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Maciej Łoś This course helped me to learn what Spring Framework is. Lots of knowledge, lots of fun. Thank You.
Sebastian Meyer This course helped me to learn basics and advanced topics of spring.


NameNationality or
of Origin
Johannes Amtén Sweden Good introduction to all the major parts of the Spring framework.
Massimo Manfredino Italy This course helped me learn quite a large number of Spring 4 modules which I have been using as a reference framework for some of the software project I deal with. Thanks Sang!
Norman Gies Germany This course helped me learn ...
Yevgeniy Kelman   Thank You.


NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Bill Nitchie USA Using the course information I was able to get a better idea of the full capabilities that the Spring framework can provide for web development. I also got a better understanding of how MAVEN fits into the development process.
Bruno Rodrigues Franco Brazil Very good course, i recommend it.
Marius Petan Canada This course helped me learn Spring Framework. Obviously will have to go back and elaborate on each subject and review all courses before reaching a level of confidence with this framework, but again, this course builds the structure, on top of which, anyone can develop. Thank you Sang Shin.
Pierre Geiger Germany Great introduction to and overview of the Spring world.
Tjeerd Hes NL Thanks!
Yvonne Kinsey United States Course has given me a foundation to continue. Before, was nervous and it seemed too complicated to understand. Now, like how useful, so I can leverage my Grails, Android, Java, web.


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Andy USA Attended Spring 3 Code Camp. It was highly informative with relative lab work. I will use what I have learned at my Job.
Asif Y Ali    
Brian Moon Korea I'm sure that finding this site is luckiest one that I've been given in my whole life. Above all, Jpassion has given me the confidence I can do let alone great, great contents. So far, I am mediocre developer with no passion, I guess. But from now, I get to have a hope that I may escape the status. Thanks a lot, Jpassion and Sang!
Francisco Jesus Gonzalez Spain  
Gert-Jan den Besten Netherlands This course offers a thorough introduction to Spring 3. I followed this course to gain Spring knowledge before diving into Spring Roo.
HAN TRUONG Vietnam It's very useful course and it helps me understand more about Spring Framework.
Krzysztof Kachel Poland Super awesome course :)
Marcin Sztec Poland This course really helped me learn the spring framework. However some of the Spring parts need to be updated. And homeworks could be a little bit more difficult
Roy Sarango Ecuador Thanks for sharing this!


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Madhavi Yeduguri U.S.A Nice Course
Michal Škrdla Czech  
Sławomir Turlej Poland  
Timothy Robert Puchala British  

Session #2 (January - June 2012)

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Joel C. Lim United States  
Jonathan Andrés Bayón Spain  
Niranjan Deshpande India Spring ROO is such an exciting feature, why is it ranked so low in the course study? Anyway, thanks a lot for the material, they help me a lot.
Petr Martinak Czech Republic  
Todd A. Johnston United States Of America Great course!! Been really wanting to learn more about Spring. Material was very informative; certainly learned a lot and eager for more!
Waqas Ashraf Australia, Pakistan Great course, excellent content. Would recommend it to anyone specializing in advanced Java, JEE, Spring and Web Technologies.

Session #1

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Adetola Ademiju    
Anthony Chung Kwan Lam Hong Kong Great course. I'll recommend this to others
Enrique Gomez Pelechano    
Hiroshi Kubo Japan  
Juan Antonio García Lebrijo    
Michal Roháč    
Ronald Tischliar Germany  
Shimin Hubbs    
Uno Carlsson Sweden A long an content rich course that gave a good insight in Spring Framework
Vance Arocho USA This course has provided me with a good overview of the Spring 3 framework.
Yuriy Buy Ukraine Spring 3 is not easy subject, but this course helped me to understand it. I recommend it to others