thank you for this great curse
Adrian M. Petrescu Romania Great experience! I've learned a lot and I'm looking forward to take another course as well. Thank you Mr. Sang Shin.
Alejandro Heredia Campos    
Alexandru Pavel Republic of Moldova This is a great course
Alistair Collins UK Really enjoyed the course - thank you for making this possible, and helping me to become more proficient in Java.
Anton Shaykin Russia Thank you Mr. Shin. That was a great course. And I'd like to add that having seen you in Saint Petersburg at Sun Tech Days 2009 was a proof of your passion to new technologies and that speaks for itself. I've enjoyed learning Java with Passion!!!
Arturo Martinez Vazquez Mexico  
Arturo Melo Mexico This is an awesome course. I encourage every one interested in the Java language to begin studying it here. Thank you to all the people that have contributed to make this course so great. Even though I had some experience with Java I found very interesting topics here. Keep up the good work Mr. Sang Shin!
Ates Kumbaraci Turkish It was great to participate. I learnt a lot, thanks.
Atif Manzoor Pakistan Excellent work to teach Java, especially labs help in making it interesting, assignments make it a little bit challenging, and a certificate in the end makes it tempting too
Belmond Martial SIDZE FOTSO Cameroon The very best practice course I've ever seen on Java programming. Great job, Sang Shin, and Thank you very much.
Burlacu Valeri Republic of Moldova Thank you very much for that great course, it is my first online course and I hope it's not the last!
Carol Griffin USA Thank you for the excellent course.
Casey Coppock    
César Augusto Apaico Espinoza Perú Interesting and good way, I learned enough thanks.
Charles M Evans USA Thank you for offering this course. I have a minor in computer science, and I am planning to attend graduate school to get a masters. I am taking your courses as part of an effort to catch up with students who have 4-year degrees in computer science.
Chris Schooley United States of America Thank you for an excellent course. I leaned a lot, and can't wait to take the JavaEE course.
Colin J. Gaywood United Kingdom This course was very good, and I would recommend it to anyone who is starting to learn Java language.
Craig Mckeeman England Very good course
Danilo L. Gonzales Jr. Philippines This is a must course for anybody who wants to learn Java. It creates an environment for self-discipline in studying and systematic approach of learning.
Devika Shukla India First of all I would like to thank Sang Shin Sir and his team for providing us this great course on java .Every thing is superb in this course , very well scientifically designed .The course is designed in such a way that you can learn java yourself. Instructors guidance is very well managed .Even silly questions are answered by instructors
Doti Raffaele Italy Thank you for this great course!
Evgeny Gorodinsky Israel Thanks a lot
Fernando Sproviero Argentina Thanks for this interesting course ! I will be registering for the advanced courses soon =)
Filomena Leone Italy  
Fotios Sigalos Greece Excellent and useful course for new and experienced java programmers.Big thanks to Mr Sang Shin and his team for their time.
Francisco Porrata USA I really enjoyed this course. It opened my eyes to the power of Java. I have been a Microsoft developer for some time and wanted to know more about Java and related technologies. I will recommend this course to my friends.
Friedbert Hannebauer Germany Its a great course.
Geoffrey Prest Canada Thank you very much for putting together and maintaining this excellent course. It provided everything I needed to obtain a deeper understanding of the Java language and its uses; and it taught me to use it with passion!
Georgiana Elena Lungu Romania It has been a great course and if you also have some Java theoretical knowledge is quite efficient to improve your practical Java skills, thanks for it
Ghulam Muhiuddin Pakistan Sang Shin, Korea, I am thankful to you for your efforts towards learning teaching java course and really appreciative because i cannot spend huge huge amount to learn these courses in commercial instituitons.
Gino Loni Canada  
Gregory Kaźmierczak Poland Absolutely great passion :)!
Gregory Tucker    
Gytis Gulbinas Lithuania Sang Shin, Korea, this is a great course and a great way of learning Java. Thank you very much for this opportunity and for your teams work helping us all.
Hendrik Verhaar The Netherlands This great course helped me to refresh my Java programming knowledge and take it 2 steps futher. I found it well organized and I will follow the next course sometime soon.
ILYAS NASIROV RUSSIA This was a really great course! Thanks a lot for this course!!
Ivan Mihaela Romania Thank you for this great course!
Iveta Adamuscinova Slovakia Thank you for this course, it was really one of the most helpful tutorials on Java fundamentals I've ever seen.
Jeremy Griffin USA  
Joe Palazzo    
Jon Carlson Washinton State, USA I just wanted to show my appreciation for the work that has been put in to this course. From Sang Shin to all of the moderators, which I assume do most of this on their own time. What you people do really help those of us that need a crash course in JAVA for various reasons. Again, thanks.
Jose Inacio Junior    
Juan Alberto Villca Argentina Wonderful Java course, made with passion!. An excellent opportunity for beginners who wants to learn more about Java technology. Thank you so much for the course, an invaluable resource.
Juan Fernando Soruco Bolivia Was a splendid experience!!
Juan I. Ortigosa Spain This is a very good course, with good hands-on experience and very consistent documentation.
Kanthi Bendapudi India I really learned a lot from this course. It was very interesting. Even I have already registered for j2ee course also. Thank you so much for your help.
Kathleen Pendracky United States This course is really comprehensive when compared to some of the same types of courses elsewhere. The examples were really important to me and helped clarify many things. I appreciate everything Sang Shin has done to make this as good as it is.
Keith Merrill USA I enjoyed the course. I recommend this course to anyone who wants a solid foundation to Java Programming. Thanks to the class members on the forum. I learned much by participating in the forum. Often I would research up on questions asked to get a greater understanding of Java concepts.
Kollurani Pandian India An awesome course,Nothing else.
Larry Conklin USA I enjoyed the course. Our java developer’s user club ( is staring on another cert program to get members certified in Java. I told everyone concerning this free java course. That has generated much interest. Thanks for putting these documents out on the web.
Lisandro della Croce Argentina Thanks to all what they made possible this course, specially to Sang Shing. It is of many usefulness and very advisable.Thanks again!
Luojun (John) Jin Canada Thanks a lot for your free online course, it gave me an opportunity to go through Java language basics quickly and effectively. I am looking forward to studying your J2ME course. Thanks and Regards.
Maciej Myrcha Poland San Shin, thanks for great course! Keep up the work!
Manfred Dreese    
Manuel Mastrofini Rome (Italy) With this course I discovered some very interesting aspects of Jave I never used untill the beginning of the course, but that can be very usefull.
María Jesús González Pérez Spain Thank you for this on-line course, this is a great place to start and to continue
Maris Whetstone American I very much enjoyed taking this class. The exercises were helpful to demonstrate the material being covered by the lesson. I really appreciate that the class was free, makin it available to many who may not have otherwise had the opportunity to receive such excellent training. There is lot of information on the Internet, but I appreciated the building-block approach these classes offered. It is obvious a lot of planning and time went into the lessons, and I wish to express my thanks.
Mark Rathsack USA What a wonderful course. In addition to the very-much-appreciated self-paced style, I was glad that there was some actual meet to the lessons. I will be looking to starting up the next one.
Matthew Harris British A fantastic introduction to the Java programming language
Matthew Perry United States Mr. Sang Shin thank you very much for this course. It provided me more exposure then I have had with programming courses, by means of hitting many of the topics in Java. It has expanded both my interest and exposure tremendously. Once again thank you!.
Matthias Neuburger Germany Great course! Thank you very much for offering this!
Michael Phidd USA This is a great course. Thank you.
Michele Medeiros Brazil  
Milos Milosevic Serbia This is a great course
Nga Nguyen USA I had a wonderful time learning Java. It was so amazing that the materials are fundamental yet packed with solid foundation for a deep understanding of the wonderful world of Java. Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to create this course. I also enjoyed the company of fellow online students and their discussions. Thanks again!
Nikunj Gohel India This is very good course.
Nuhu Itopa Idris A. Nigeria Sang Shin,this course is,though an introduction,yet an intensive approach to Java Programming.I appreciate this opportunity greatly.I look forward to finishing the course and taking on the more advanced courses. Thank you.
Paolo Mazza Italy Excellent ! Thanks a lot for your great course.
Parshatee Bhattacharjee India Again thanks for arranging for such a great course and training. It helps me to increase my confidence level in professional life.
Patricio Martinez Ecuador Thanks a lot for a very interesting class
Paul Kadzielawa United States of America I felt that this course was a good refresher in the beginning and I picked up on a lot of new concepts towards the end. I recommend this class to anyone looking for work as a Java programmer.
Piotr Aszoff Poland This is a really nice course and I enjoyed participating in it. Like for me it's much better than just reading books because of community (I could read about things I didn't know exactly and ask questions) and that time to finish works is set (it gives more motivation). I am happy that i finished it and hope to take another course in the future.
Rafał Laczek Poland This course is great opportunity to increase Java skills. Hard work, but worth it. Thank you very much Sang Shin!
Raghavan Mohan India I like this programming course a lot. This course has really helped me learn Java and OOP concepts. Please include more homework after each session.
Richard Jones USA I think this is a great course. I have taken college courses and I will say that this is structured very professionally and well planned. The amount of support is actually better than some paid courses that i have taken. Sang Shin, keep up the good work and I can't wait to take my next course.
Roger O’Dell United States I really enjoyed this course and cannot wait to begin my career in development using Java. I have learned a lot and I will begin additional courses soon. Thank you for this opportunity.
Roman Semynog Ukraine It's a great course for great people! Good luck!
Ruben Vinicio Fernandez Matute Ecuadorian Thank you very much for this great course!
Samuel Gachanja Kenya  
Scott A. Whitney    
Sebastian Vergara Uruguay  
Sergio Criales Bolivia It was hard to achieve, but it is very useful now
Steffani Trinita Setyasari Indonesia I'm really pleased to join this course, because as a full-time mother with 4 beloved children, I can learn Java and do my homework in my spare time. The last time I wrote code was 12 years ago, so this course is useful for me to refresh my mind. Amazing Java! Great free course! Thanks a lot.
Stepan Severin Finland Sang Shin, Thank you for this great course! It is very unique course on Java programming. A lot of great material combined with clear structure and goals for every LAB gives very practical knowledge of Java.
Steven Anger Canada A nice introduction to the Java language.
Steven Larson Texas USA This was a fantastic introduction to Java! I greatly appreciate the hard work you have put into this free course. Thank you very much!
Tim Whittaker USA This is a great course. I learned so much from this course. It was a very good refresher for me because after learning Java years ago, I have not used it since. Anyway I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your course I learned so much and appreciate all your efforts in putting together this course. Thank you!
Tosin Komolafe Nigeria This course is really a great course, it has groomed me on how to develop reusable, reliable, robust and parsimonious code. And to other who took this course, i know that if you really did it well all by your selves, you will really learn a lot from it.
Tuan Nguyen U.S.A. This course has the quality of a college course, except that it is free. Sang Shin, Korea, This is a great course. Thank you very much for having this FREE Java online training.Your techniques and the support environment has motivated me to complete it. I wish you the best and hope you have time to keep this going on for the next waves.
Unmesh Chowdhury Bangladesh This is an outstanding effort for teaching Java programming and basic essentials. It is absolutely great idea. Thanks to all.
Vickie Britt US I like to understand how things work. So object-oriented programming is very interesting to me on numerous levels. For me the design phase of programming is both the most challenging and the most rewarding. There was one assignment where the user had to input their first and last names and a character had to be extracted from the first name. I asked myself all sort of questions like how much validation should be done, should there a minimum/maximum number of characters entered, what were the pros and cons of using a blank space as a separator, in other cultures do they write the name from right to left. In fact I asked so many questions that I began to wonder if I would ever write anything at all. Though I liked your course very much, it would have been nice to have a dialog on design issues. In fact, the only way I would take an advance course is that design issues could be discussed at least once or twice before homework is due. Even though I missed the dialogue, the readings usually discussed best practices and helpful hints. Overall, the course was very helpful.
Vishal Bhuva India This is really a wonderful course.
Wah (Douglas) LAI Hong Kong This is a great course that let me have a lot of exposure to Java. I am really looking forward the 'Advanced Java Porgrammig (with Passion!)' course coming soon! I am very appreciated Sang Shin' effort!
William Behymer USA  
William Shin Canada This is a great course for everyone. I am very grateful to have a Duke man, Sang Shin. Many thanks to your endless support and PASSION!
Yasmin Tarek Mohamed Abd AL Aziz Egypt i learnt alot from this course becuase it is simple to be understood ..the approach was perfect ...i really apprecaite the effort been done here , thank you
Yurii Gubin Ukraine Thanks a lot for the good introduction to Java!


Session #6

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Adrian Ariel Schmidt Argentina Thank you for this great course! I learned a lot and I'm willing to apply to my work all this very soon!
Adrian Frugtniet Australia Great source of useful information in your own course notes and links to supporting information. Good as an introduction or refresher for Java Technology.
Agung Prasetyo Indonesia Many thanks for this course, because it helps me to learn basic Java programming language and refresh my knowledge in Object Oriented Programming and of course this course is very good to know about sophisticated Java Technology. Big thanks for Mr.Sang Shin.
Alex Damiany Assis Brazil This course is a great opportunity to begin to learn and improve yours knowledge about Java. Thanks Sang Shin and your team by endeavor.
Alexander Weißer Germany Thanks a lot for the course.
Alireza Halani Indian Sang Shin, Korea, Awsome It was very nice to work on this course. It gave me great confident in going for advance java. Now I have already started creating some good Java code for my office work though a little non-trival. I would definitely be doing the advance stuff of yours. Thank you for taking so much pain for people like us who love programming and writing programs in Java.
Altug AKAY Turkish What I want to say about this course is that it helped me to understand Java better. I was programming with Java, but I did not know how the technology really works. This course helped me very much. Thank you and I am looking forward to do other courses as well.
Antonio Mirijello Canada This was an awesome course! Although I knew some Java prior to taking this course, this course helped me the explore the areas of Java that I wasn't too familiar with or that I needed further understanding. I'm glad that you have taken the time to put these courses online, and the price (free!) can't be beat. I'm looking forward to taking more courses in the future from your site! Thanks again!
Antonio Puchades Añón Spain This is a great course!
Bodo Schulz Germany The team did a very passionate job. Thank you for your encouragement. You improved my skills.
Charles E. Thornton Texas, United States of America An extremely good course. I recommend it to anyone trying to learn Java.
Chesa A Desano Philippines Thank you for making the best course about Java. I certainly learned a lot although I need to practice more :) Thanks again and Happy Holidays
CJ Coutsoukes USA Thoughts: Excellent for programmers who learned Java on the job (like me) to get a better understanding of Java programming concepts, learn new techniques and generally develop a better style of coding.
Colin Jones USA This course was a really interesting look into the Java world that I've heard so much about (I'm a web developer by day, but I work mostly with Ruby). I appreciated the progressive nature of the lessons and bite-size chunks of information, along with the example code to study and learn from. Thanks so much for this FREE resource!
Cruz Castillo Alcántara Mexico This is an excellent on-line course, especially for the wide information and tools about java programming. Congratulations Mr. Sang Shin and team by this high level and interesting java intro course. Thanks to Sun Microsystems too.
David Voght United States This was a really great course for learning java. I can't wait to take more courses.
Den Spiess USA Wow what a journey. Great course. I now feel I now have a good understanding of Java. Sang covers a lot of ground here, amazing that this is all offered free of charge. A big THANKS to Sang and everyone else involved with the project. I am looking forward to the next course on Ruby!
Denis Stepanov Latvia Thank you for this nice and very useful Java-course!
Dennis Z. Gagomiros USA Really great overview; enough to wet your appetite for more.
Derek Maloy American I have a computer science degree from North Carolina State University and needed a refresher course in java while looking for a job. Thanks for the free course.
Dmitry Popov Russia It is my first online course and it is great - before I strarted I didn't know java, but i have a great will to study it - and this course is a great apportunity fo beginners like me.
Dmitry Vershinskiy Russia Really enjoyed this course, thanks a lot :)
Dominique Gnaman France Thanks to this course, I finally put to use all these Java Books that I had accumulated through the years. The course material is very good and the Web references very pertinent. Ideally, if you could add a voice commentary to the power point presentations, it would be fantastic. I will register for the J2EE and Ruby courses next. I also will definitively pursuit a Java Sun certification. Thank You very much.
Douglas Lewis USA This was a great course I learned a lot from this and I plan on taking more of these courses from this site.
Enrique Pérez Pérez Venezuela I express my gratitude to Mr. Sang Shin and to all his team for this excellent course.
Faizan Tayyab Pakistan This course has really helped in improving my understanding of Java. I have read countless books but the positive thing about this course is the homework and the deadlines. Having deadlines in one way keeps one committed. It is very motivational course and the discussion forums are also awesome and great help. You can get alot of ideas by just reading the forums. The only thing that can improve is addition of more details to some topics. Also a part with certification type questions after each chapter would be added bonus.
Fidias E. Bujanda A Venezuela Excellent way to introduce anyone into Java. I appreciate the oportunity, and realize this is a very important effort , full of good , adequate , balanced progressive and sometimes challenging excercises. Thanks a lot.
Fikru Feleke Ethiopian Thank you Sang Shin.This is a great course with concise presentation and further reading materials.The Exercises were illustrative and interesting too.
Gerry Finlay Australia Thank you Sang Shin and the other contributors to the course. Great work.
Goksal Caner Malatya Turkey i thank you for this great course Viva La Java :)
Habib Gannadi-Khosh Austria Thanks a lot to Sang Shin and his group for their time and efforts to provide such a useful course. It was a good introduction to Java with interesting examples.
Han Chen China Perfect course for Java newbie, Thanks!
Heba Samy Egypt Thats the best online course i've ever seen and being free is an extra point for it... Nice work and keepup mr Sang Shin :)
Ho Wing Hung Jack Hong Kong The self-learning course is a good opportunity to enrich my Java programming knowledge.
Iker Diaz de Guerenu Spain This is a good course
Ilie DERCACI Republic of Moldova Thank you very much for such great opportunity and challenge for each of us. It was a big pleasure for me to study during this course. I LOVE JAVA!!!
Ing. Francisco Figueroa Perez Mexico I really appreciate Sang Shin for the creation of such a good course, excellent structure and great execises, This is a great beginning to love this language. Thanks again
Jari Honkanen Finland Great refresher course to rekindle one's passion for Java!
Jeffrey Jay Schindler USA This course was truly amazing, in that it not only focused on the basics, but brought to light many things that I was previously unaware of. I am looking forward to taking several other courses in the series, Passion for Java Technology! One thing I would like to see added to this course is Databases with JDBC, ODBC, and SQL, how to create them, import and export data, and to utilize the various databases classes to their fullest potential, using the NetBeans IDE. This could even be a seperate course all in its own right along with another course covering JSP. Thank you once again for this truly amazing course.
Jeremy Cozart USA This course is fantastic. It has been much more informative than the college course I had to pay for. Thank you!
Jeremy Davis USA I found this course useful in re-learning java technology and as preparation for the Sun Certified Java Programmer exam. I look forward to taking additional courses offered at
Jim Lucas UK Really enjoyed the course and learnt a lot. It was a challenge for me to complete all the modules on time and I had to rush through some of the longer labs a bit to get finished. For those of us with day jobs, perhaps you might consider a slightly longer course duration and breaking some of the longer modules into two or more bitesize chunks. Thanks.
Joseph R. Chavez USA This class was integral for me in studying Java. Just picked up a Java college textbook, read the first few chapters, then started this class. It is helpful to get many resources but this is one of the best to keep you excited (with Passion!)!!
Juan David Monroy Colombia Excellent course, It makes some tricky concepts on Java language a lot easier to understand ...Thanks to all who made it possible...I will be taking some other courses for sure.
Juan José Espinoza Amaro México "This is a very nice course of Java, I recommended for any Java developer. Thanks Sang Shin".
Kadir Mermi Turkey This course was more than I expected. I think it is the best starting point to study JAVA. I will definitely recommend this online course to my friends.
Karolis Butkus Lithuania The course was great and useful. I gonna take other java courses and definitely recommend to others.
Kathleen Hanney Ireland Good refresher course and an introduction to some new features.
Kevin Roke USA An interesting and informative course, especially in the course sections using Java JRE5 language enhancements, generics and concurrency.
Lars Strauß Germany at first - very easy, later this course consumed an awful lot of time Thanks
Leandro Baena Torres Colombia Thank you very much for opening these places for learning about the Java language and allowing me to learn the virtues of this excellent language
Maciej Jedliński Poland Thank you very much for this course.
Marcin Pudliszewski Poland This great course helps me a lot in introducing into Java technology. Good work!
Márcio Santos Brasil This is a good course to all who had never studied OO principles or developed more complex software (like me...). Of course we all have to improve the java knowledge by browsing stuff like those links shown each exercise and purchasing good books like 'Head First..' ones.Thanks for your initiative.
Mark Hogan United States  
Mark Tobkin USA Great opportunity to learn java. Better than the college course I once took.
Miguel Angel Espinosa Reynoso México This is a really great course, thank you all!
NGUYEN PHUONG NGOC Singapore "I don't think a short and simple paragraph can express how useful of the course or about my appreciation. I wish more and more programmer will know about this great course and hence can improve their Java skill. Thank Sang Shin, now I know how strong a Java Enterprise Architecture is. Your lecture slide and lab manual are not only informative but also easy to understand."
Nimish Sanghi India "Great course. Better than any book"
Norman Ho Sydney Australia Started at Hello.jar and finished with ServerUsingThreadPoolExecutor. An awesome guided tour of Java SE5. Now I have the tour map, I will definitely do it again and again to appreciate the finer details. I had fun, you are all so generous. Thankyou Mr. Sang Shin, Miga, Ewald, Rick Fend and all the others who helped me along the way.
Parinita Ghorpade Indian This course is just amazing. I thank you Mr Sang Sin from the bottom of my heart. You are doing a wonderful job of helping so many students and others to learn java more effectively with hands on lab and other resources. God bless you.
Patrick L. Stiady Indonesia It was fun to learn Java this way. Thank you Mr. Sang Shin.
Patrick Philpott USA Great way to start learning for Java there’s quite a bit to learn, but again this is a great place to start.
Pawel Ignatjuk Poland This course offers a great opportunity to gain as well as to improve knowledge of Java technology. Thank you Mr. Sang Shin.
Peter Schmidt Germany sehr gut
Peter Verbeke Belgium Thanks a lot for a great course. I started from scratch and I think I have now a good grasp of what can be done with Java. I'll certainly follow up on the other courses, but the main thing will be practice I guess.
Pungkie Brahmantyo Indonesia This course is really awesome, the materials really helps me to understand java deeper than before, Thank you to Sang Shin and anybody involved in this course.
Radim Hartmann Czech Republic Thank you very much for this course. It was realy passion for me studdy this course.Good and function examples.
Ralf Didden the Netherlands Many, many thanks for creating this very good Java introduction Course that allowed me to not only refresh but also go beyond my former basic Java knowledge.
Ramiro Ciocca Uruguay I strongly recommend this course to anyone, whatever their skills in java. It is a great course. Thank you so much Mister Sang Shin.
Raul González Herrero Spain Thank you very much for this wonderful course. After doing it, I can already say that I know Java. Congratulations for your excellent work!!!
René Erwee South Africa It was a steep, challenging learning curve for a newbee like me, but nevertheless interesting and enjoyable!
Richard Barrott Australia Great course! Hard work, but worth it. Thanks.
Roberto A. Demestri R. Paraguay This course was a lot more than what i expected. I really learned some things i didn't knew. Right now i'm preparing for the CX 310-065 Certification Exam. Thanks for the time and the will to teach !!!!
Rosalie C. Caulin Philippines A million of thanks to Shang Shin for offering this course. Rest assured that I will help promote this course and the other courses offered to everyone I know who is interested in java. I'm looking forward to take your J2EE course to further extend my knowledge.
SANDEEP SETHI India What a pleasent time I have while learning Java from this Free Online course. A very good attempt from Javapassion team. This course is so popular because: - It is free, gives hands on experience of Netbeans, more emphasis to practical approch,informative, up-to-date...and so on SUGESSTIONS : No doubt it is one of the best course, however I hope you will consider these sugesstions : -Make it downloadable as ZIP file(Please !). I don't have internet connection but I get this course from Netbeans DVD. So I go to internet cafe only to submit homework or downloading extra resources. DVD doesn't contains J2EE , Ruby etc. This would save money of lots of students and faster to access (as files will be in local computer) - Projects: If possible please try to add 1 or 2 mini project at the end of this course. No need to give it as assignment since even 'solved' projects are more innformative. Rest all is nice Thank you very much Mr. Sang Shin .
Sergio Vicente Brazil I enjoyed very much to participate of this course. Great initiative to improve Java language learning.
Stephen Brooks Ireland Thanks for putting together this course. I enjoyed taking it.
Suman Bali Kassis Indian "Thank you so much for taking the time to teach. The study material was excellent and easy to understand. I look forward to doing other courses"
Sumani Inkonda India Sang Shin, Thanks a lot for providing this online course.It was very helpful for me.
Tadele Gemechu Oromiya Thank you so much Mr. Sang Shin, for offering well organized and free online java course.
Te Siow Phing Singapore Hi Sang Shin,This is a great course with lot of reference material and example. However, I have problem in keeping on track after the topic on 'How to use NetBeans IDE effectively'. The more material I read, the more I want to give up. I found the time frame too short for beginner like me (who has no idea of oo programming). Never the less, this is still a beneficial course which at least help me to start kick off to the oo world... I appreciate your generosity to set up this website and also the google group. Thanks.
Tharani Thirunavukkarasu India  
TRAC TRUONG NGOC VIETNAM A well-structured course for Java learners
Vitor Alcântara Batista Brazil I really enjoyed this course. Even I programmed in Java before, I could learn a lot of stuff. I have just one suggestion: to make homeworks more challenging.
Vo Minh Tam VietNam With this exciting course, I realize I learn a lot, especiall i have a passion with Java to start my life with Java. The certificate, I will be taken, lean spirit. Anyway, this is certificate of my unceasing study and training process, encouraging me to make greater effort. But it's more wonderfull if I receive a hard-copy of this certificate.
Wai Leung United States This is a great Java refresh course. Thank you so much
Wei Xie China It's a very helpful course and it introduced a lot of java technology. Thanks, Sang Shin, for your hard working. Hopefully everyone can have passion about Java via this course.
Yannis Sourmelis Greece I am using Java professionally for over 2 years now, but I found your course very interesting and helpful. I particularly enjoyed the fact that all examples were fully written and not code snippets like almost anywhere else. I am looking forward to joining the more advanced courses. Thank you very much.


Session #5

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Aaron Satlow USA Great java primer/refresh, excellent java5/6 feature introduction
Aguedo Hernandez Venezuela Excellent introduction to the Java World. Very illustrative exercises and examples. I enjoyed it very much. Thanks very much to Sang Shin and his group!
Ales Bednarik Czech Republic Thank you very much for this course. It was for me a systematic way how to switch from C++ to Java.
Alexander Tsveloy Russia Thanks a lot for very useful course
Alina Dragne United States Beautiful course; thank you for your work.
Anca-Diana Barbulescu Romania Thank you very much Mr. Sang Shin! Thanks miga! Thanks a lot to all from team! It was an excellent experience to get this course! It is passion indeed and it could not be leave it. So I'll be in the next courses!
Andrej Neprokin Lithuania These courses gave me the true passion to do my best. It's like a guide to success for any Java developer, with a different level of skills. The discussions among students and professionals, provides a possibility to exchange experience. Reading questions and searching for solutions – is a best challenge before taking a certification test. Thank you for giving such a great opportunity.
Andrey Pokushalov Ukraine Thank you very much Mr. Sang Shin for very useful course and your great work!
Andrzej Kiliszewski Poland Thank you Mr Sang Shin for this course.
Angelo Scalia Italy Many many thanks to Mr. Sang Shin and all the people who made possible this course. Even if I'm not a beginner I found very interesting ideas for my work. Happy learning Java (with Passion!) to all!
Antonello Del Sorbo Italy Thank you very much for this great course!!!!
Arun.K.R India I studied C++ for 2 years in +2, but it doesn't give me the confidence to program a real life application ( May be it's because we are still using old standard and turbo C++ ver 3). But your course and the power and easiness of java give me the confidence that every beginer wants. Now I am working with my friend to develop a text encrypter which uses our own algorithm to encrypt and gives very high security <>. This certificate, although it's not valued for a course or job: inspires me and give me the confidence. Thank You Very Much. I am thanking each and everyone who worked behind such a great course. And wishes the same will inspire the future students. And a humble suggestion is to include a small project or two or three assignments at the end of course, which will help to gain more confidence and satisfaction to the students.
Beverly Wright Canada Thank you very much for offering this course. It was a great place for me to start learning Java, and I plan on taking Java EE Programming (with Passion!) next.
Bill Blizman USA Thank you for this course and to those who have worked to put it together and run it. It's nice to have others who are willing to take time to answer question when I got stuck on certain topics. I looked forward to future courses. Also A special thanks to Mr. Shin for his continued work to bring this learning tool to many!
Chip Post USA I wish to express my deep thanks to you for providing this course, as it is by far the best I have found in my tutorial-surfing. The material as presented is thorough and it's organization seemed to pro-actively anticipate my questions. And the price is right! I have taken other vendor provided courses, and feel that this is superior in quality to education that I paid thousands of dollars for. Kudos to you Mr. Shin.
Ciumac Sergiu Republic of Moldova Thank you for such a great course!
Djessy Menard Haiti This is a great course
Douglas G. Allen USA  
Eduardie Lie Indonesia Your course open my eyes on key potential of Java programming languages. In the first place, I thought Java is one of the most difficult programming language on earth. After completing the course, I have a better comprehension on the language and as well as its features. Furthermore, I am still digging the potential of java programming through books and internet.Thank you Mr Shang for providing me a good basic for java programming.
Eko Wiji Purnomo Indonesia Thank you Mr. Sang Shin, this course helped me learn Java programming language
Ernesto Maldonado Bolivia This is a great course for learning Java. Thank you Master Shin to put it online and free.
Fabrice Camous France A well-structured course that is ideal for (re-)learning Java essential concepts and get good references to learn more.
Fakhri Quraishi Sweden Very nice Java introduction course with lots of examples. Hectic at times with lot of studying and homework. The forum is always there to help us - great job, thanks.
Fernando Molina México It was a very nice course, i really like it and of course i learn more of java.
Frank Niedermann Germany Thanks for this great free course!
Froyamel Corro Mexico Thank you Sang Shin! this is an excellent opportunity to improve everyone's Java skills.
Gert-Jan den Besten Netherlands Thank you Sang Shin for this thourough introduction to the Java programming language!
Hananto Prabowo Indonesia Thanks Sang for providing this course. I learned a lot from this course. Great Job!!!
Harold E. Bryant USA Thanks for a great learning experience this time around. I have tried this twice before and due to college commitments was unable to finish the course. I was so impressed with the course content that I plan to enroll in subsequent JavaPassion courses. Thanks Mr. Shin and supporters for the course and congrats to the graduates of the 5th session.
Henning Schnieder Germany Thank you, Sang. It is a great course and I learned a lot about Java. I will attent follow-up courses to increase my knowledge.
Ian de Medeiros Esper Brasil Great job Sang, thank you!
Inal Atilla Gunes Republic of Turkey Mr.Sang Shin thank you for this excellent course.
J. D. Seader United States of America I enjoyed this well-organized course. I am now able to use NetBeans to write Java code. The pace of the course was just right and the many powerpoint slides and references were very helpful. This was a great way for me to get started with Java programming. Java is an incredible language.
JAYADASS KARUPPANNAN INDIAN Regarding this course, it is one of the best course being offered in Online and Free too. The lab exercise really help the student( or the one who take this course) to expose themselves as Java Programmer. This course gives me the confident that I can able to convert my existing projects to Java Platform. I would like to continue with JAVA EE course also so that I can able to know all advanced JAVA Technology. This course is presented and displayed in such a way that anybody, who does not have any programming knowledge ,can also become JAVA programmer. Good Work Done By Very Good People.
Jayanthi Nair Indian The course was really fantastic !!! I learned lots of new stuff !!! I'm very happy that I found out this course and I could be a part of it . I look forward to learning more about Java as I work with it.Thanks to Sang Shin for this course.
Jean-Marc Ferrier Switzerland Thank you Mr Sang Shin, thank-you to all the people contributing to the administration, corrections, etc of this course. I've liked the order of the subjects so that the course is interesting from the begining. I am looking forward to participate to another course...
Julio Cesar Ramírez Díaz México Thanks to Mr. Shin, Miga, Stan and all people who contributed to make this course possible and let us learn Java in a practic way, Java had been some difficult to understand until I took this course. Thanks Again.
Justyna Próchniak Poland  
Kamal ZAIRIG MOROCCO Thank you very much for this excellent course, it really help me to understand all the foundations of Java. And I have the intention to begin your excellent J2EE course.. always "With Passion" !
Kamil Szestowicki Poland That is very good course. My new knowledge very useful.
Kamile Timsal Madazilioglu Turkey t's great to complete this course i want to follow other courses
Kelly Wong USA This is a great online course, looking forward to take other courses as well!
Kevin Clark United States The "Free Java Programming with Passion! Online Course" is a great hands on Java course...
Marc Wiriadisastra Australia Absolutely loved this course. It made a lot of inroads into explaining all the different aspects of Java.
Marius Czachowski Germany Sang Shin thank You for a great online workshop and lots of work you spent to prepare all the valuable tutorials and labs, I will come back to these pages surely many times in the future Thanks
Melvin Bernabe Philippines Sir Shin thanks for the great course..
Michèle Garoche France This is the best course I have ever seen on Java basics. I've already followed it two times and each time understand more in depth the discussed concepts, either with the supplied material or with the help of a very friendly students' community. Thanks very much for that.
Michelle La Torre Philippines Excellent online course for Java Introduction!
Michael Schmit USA Thank you Mr. Shin for your Free Java Programming with Passion! I will be signing up for the Java EE Programming (with Passion!) course and I also plan to spend the next four to six months preparing for the Sun Certified Java Programmer Certificate exam.
Nela Dokmanovich Serbia Thank you and your friends for all .Go ahead!
Nelson Sandoval El Salvador Thank you master Shin it is an excellent resource for learning Java. With my new knowledge I won a NIIT scholarship in my country. Thanks a lot!!!
Norbert Krupinski Poland If you want to systemize and extend your basic java knowlegde it's the best course for you. Thank you Mr Sang Shin and thank everyone who helped me during the course
Nuno Silva Portugal This course is very enlightening and enjoyable. Probably I'll take other courses. Thank you Mr. Sang Shin.
Orville Avila Philippines Great course outline, good examples that covers almost all important topics. A great reference for those who wants to learn Java!
Paulo Cardoso Portugal Thank You so much for this oportunity. I don't remember anyone with the same sacrifice spirit that You have. "That God gives You the double of what you wish to me" (Portuguese saying, and perhaps from some where else)
Paul Brabban England Great course, broad coverage of subjects, thanks!
Pawel Tatara Poland This is indeed very good course. I find it very useful for people like me who have never had anything to to with Java but want to learn. Thanks Mr. Shin and the java intro team, job well done.
Peter Lukesch Germany Fantastic course. I've learned very much in a very short time.
Radha Athreya India Great Course! I would like to thank Sang Shin and his team for their time and effort in sharing their Java knowledge with passion.
Ramnath Nair Indian Dear Sang Shin, I really enjoyed this course, thanks for all your help!!!! Looking forward to start J2EE programming course.
Revengsky Joseph D. Reyes Philippines This course definitely help me more to understand the fundamentals of Java, Thanks to Mr.Sang Shin and the rest of the staff.
Richard Ashworth United Kingdom An excellent introduction to the Java programming language. Many thanks to all who made this course possible.
Richard Warburton New Zealand I found this course a fantastic introduction to the Java language. Thanks.
Robert Kuehweider Austria Thanks for this great course, I learnt a lot!
Ruben Diaz USA Mr. Sang Shin, thank you for all your hard work, time, and kindness in sharing your knowledge through your web classes. Thanks to your assistants too. This was an excellent class that offered me incredible help as I aspire to become a Java expert. This class helped me to build a solid foundation as I continue to learn and become proficient at work with Java technologies dealing with backend Java programs, desktop applications, J2EE, and in the future mobile programming. I look forward to learning more about Java in your other classes with Passion. Also, I will make a point to continue to practice sharing the knowledge that I gain as you do since what goes around comes around. Thanks for everything including setting such a great example for people to follow. Best wishes.
Samiullah Khan Suryazi Indian Salute to Mr. Sang Shin for his efforts.
Shallabh Khera India Thanks so much!! This is a great course on JAVA. I started out late but got stuck and made it in my mind to finish it. Being from a C++ background this was really the course I required to kickstart my JAVA experience. with all due thanks to this it has been terrific 3 weeks since I started. I hope to continue with more of your experience. I would certainly recommend this course for people who really want to quickstart their learning on JAVA.
Shawn Ewald USA This was a really useful course and an effective way to learn the Java language. Immediately after completing the course, I was writing useful real-world programs in Java. Highly recommended.
Sridevi Sanagavarapu INDIAN Sang Shin & Korea Thank you for providing java online course,It is very good & worth course
Steve Shore USA  
Stuart Saxby Australia Thanks for the course! It's an amazing contribution to the Java community!
Sulthan Hakiem Indonesia Amaziingggg this course help me to understand java programming, thanks to lecturer Mr. Sang Shin
Tiberiu Barath Canada This course is very usefull to start learning Java. Very good job. Thank you Mr.Shin.
Tomasz Marciniak Poland It takes a lot of work to finish this course, but the result is definitely worth the effort. I have enjoyed the course very much. It is a very good introduction to java language, but it also helped me to understand some general problems better. Many thanks.


Session #4

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Abhishek Vaid India One of the best Educational Initiatives taken. EVER.
Achmad Ferry F. R. Indonesia This course made me know more 'bout Java Programming's Hierarchy .. and i've receive so many other advantages from this course Incredible, this is helpfull, thank u very much Shang Shin .. I'll love to join other course ..
Alberto Vicente Sánchez Spanish  
Anastasiya Sokolova Russian Country of Origin is Kazakhstan, Hi Sang, I am very glad to finish your first course and I hope I will continue with the others as soon as I am currently working as Junior Developer for half os a year and I need more and more practice in programming expecially in Java and J2EE technologies as AJAX for example. I am glad if I would hold the certificate because it will mean a lot for me as a beginner in this long career way in programming world. You and your course are becoming more and more popular in Internet and are quite well-known person as well besides virtual reality ;) So, I would be happy to have this certificate even if it's not official one from Sun or IBM. Anyways, I know myself what it means to me and I am proud of myself that I know so many topics in Java - at least all the basics.So, I can progressively go forward! Thank you for your work! Bye-bye. Anastasiya.
Andrea Maietta Italy Thanks Sang, the course offered me a really good review and a nice introduction to the new features of the language. What more could I say... Passion!
Andreas Marx Germany Thanks to Sang Shin for this course
André Vermaak South Africa Thanks, I had a great time learning the basics of Java !
Arturas Sapalas Lithuania It was really interesting to know the java, very helpful for java beginners. Great course, great job!
Bela Kulcsar Romania The great Java Programing course only with Passion!
Bernard Dow Bienstock    
Brenden Towey USA A great course, excellent for beginners. Get started learning Java!
Bryan McCarthy Australia Thank you Sang Shin and others who have put together a great introductory course. I have learnt a lot.
Corrie Vermaak South Africa Thanx for a great introductory course!
Craig Mohrman USA Just what I needed to kick start my Java learning.
Cristóbal Seijo Spain this is a complete course where you can learn a lot and it is very entertaining and fun.
Daniel Reznick Israel The course was amazing! I learned lots of new stuff!!! I'm very happy that I found out this course and participated in it,Java Rulez!
David Aldersley UK Exellent introduction to Java, a wealth of information, thanks to Sang Shin and everyone else involved in putting this course together.
Dmitry Bondarenko Russia The course helped me acquire knowledge on basic and advanced concepts of Java language. It provides students with all the resources they may need to study Java...with passion. Thank you Mr. Shin for this course!
Donato Grassi   This course is the better opportunity I have ever had to learn basics Java language in so proficient way. I hope many other people also don't miss this very big possibility
Felipe Lain Rizzotto Brazil This is a very useful course. Thankyou for your atemption.
Gerhard Pachler Austria Great course for learning Java 5.0. Thank you for the effort.
Giuseppe Cinque Italy Thank you Mr Sang Shin for your "learn and share as much I can" and thanks his team. I augur that other person as Mr. Sang Shin use the same training method also in other field as biology, psychology, mathematics,...
Igor Kourski Russia Thank you very much for your exceptional work!
Jack Vrouwes United States Thank you for this wonderful course. I enjoyed it greatly! I have one suggestion for potential improvement. Would it be possible to provide a separate section (or page) containing hints for each homework? I spend sometimes very long hours completing the work. And then, the learning process was disturbed by the resulting frustration. The alias contained not always what I was looking for.
James Loewen USA Thank you for offering this course. It was a good introduction to the language, and I look forward to learning more about it as I work with it.
Janaki Ram Chaganti India This is an excellent course and I found it very useful to revise my Core Java fundamentals. Mr Sang, please accept my heart-felt and sincere thanks for conducting this course. I would also like to make a humble suggestion. It would have been ideal, if there was a small project at the end of the course which will allow using most of the concepts learnt during the course. Thanks again!!
Javier Blanco Gutierrez Spain This course offers the best materials I've ever seen to initiate into the Java Technology. Thanks Sang!
Jesus Arellano Spain A great course. It's a shame that the advanced part of the course is not finished yet. I'll wait for it but I'm also interested in other courses. Perhaps the Java EE is being the next one.
Joaquin Ortega Ruiz Spain Thank you Mr Shin for your passionate course.
Juanito M. Calingacion, Jr. Philippines The course was very good. I look forward to enter your other courses. More power to you and to Java.
Jui-Yu Tsai Taiwan This is a great course, and I definitely will take other course.
Jun Chen USA Many Many Many Thanks, Sang Shin!
Kathy Romberg United States A good course for touching on the important basic components of Java. Looking forward to taking another.
Marco A. Toscano F. Ecuador It was a course very interesting, I hope to continue with the others topics. Only wish good luck for us and dont forget that all is posible together with GOD
Mariela Iordanova Israel Very easy to follow course with complete information and a lot excersizes.
Mayur Bhatkhande India This course is a very nice place either to start learning JAVA or to refine your fundamentals in JAVA .It hepled me in making my OOPs concepts strong. Also example programs given in each sections are simple yet helps clearing all the doubts. Thanks Mr. Shin for such a nice course.Now, I am planning to take more advanced courses through same site.
Mehmet GEDEN Turkey I learned alot of things about Java programming language and Object oriented by studying your course and i want to take also Java micro edition course next term. Thanks alot.
Mitch Lowry USA I am very grateful that you have taken the time to create and maintain such a valuable resource such as this course. You are a great ambassador for Java. While I have read some books on Java, you have filled in some missing pieces, refreshed my memory, and challenged me with this material. Thanks.
Muhammad Nizar Kharis Indonesia I would like to say thanks to Mr. Sang Shin for providing this "Java Programming with Passion" course. From this course, I can improve my Java programming skill and my knowledge of Java technology.
Nicolás Elias Rivera Argentina Thanks Mr. Sang Shin for this wonderful course, i ve learn a lot and enforced my skills. Again really really thank you.
Noelia Calles Marcos Spain Thanks Sang Shin for his course. This course has helped me learn Java programming language.
Nuno Oliveira Portugal Thank you Sang Shin, it was an excellent course.
Ostap Magerya    
Peggy Walther Germany Thank you for the course. It helped me to learn more about the java programming language.
Peiyun Wu    
Rafael Paradis Brazil Simply the best online Java course on the net. A must for all.
Raúl Felipe Ramírez Alvarado Perú There's not more easy, amusing and motivational way to learn J2SE, thanks a lot for sharing Mr. Sang. I hope it continues modernizing this course, I go back ever to check upgrades while continuous with their other courses. thanks and regards
Ricardo Eights St. Maarten N.A. Learned a lot with this class
Ricardo Ríos El Salvador Thanks Sang Shin for this course. I have learned a lot about Java during this time.
Salvo Danilo Giuffrida Italy Well organized course. I used it to consolidate and update my knowledge of the J2SE platform.
Thomas Bastian Germany Excellent Java introduction course! Sang Shin has indeed set high standards for online courses.
LB Corney USA This class was great. I know this was a lot of work to put together. Many thanks to Prof Sang Shin for all the work he put in to make this work. I learned many new things that I will definitely put into practice. Again, many thanks!
Lim Chee Seng Singapore It has been an eye opener experience for me in taking up this course. Really appreciate Sang Shin for offering such free on-line courses for the benefit of the computing community.
Really learnt quite a fair bit about Java, Netbeans. Looking forward to start the Java EE course soon.
Luong Tran USA Thank you so much. This is a great course!
THAM TAI TON THAT USA The most completed online course I ever took. Learn it, experiment it, and most of all self pace. AWSOME class. I will take all javapassion class again. Thank you Mr. Sang Shin.
Will Frampton USA I really enjoyed this class. The examples and exercises helped me better understand the java class lessons. Thank you Sang Shin!
Yury Grigoryev Russia This is a great course, it helped me to structurize my basic knowledge of Java and gave an incredible amount of new information in a very straightforward way. My personal wish is the tasks that suppose designing a new application from the scratch, to challenge the student's imagination. And thanks for a nice TypeSafeEnum homework, it was somehow quite difficult for me but now I finally understand how that American football system with all their extra points works. :-) Overall, thank you for the nice course, I've had a great time and it was of great use!


Session #3

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Abdullah Al-Qayum Bangladesh Thanks Sang Shin for his wonderful effort.This course is one of the easiest and nice way to learn Java.
Adrian Dimaunahan Philippines This course helped me a lot in learning Java. It gave me a good learning path and a thorough guide to available articles on the web. It also gives meaningful exercises and do-able assignments.
Ales Medic Slovenia This course gave me some new ideas about Java programming. I usually do some small projects related to my work and not see all possibilities of programing language or development tools. Thanks for all your effort.
Alexander Gyoshev Bulgaria This course is great! It really helped me learn the basics of the Java programming language and provides me with further resources to continue learning it even after the end of the course. Thanks a lot!
Alexander Pustovit Kazakhstan This course helps me to learn Java programming language and refresh my knowledge in Object Oriented Programming. Big thanks for Sang Shin.
Alexandru Jurca Romania Thank you very much for the opportunity that you give us all to have an easy start with Java!
Alina Perales Palacios Bolivia This course helps me learn Java programming language, thanks
Alonso Benjumea Colombia This course helps me learn Java programming language, and enforce my skills, it was great
Alvin A. Tan Philippines It’s a wonderful course, a great place to start for beginners and most specially to those who already know other programming languages. Concepts can be easily understood from examples and exercises. Thank you Sang Shin and team keep it up!
Arulanandam Srinivasan India This program is really worthfull to academician like me.This program enabled me to refresh all my knowledge in Java Pgm.Many time it give challenge to me to write the Programs.Definitely i will use this knowledge in the class rooms and my Research Activities.
Casonya O'Neal USA Through this course, I have been able to apply the java knowledge that I had been learning for years. This course is an asset to people, like me, who aspire to become expert developers. Thank you.
Christian Lucius Luxemburg This course was uncomparable. The subjects were well choosen and covered a wide range of java programming. Many thanks to Shang Shin for his endless support and this course.
Dimitar Kamenov Bulgaria This course is lovely! I liked the right balance between a concise theory summary, labs full of working examples and finally the homeworks for those who want to close the learning cycle of standard Java language. This is a great working format for learning Java!
Ercan Kayaonu Canada This is a very well designed course which follows the most beneficial educational methodology merging theoretical knowledge with relevant hands on labs in a step by step fashion that can be expected from any course to follow. I recommend this course and other courses in the series to everyone who wants to build his/her Java passion onto strong foundations.
Ewald Ertl Austria This course helped a lot to make java learning easier than on a self learning path
Frank Oei USA It was very helpfull providing screen shots of NetBeans when appropriate. It was helpfull providing links to the Java Tutorial. This was the first time I used NetBeans and it was usefull learning how to use it at the same time as Java.
Georgi Sergeev Bulgaria The best intro course for Java programing language, I've ever seen, it helped me a lot to learn the essence of Java!!!
Gladys Méndez Uruguay A very useful course, with a generous transmission of knowledge.
Guy Williams UK  
Hal Granger USA Thank you for offering the Java Intro course. It was a fascinating learning experience. I found the course to be a very effective learning tool. It offered just the right amount of weekly structure to incentivize me to learn the weekly material and complete the homework, and at the same time, provided just enough cover for me to fend off competing demands (like spousal demands to do handiwork around the house) to free up time to be able to focus on the long-term benefit of learning Java. Thanks also for introduction to the Java language. I love the culture of Java and Sun, with the emphasis on software being free and open source. I have developed a new found appreciation of Java and of Sun. While I had considered learning other languages, Java was an excellent choice. Thanks also for my first experience in internet learning in an exciting global community. I suspect that this intro course will make a meaningful difference in a number of your students' lives, all over the world. The global reach is unbelievable, a sign of the rapidly changing times. Most of all, thank you for the many hours of time that you have invested, in both the fun aspects of teaching Java, and the administrative headaches that must accompany an endeavor like this. Thanks also to Sean, your teaching assistants, and all the others who make this course possible. This has truly been an outstanding experience for me, and I am sure, for many, many of your students from around the world! Thanks for your passion!
Henry Suryawirawan Indonesia This course helps me to further understand the Java language plus the Java 5 features. Thanks and keep up the good work...
Hsiu-Mei Liu USA This class is a very good overview of Java programming with very well prepared exercises in each lab. It helps me easily get into the Java world.
Ismael Rincón Spain Thank you for this course, it´s a good way to learn Java.
Istvan Da Varga Hungary Thank you Sang Shin, it was an excellent course I admire your devotion, I learnt a lot
Ivan Chernikov Ukraine Great job of the Java evangelists!
Iveen Duarte Guatemala This course introduced me into a powerful programming language that is Java, you can do everything with it; I'd really like to thank Sang Shin for taking time to provide us with material and references, the next step is to go with J2EE, which I am already taking.
Jasvinder Gulati USA An excellent course with excellent set of examples that helped understand the material very quickly. NetBeans is definitely my favorite IDE after taking this course. Thank you Sang Shin for your hard work and providing all the help.
Javier Losada Argentina The JavaIntro1 course is excellent. It is the second time I do it and this time was much more better than before. I think that the variety of topics is very good, and its material is excellent, although I remained with desire to make the subjects that this time did not enter. I also want to thank and congratulate the mailling list where always I could find my doubts. Finally, I want to make a point, I think that there was many topics' lab too easy or trivial and I am sure that it should be more fun with a bit of more of difficulty.
Jeff Conrad USA This course was comprehensive and fun, and provided a solid foundation for further Java education.
Jerome Roberts USA Excellent way to learn J2SE 5.0. Thanks for the course.
Jose Miguel Hanun Argentina This it was the best course than I have done!
Joseph Randell L. Benavidez Philippines Good outline, easy to comprehend examples and helpful classmates. Great online course for learning Java basics.
Kalyani Bagade India This course helped me a lot to learn Java programming language...
Khatchik Mardikian USA Thank you for offering this course. This course helped me to learn java.
Kruy Vanna Cambodia This course is well-sequenced. It greatly helps me learn Java at smooth pace.
Luis Gabriel, Velásquez López Perú I really learnt a lot with Java Programming with passion course, it is a great course taught by Mr. Sang Shin, Java and Netbeans make your job more productive and funny, try this course and you really will learn what is behind Java programming. Thanks Mr. Sang Shin for your time and for introduce us in the Java world.
Maria Dietz Russia This course helped me to learn Java basics. After 5 classes (weeks) I found a job as Java-Softwaredeveloper. But I didn't give the course up. Topics were still interesting for me. I'd like to thank Sang Shin from the heart for his great job.
Marius Petan Romania I would like to thank you to Mr. Sang Shin for sharing his Passion for Java, for showing us how beautiful and easy to understand is this programming language. I believe that this course will be a valuable reference for me in the next years.
Michał Chmielarz Poland This course help me repeat and systematize my knowledge of Java SE. Homeworks were really helpful.
Michelle LaPointe Canada Thanks Sang Shin for the course.
Mylene Trasmañas Philippines Thanks for the free course. Just when I wanted to shift to another development environment, I learned of this free course. I found the Java language interesting and complex. Its a long way to go to mastery so I will be looking forward to future advance courses on it.
Oliver-Rainer Wittmann Germany Perfect Java course with a lot of extra material and references. I'm sorry that at the end I have to hurry through the material to meet the certification deadline.
Osvaldo Sotillo Bolivia This course helps myself to even know the world java.
Palani Chockalingam India This course helped me to refresh my Java Programming language fundamentals. It also helped me to understand the latest additions to the Java Lanaguage. Big thanks to Sang Shin for his commitment and time to teach us Java with a passion!. Much appreciated...
Patrick Kägi Switzerland I'm full of passion!
Pavel Vinogradov Russia Very good cource for Java World beginers. Good theory material, but i think that practic exercises need more complex. And maybe add global real-life task, that may accomulate all new students knowledge for "big" project.
Pawel Radziejewski Poland This course was very useful. It helped me increase my knowledge of Java and develop my programming skills
Pravin Sinha India This course contains a wide range of topics. Simply Incredible. It helped me learn Java better. Thanks to Sang Shin.
Prithviraj Thakor India This course helps me lot to learn Java programming language... and i will be continuing with this course.
Randi Schmitt United States of America This course will enable all "want-to-be java programmers" to learn and become passionate about the java programming language! The sample programs used in the course are modeled to help in real world situations. It is a great course and I plan on taking the J2EE course offered by Sang Shin!
Reda Hamza Canada thank you for this course, it's very helpfull.
Rimantas Juozapaitis Lithuania This course nice, I will try to do other javapassion courses. Thanks.
Rizky Januar Akbar Indonesia This course gives me more comprehensive study in basic of java language. Thanks for Sang Shin and the communities.
Roman Varadi Czech Republic Thank You for your course. It gave me so much. I will surely enough continue with some your next course. Once more: THANK YOU FOR ALL OF US
Tamara Simpson USA Thank you for the course Mr. Shin!
Timothy A. Baxter USA I found the homework assignments to be a great challenge that made me go back and review the presentation slides many times. Looking forward to continuing with the JAVA EE course. Thanks so much for these courses and all your hard work Mr. Shin!
Trevor Haddrell UK Fantastic course, well worth taking the time to do. Learnt a lot, and cleared up many misunderstandings. Would recommend to anyone who wants to brush up on Java, or learn it after reading the books.
Usha Sewak Australia This course was fantastic.We could learn at our own pace and practicals were very good. A well put together course. I have learned a lot I have been recommending this course to everyone at work. It is much better that doing any 5day Java courses. Thank you Sang for taking your time out to provide this free course. It is much appreciated.
Virpi Pulkkanen Finland After 10 years of SQL and PL/SQL this course has opened me the door to the Java-world. I thank you for this.
Wojtek Pinczewski Poland I have enjoyed this course very much!
Yury Bubnov Russia This course helps me to organize my knowledge about Java technology.
Zoltán Gere Hungary This course helps me learn Java programming language...
Wilhelm Dietz Germany Many thanks to Sang Shin and his team.


Session #2

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Abdulhamid Dhaiban Yemen  
Abu Raihan Md. Rahat Hossain Bangladesh  
Alan Rowberry USA  
Alexander Studnitsky Ukraine  
Alit Atmaja Indonesia  
Amber Marsh U.S.A.  
Amit Bakhru India  
Andrei I. Holub Belarus  
Andrei Kasaurov Russia  
Andrew Gee U.K.  
Andrey Kolbasenko Russia  
Andrius Bogvila Lithuania  
Andrzej Silaczuk Poland  
Anitha Kizhakke Thazhaveettil India  
Antonio Rodriguez U.S.A  
Artem Zolochevskiy Russia  
Azam Javaid    
Bharanidharan Anantharaman    
Bob Vargas Philippines  
Boris Rudakov Canada  
Carolina Guillen Valencia Peru  
Carrie Gardner-Benik U.S.A  
Cesar Paiva Brazil  
Charles E. O'Riley Jr. Afro-American  
Chris Lawrence England  
Compton Shumate U.S.A  
Cyr Rufin Bassoumba England  
David Bunzli Australia  
Diego Carbajal Mexico  
Dmitry Bulgak Russia  
Dmitry Kartashov Russia  
Dmitry Malyshev Russia  
Dmitriy Zotikov Russia  
Curt Terpstra U.S.A.  
Daniel Matteoni Czech Republic  
Danilo Brembilla Italy  
Danny Wen China  
Derlon Aliendres Brazil  
Don Perry U.S.A.  
Ed Hall U.S.A.  
Eduardo Esteban Spain  
Edward Fultz U.S.A.  
Elena Popa Republic of Moldova  
Elena Ivanova Russian Federation  
Eugene Kozlov Russia  
Evgueniy Grabovetskiy Ukraine  
Francisco V. Yap Philippines  
Gloria Zambrano Australia  
Grebenshikov Alexey Russia  
Greg Anders Australia  
Gregg Willow U.S.A.  
Guangsheng (Alex) Wei Australia  
Hans Zumbrink Netherlands  
Henry Condori Alejo    
Huey Treadwell U.S.A.  
Ibrahim Hamed Ismail Egypt  
Igor Kernitsky Russia  
Inal Atilla GUNES Turkey  
Irene Kuan U.S.A.  
Irina Fedortsova Russia  
Jacques Wahide France  
James Dawkins South Africa  
Jeff Stojevich U.S.A.  
Jennifer J. Kemp U.S.A.  
Jeremy DiCasolo U.S.A.  
Jerry Alport, U.S.A.  
Joaquin Lozano Argentina  
José Rodrigo Escobar El Salvador  
Jothir Ganesan India  
Julio Diez Spain  
Ken Cooney U.S.A  
Kuan Ju Ho Argentina  
Kumarasamy Sivakolundu India  
Liliana Matos Portugal  
Larisa Trapeznikova Australia  
Mahendra Lahoti India  
Marco Monzon Guatemala  
Marcos Pisching Brazil  
Maria Teresa Carmela Montemayor Philippines  
Mark Homoky U.K.  
Mark Poirier Canada  
Maryanne Vaughan U.S.A.  
Mauricio Zamora Costa Rica  
May Hui Canada  
Mia Karlsson Sweden  
Michael Boucher U.S.A.  
Narendra Lahoti India  
Natalya Leshchenko Russia  
Navneeth Santhanam India  
Norberto Gasparotto Filho Brazil  
Olajide Sunday Animasaun Nigeria  
Olga Matveeva Russia  
Olukayode Akanni Nigeria  
Panagiotis Kritikakos Hellas  
Paul Hawkins U.K.  
Peter Mikuta U.K.  
Pradeep Kumar India  
Prokofiev Volodia Russia  
Quynh-Nhu Hecker Germany  
Ransom Nduwuba Nigeria  
Raul Coelho Portugal  
Rene van Zijp Netherlands  
Richa Vashisth India  
Richard F. Laxar U.S.A.  
Rick Holmes U.S.A.  
R.N. Vinodh Krishna India  
Robert Tsai U.S.A.  
Rodolfo Avila Colombia  
Rohith Pavithran India  
Rudi Gruteke Netherlands  
Rui Simoes Portugal  
Samuel Barnes U.S.A.  
Sara Sarreshteh(Orang) Iran  
Sasi Chitrapu Australia  
Semegne Tafesse Ethiopia/Canada  
Sérgio Garcia Portugal  
Sotiris Tilos Greece  
SreeCharan Shroff India  
Sreevani Chitty India  
Stan Doon-chung HUNG Australian/Hong Kong  
Steen Ostersen Denmark  
Stefan van der Merwe South Africa  
Stefan Hinker Germany  
Steffen Franke Germany  
Steve White U.S.A.  
Sudhakar Kamatham India  
Susan Kruger South Africa  
Swetha Govindraj India  
Theo Crithary Australia  
Theresia Nathalie Indonesia  
Thomas Sunderland U.S.A.  
Valerio Felici Italy  
Vi Hong    
Viral Patel India  
Viswanadham Bokkisam India  
Vladimir Leshchenko Russia  
Volodia Prokofiev Russia  
Vojtech Outulny Czech Republic  
William Schurter U.S.A.  
Xia Zhen China  
Xiaofeng Zhao U.S.A.  
Yana Nugraha Indonesia  
Yogini Jokhakar India  
Yusnier Valle Martínez Cuba  
Zane Weber South Africa  
Zoltán Magyar Hungary  


Session #1

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Adrian Brenes England  
Alan Chapa U.S.A.  
Alberto Rodriguez Porral Spain  
Aldo Bravo Canada  
Aleksander Borucki Poland  
Alexandru Ghiorcos Romania  
Alexia Pfeifer Germany  
Alla Redko Russia  
Andriy Radzivil Ukraine  
Andrzej Prochyra U.K.  
Anna Clemens U.S.A.  
Annie Angelopoulou Greece  
Anthony Esposito U.S.A.  
Ari Saroso Indonesia  
Ary Yan Ananta Indonesia  
Avi Schwartz    
Ms. Aye Aye Kyaw Zin Myanmar  
Aziz ur Rehman Pakistan  
Aubrey Griffin U.S.A.  
Arthur Bracco U.S.A.  
BDuquette U.S.A.  
Benedetto Spampinato Italy  
Bhargavi.P India  
Bill Mitchell Canada  
Billy Verdan Halim Indonesia  
Blake Johnston U.S.A.  
Bogdan Andrei Romania  
Brad D Easterday    
Brembilla Danilo Italy  
Brian Emch U.S.A.  
Brian Jones    
Brian Nuttall U.S.A.  
Bruce Jones U.S.A.  
Calum Fraser Scotland  
Carol LeGate U.S.A.  
Carlos Soza Chile  
Carsten Ziepke Germany  
Catherine Agacinski, Chinese/USA  
Chow Lye Fong Malaysia  
Chris Conner U.S.A.  
Christian Combarel France  
Christian Tjhai Germany  
Chuck Kuntz U.S.A.  
Claudia López Chile  
Cole Calistra U.S.A.  
Cordula Heckert Germany  
Daniel Basterrica Chile  
Daniel Matteoni Czech Republic  
Daniel Parvanescu    
Darrell Wentz U.S.A.  
David Gray U.S.A.  
David Gubern Catalonia  
David J. Hastings U.S.A.  
David Jones U.K.  
David Oseas U.S.A.  
David Sharkey Scotland  
Dave Taylor Canada  
Denni Feagins U.S.A.  
Des VanderSmit Namibia  
Dieter Engels Germany  
Donald Leong U.S.A.  
Donald Tin    
Douglas Duncan U.S.A.  
Durga Gurusamy India  
Edward Sheldon U.S.A.  
Elena Gutierrez Argentina  
Elliott Anderson Israel  
Eric Pierce U.S.A.  
Fabiana Junko Yoshida Brazil  
Fernando de la Vega Argentina  
Flavio Lao Brazil  
Gary Foster U.S.A.  
Gary Lippens U.S.A.  
Gary Mills Canada  
Gayatri Joshi    
Gilson Renee U.S.A.  
Gloria Zambrano Australia  
Godfrey Onwunali    
Gurinder Singh U.S.A.  
Hamid Ismaili    
Hal Granger U.S.A.  
Hans Zumbrink Netherlands  
Himalaya Kakshapati    
Huey Treadwell U.S.A.  
Ian Bristol Canada  
Ilse Leal Aulenbacher Mexico  
Inal Atilla GUNES Turkey  
Irina Filippova Russia  
Irina Sedenko Canada  
Isabel Dimson Philippines  
Ivan Chernikov Ukraine  
Ivan Sumrak Slovenia  
Jake Smith U.S.A.  
Jan Schroder Sweden  
Jason Cagle U.S.A.  
Jason Kuhlman U.S.A.  
Javier Losada Argentina  
Jay Schmitendorf U.S.A.  
Jean-Marie ROBERT France  
Jeff Lee U.S.A.  
Jeff Thom Scotland  
Jeffrey Portwine U.S.A.  
Jessie O. Floren Philippines  
Jiamin Zhao    
John Becker U.S.A.  
John Yeary U.S.A.  
Jonathan Abello Philippines  
Jorge C. Hilfiker Switzerland  
Joohun Min Korea  
June Lee Korea  
Kai Kuo China  
Kamaldeep Arora India  
Kashif Khan Pakistan  
Karsten Stöckmann Germany  
Ken Chen U.S.A.  
Ken Hommel U.S.A.  
Kenneth Swart U.S.A.  
Kerry O'Carroll Australia  
Kevin Archer U.S.A.  
Kirby Foster U.S.A.  
Konstantinos Daglas Greece  
Krishna Kumar D India  
L.V. Gandhi India  
Lan Chau Australia  
Lee Chen    
Lian Zhu    
Linda Panter U.S.A.  
Linda Toth U.S.A.  
Liz Roy U.S.A.  
Luiz Matsumura Brazil  
Ma. del Rosario Argentina  
Ma. Josefina B. Cavizo Philippines  
Margrit Musselman U.S.A.  
Mariano de Angelo Brazil  
Markku Murtonen Canada  
Martín Loiácono Argentina  
Mary Keiner U.S.A.  
Mia Karlsson Sweden  
Michael Barrick U.S.A.  
Michael Guericke U.S.A.  
Michael Mongeau U.S.A.  
Miguel Garcia Esparza Spain  
Mihaela Tarjoianu Romania  
Mihai Bodogae Romania  
Mike Nelson South Africa  
Nana Makangu U.K.  
Natalia Geller Russia  
Nathan Motter U.S.A.  
Nathan Poulton U.K.  
Norberto Libryk Argentina  
Omar Rodriguez México  
Pablo Barrionuevo Argentina  
Pamela Tsai U.S.A.  
Pat Maloney U.S.A.  
Patrick Choiniere    
Paul Culnan U.S.A.  
Paul Jackson Australia  
Paul Mitchell U.S.A.  
Paul Taylor Australia  
Pete Walker    
Peter Ganter, Australia  
Przemyslaw Chudzinski Polish&German  
Rajesh Shrestha India  
Rashmi Joshi    
Richard Davis U.S.A.  
Rakesh K India  
Richard Linsdale U.K.  
Rick Taylor U.S.A.  
Robert Kenyon    
Robert Tsai U.S.A.  
Roger Price U.K.  
Roland Dodge U.K.  
Rolf Ahrens Germany  
Rolf Huesemann Germany  
Roman Radzivil Ukraine  
Ronnie Willis U.S.A.  
Rui Martinho Portugal  
S. Blonder U.S.A.  
Samuel Tsai    
Sascha Bates U.S.A.  
Sarah Pinder U.K.  
Sara Sarreshteh(Orang) Persian/Iran  
Scott Budihas    
Scott Gorczyca U.S.A.  
Shane Semanek U.S.A.  
Slav ZAYARNY Ukraine  
Soe Yin Myanmar(Burma)  
Soundar Raman India  
SrinivasRao Marasu India  
Srinivasulu Pulluru India  
Staszek Styszynski Poland  
Steen Ostersen Denmark  
Stefan Ressing Germany  
Steve Bucciacchio Canada  
Steve Golemme U.S.A.  
Steve Guthrie U.S.A.  
Steve Miller U.S.A.  
Sue Acierno U.S.A.  
Syed Ahmed    
Tai Ton That    
Tan Kok Hao Singapore  
Teddy Chen U.S.A.  
Thilo Berger Germany  
Tim Maher-De Troyer U.K.  
Thuy Tran    
Tolga Balci    
Travis Gummels    
Vanmathi Uthayakumar    
Vera Garcia Brazil  
Vilma Icardi Italy  
Vojtech Outulny Czech Republic  
Willem Muyderman Sweden  
William Gadney South Africa  
Winston Tabada Philippines  
Wolfgang Sieger U.S.A.  
Yu Ket Alex Ngui U.K  
Zoran Tkavc Slovenia  

People who made contributions to this course

  • Session #1
    • Aye Aye Kyaw Zin
    • Ian Bristol
    • Jean-Marie Robert
    • Richard Davis
    • Richard Doyle
    • Robert Tsai
    • Soundar Raman
    • Stanisław Styszyński
  • Session #2
    • Gloria Zambrano
    • Marco A. Monzón C.
    • Mehul N. Sanghvi
    • Ren van Zijp
    • Stanisław Styszyński
  • Sessions #3 - #12
    • Stanisław Styszyński