The certificate is a personal recognition from Sang Shin and Michèle Garoche that you have successfully and passionately completed the course. It does not have any affiliation with any company, or institution.


Name Nationality or Country of Origin Comments
Abhinav K Adduri
United States Thanks!
Greece The Ruby and Rails Application Development was very informative. I learned many things application techniques that can be used at my current job. High quality code camp instruction, never a lull or dull moment during the code camp. Thank you
Robert Cuyegkeng
Canada This was a very good Ruby on Rails Course.

Session #2 (March 31st, 2009 - November 1st, 2009)

Name Nationality or Country of Origin Comments
Gert van der Spoel
Kevin H. Lee
USA I learned a lot from this comprehensive course. Thank you very much!

Session #2 (March 31st, 2009 - November 1st, 2009)

Name Nationality or Country of Origin Comments
Al Snow
USA Really enjoyed the Rails Passion course. I have recommended many times since I started.
Alberto Rodriguez Porral
Spain Very good course with lots of useful examples. I'm going to start my first ROR application immediately.
Aliraza Halani
Indian Dear Sang shin and his team, Thanks for this awesome course. I am happy that I took this course. I had already done Java Course and this is the second Java Passion course I have completed. The course had definitely helped me learned Ruby, Jruby and Rails and will further help me to go and learn advance JRuby on Rails. Thanks all of you once again all the concerned team member for taking so much pain for us.
Andrea Cerisara
Italy Really great course!
Camila Michelini
Brazil I really enjoyed this course and learned a lot. Thanks Sang Shin and congratulations for this great course!!!
Cory Hsiung
Canada Thank you Sang Shin for this amazing course, I never would have had this kind of understanding of RoR without your informative lessons!
David Amend
Germany The course help me to learn the basics and the ideas behind Ruby - Thanks a lot.
Erwin Rohde
Netherlands Thank you very much for this great course and your efforts!
Ignazio Mostallino
Italy Thank you very much Mr Sang for the passion you devoted to this course, I hope to follow other your courses in near future
Ignazio Mostallino
Russia Thank you very much for this course! It is the best one of the all Sang Shin's courses I participated.
Jamal El Milahi
USA The class was great. I learned too many new concept that I didn't find in any other Rails book I read before.
Krzysztof Rygielski
Poland Great course. It gave me some new insights on few aspects of rails programming. I had some experience with RoR for quite some time now, but I have learned much during last few months with this course.
Leonardo Otero
Argentina A great entry level course about Ruby on Rails thanks Sang Shin
Márcio Santos
Brazil I liked this course because I have developed applications to real situations like e-commerce. Sure, anyone who wants to take on line course should read additional resources in order to complement the topics.
Michèle Garoche
France This is really a great course by a great professor. I would recommand it to all people who want to study seriously ruby on rails.
Miro Maher
Slovenija Thank you for this and other great courses !
Pallavi Naik
Indian Sang Shin, Korea, This is a great course and I enjoyed learning on The tutorials cover all the important things in Ruby on Rails development and also provides links and other details for further knowledge on the topics covered. It gave me ample confidence to start developing applications using Ruby on Rails technology. I look forward for doing some more courses on this site. I have also recommended my friends for learning on this site as it covers many technologies and enables a student to learn in a fun way. Thanks Sang Shin for developing such a useful website.
Paul Kadzielawa
United States This was a wonderful course and I hope to make use of what I learned.
Peter D., Bolier
The Netherlands This course is a very good introduction and gives me a very good alternative platform (besides the Java EE playform) to use for my projects.
Roger Goessens
Vonnie Kinsey
  Ruby is a wonderful course, having great examples, understandable steps, challenging homework, and abundant reference links.
Yedil Workeneh
US This is a good course to get your feet wet with Ruby/Rails.

Session #1 (July 15th, 2008 - Jan. 30th, 2009)

Name Nationality or Country of Origin Comments
Ales Bednarik
Czech republic Thank you very much for this course. I have found useful ideas for my project in every lesson.
Ananth Suryanarayan C
India This is great and awesome
Basil Shorrosh
USA I am very grateful to the organizers of this course and their passion to provide excellent learning material. The course is well structured with extensive resources and online lab documents. Thanks.
Crineu Tres
Brazil Thanks for the course, very nice, keep it going.
David Buzatto
brazilian Sang Shin, this course was awesome! Thank you very much for your effort in share your knowledge with everybody.
Dhiraj Kumar
India Sang, It's truly amazing experience not only to learn the contents of this course but also to know that someone passionately cares about fellow IT professionals in such a dedicated fashion. Keep it up my friend and be assured that your hard work & dedication is touching the lives and careers of innumerable people from across the world. Thanks again & Regards
Donato Grassi
Italia I have very much appreciated this course for his completeness, in particular the struggle from Sang Shin and Parolari for the underlining of any new face of the programming in ruby. As always Thank You a thousands.
Israel This has been a great course, with an excellent introduction to Ruby, and a broad perspective of the Rails framework, Thanks Sang for the opportunities to learn new technologies and broaden our horizons. Passion!
Drabo Constantin
Burkina Faso Great job and many thanks to Sang Shin and all people who spent some bites of their time and sacrificed themself to build this course. Viva RoR and Netbeans :)
Florin Spătar
Romania This course was very handy, since it matched with my plans of learning ruby. Thank you so much!
Hidayat Sun
Indonesia This course is very helpful in completing my diploma thesis
James Mason
USA Thanks for offering this course.  I've been able to share it with a number of friends and co-workers, and we've all learned some new things!
Jefferson Bicca Charczuk
Brazil This course was excellent to get an overview of how Ruby and Rails works, get the pros and cons of this technology and what's behind the "convention over configuration" philosophy! In addition to this, it was interesting to learn and have an idea of the two most interesting topics of the course which were the "blocks and closures" and the "meta-programming"! They are definitely the base of how Rails was built! Thanks Sang Shin for this course and a special thanks for Raul Parolari for giving the support in this session! Without any doubts, I will try to attend the next session to get the topics that will be covered!
John Chan
USA Thanks for taking the time to create this course. I feel I have learned a lot. This course gave me a solid grasp of Ruby on Rails to keep me learning and developing to the future!!
Jorge Verger Gómez
Spain Thanks I have learned a lot off
Jose Manuel Felix Rodriguez
Spain I like your course
Juan José Espinoza Amaro
México This great course help me to know  Ruby & Rails, excellent for all  developer. Thanks Sang Shin
Juliano Alves
Brazil Ruby on Rails is powerfull. Now, we have the power!!! =P
Karl-Heinz Köther
Germany Thank you, Sang for running this course. It's really well made and worth reading. Thank you too, Raul for your Action View Tutorials. And really thanks for the homeworks.
Kyle Klinger
United States of America This was a good course that helped me get over some of the hurdles of Learning ror.  It was also a good motivational tool to keep on working on my skills and explore new opportunities within ror.
Mee Wah Tam
China This is a great course. I love the resource you provided for each topic and the detail steps for using NetBeans! Hope you can create another more advance Ruby on Rails course. Sang, you're one of the great people out there! Thank you.
Przemysław Zając
Poland Nice course
Shane Semanek
United States The course was a very helpful introduction to developing Rails applications using the NetBeans IDE
Shawn McBurnie
USA Excellent course - I'd recommend it to anyone with an interest in Rails.  I appreciate everyone who contributed time and resources to make it work, particularly Sang Shin.  Bravo, and thank you!
Suman Kassis
USA Thank you so much for teaching this course.It was a great course;assignments and material was very easy to understand. Look forward to the other sessions.
Tim Leonard
USA Thanks for spending the time to put together this course.  My purpose in taking this course was to see Ruby on Rails for myself.  I have spent a lot of time with other frameworks and ROR represents a different approach.  Your course brought out the differences along with the similarities.  The biggest problem with the course is not the course but the subject matter itself.  As a Software Engineer, I want to know the details of how and why.  Rails attempts to hide these details using canned procedures and code generation.  There are very few good texts or tutorials that adequately explain exactly what is going on behind the curtain.  That is probably Rails biggest failure and the reason why many people initially attempt to use it and then abandon it for a more direct approach. If this course needs anything, it needs more in depth explanation of what is behind the Rails curtain. Thanks again for all your time and efforts
Walter Mangra
Canada Thanks for your kind efforts.  I am now well on my way in becoming 'fluent' in RoR.
Xavier Pineda Cortes
Spain I've learned a lot about Rails. Thank you very much.
Yvonne Kinsey
Florida, USA Great course that gave me a sound foundation to become a Ruby expert.  Thanks for offering this course, having good exercises and homework, and wonderful reference links.