The certificate is a personal recognition from Sang Shin that you have successfully and passionately completed the course. It does not have any affiliation with any company, or institution.


Jim Usher Some of the examples were our of date and took a long time to figure out how to get them to work. I would have liked to see an section on OATH. I didn't think the lectures were excellent - but they were real. Instructor did a great job explaining things - model of lecture and lab works for me. I especially like the use of Netbeans for most of the work. Thanks.


NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Stephanie Edgar US Seemed very comprehensive!


NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Bruno Rodrigues Franco Brazil This course was divided in a very smart way, and that makes easier for the students to learn the important concepts. Thank you.
Ewa Jozefczuk Poland  
Marius Petan Romania This course helped me learn web services and gave me a good knowledge on xml technologies. Thank you!
Stepan Severin Finland Course was an express train to the modern technology state of web services and seen as must for everyone how want not only read the manuals and books, but make some demos by hand for better learning process. A lot of useful and practice information creating a good ground for starting in web service development. Thanks a lot!


NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Ariel Alcocer Bolivia  
Luis Manuel Jaimes Lorenzo México Thanks to jpassion team for this awesome course...
Yuriy Buy Ukraine Thanks for Sang Shin. This course good start point for learning WebServices. The content, documentation coverage is great.


NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Ahmad Al-Qaoud    
Alaa Abu Al-Haj    
Amer Al-Amayreh    
Amer Sabah    
Ayman Abu-Aisheh    
Bashar Fara'neh    
Donghan Chung Korea  
Slavy Popov Bulgaria Thanks Sang Shin. The course includes very interesting and helpful topics. I enjoyed every of them.
Sławomir Turlej Poland  
Timothy Robert Puchala British  
Usama Lutufalla    

Session #8

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Anjani Kumar Vutukuru India  
Gideon Snyman South Africa This course was very good. For understanding webservices in Java!
Joe Bertoli Pimentel Brazil  
Luis Torres Colombia  
Rene Enriquez Ecuador Great course

Session #7 (Summer 2010)

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Anthony C.K. Lam Hong Kong  
Décio Delany Rodrigues da Silva Angola Thank you Sang Shin for the great course! I am now having a better understanding of the changing world of web services! I will come back for another course.
Douglas Lewis USA Another great course from Java Passion.
Hiroshi Kubo Japan This course was very tough for me, but I enjoyed it.Thanks for the persistent efforts provided by Michèle to help me.
Jo Ann de Leon Philippines  
John Elfering USA Thank you for this hands-on class to prepare me for the SCDJWS certification.
Kathleen Pendracky United States Another fantastic course, as usual! So much to cover but everything was presented very clearly.
Madhavi Yeduguri U.S. Good Course
Marius Petan Romania Really enjoyed this course. The hands on are very helpfull. Looking forward to the other courses from Thank you Sang Shin and Michele Garouche.
Moria Shebsovich USA It was a very extensive class! I've earned a lot of knowledge on Web Services. Thanks a lot!!
Nicholas Tortello United States Thanks for this excellent course.
Nimrod Gal-Oz Israel Another great course. I learned allot.
Sowmya Shetty India Thanks to Sang and his team. This is one of my best course to update my basic technical skills, Sang has provided a excellent Lab Exercise, I enjoyed doing those.
Vaishali Dighe USA  
william bismuth France  
Yvonne Kinsey USA Good, highly challenging course. Glad I have more understanding of Web Services.


Session #6 (Summer 2009)

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Ajit Engineer USA This a free course taught by a java champion. It covers lots of topics in theory as well as practical exercise material all well explained and easy to follow.
André Vink The Netherlands This course is great for leaning by doing. The presentations focus at the core knowledge and one does not get buried into details. I recommend this course to everybody who wants to know more of web services. Sang Shin, thank you very much
Andrei Maksimov Russia(Moscow) Excelent cource for everyone. Everybody could find here very usefull and practical information. Thanks to Sang Shin for his attention and advices!
Bambang Sadikin Indonesia Excellent class, i keep coming in to refresh and sharpen my skills, bravo Mr Sang Shin and Sun
Bhama Sridharan India I really enjoyed this course. I look forward to taking many more courses.
Darryl Wadsworth Canada Thank you for this excellent course; it has been a great experience!  It covers many useful topics with good examples and gives hands-on experience working with current web technologies.  I really enjoyed it!
Diego Antonio Moreira Argentina And there is still a lot to learn, thanks for this course.
Farag Zakaria Safy Saad Fayoum - Egypt Powerful online course for java webservices an xml. I will continue to take all javapassion courses. Great thanks for Mr.Sang.
Ghulam Muhiuddin Pakistan Sang Shin, Korea, Great Course
Jorge Salvo Spain Great course.  It put me up to speed on Web Services again.  Also I learnt how to use some of the NetBeans XML tools in the Labs.  Thank you!
Kishore Majeti USA Course work has good coverage on the topic, easy to follow, good participation of members and your timely help on questions. Definitely this course helps us improve skills and leverage this knowledge in our projects.
Kenneth Rubin USA This course was a very useful hands on course for Web Service Programming.  You have helped alot of people with your classes and are tops as an educator and a technologist. I applaud your efforts and your understanding of what it takes to teach others, professor !
Kollurani Pandian India Thanks Sang and his team with passion.
Lavani Aleem Khan Indian This course is very great and I am very confident in webservices. I had impression that webservices is difficult but after this course I feel like even webservices are very simple. Thanks Sang Shin. Looking forward for SOA programming now.
Marcin Marczak Poland This was my first course here but I'll definitely sign up for more. Your great labs with exercises allowed me to learn many things by examples - and that's a very good way of learning. Thank you, Sang Shin!
Miguel Iniesta Spain Thank you very much.
Purnitaj Koppisetty Indian This a excellent course to understand the concepts of Webservice and get hands on lab .I thank Sang Shin for taking his time to offer the course in a organised manner and preparing the material.
Rajasekhar Pentakota INDIAN This is excellent.I didn't find any other course which explains about latest updates in the Web services. I would like to thank heartfully. I learnt the value of giving. Hats off to your contribution.
Roger Goessens Belgium  
Ruben Plaza Ramos Spain Very completed and usefull online course. Its a perfect way to be introduced in the world of webservices. Thanks you.
Uday Kumar Maddigatla India-Hyderabad Rocking course and learnt a lot.Basic step to learn the java webservices.
Vonnie Kinsey USA It was a great course, even with my snags.  I did learn a lot.  Know I will use it.  Am looking forward to start it up on again of the next course offer.


Session #5 (Spring 2009)

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Andriy Dubovyk Canada  
Bin Qiang USA This is a great online course that easy to follow and learn. It's amazing that so many topics are covered in this course. Excellent work!
Cynthia Knox United States Thank you Sang Shin for offering this course. You certainly do have Passion for Java! I thoroughly enjoyed the course.  There are a lot of very good, detailed examples that really drove home the lessons. I learn best when I can work through the examples and assignments. I will come back for another course, and I will also be referring back to the examples and links in the future. Thanks again, sincerely!
Douglas Gardim Brazil Very interesting and comprehensive overview of the subject. Thank you!
Eliel Herrera Gress Mexico This was useful for me that give me an important knowlegde about SOA & WebService, this course was excellent, thanks for your time and to share this tutorial with many other people around the world. THANKS A LOT    !!!!!!
Gde Rai Adi Anak Agung Indonesia The course broadened my knowledge in web service as well as in SOA. The theory and exercise material were all well explained and easy to follow. Thanks a lot Mr. Sang Shing for the time and dedication
Joe Miao P.R.China Mr. Shin, thank you very much for offering this great course online. I appreciate your time and efforts. Go Passion.
Leonardo Campanale Italy A great learning-by-doyng experience. I would describe it with the "passionate" words of Leonardo da Vinci: "I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do.
Marcos Romeiro Hryniewicz Brazil This course has been great and very useful to me because besides keeping me up to date with Web Services and SOA related technologies, I could study, review the lessons and do the homework any time I wanted, and also be able to exchange e-mails with "java passionates" from almost all around the world. I would like to congratulate and thank Sang Shin for this!
Qingran Li China Thanks for you to privide a so helpful course.
Ravikanth Krovvidy India Thanks so much for introducing such a complex course in a well organized way. You are truly a java champion!!!!!!!
Robert Antonius Henru Indonesia This course really helps in compiling all the SOA-related technology and put them into a step-by-step approach. It doesn't cover all, but it covers the essential where you can research more. Thank you Sang Shin! That's very much helpful!
Robert Corrigan USA Excellent course.  The material is presented in a logical fashion, with each module building on the last in a cumulative fashion.  Mr. Shin takes the student from first principles (e.g. what is XML?) all they way to some very cool emerging technologies such as BPEL and IEP.  I was able to use the knowledge almost immediately in my day job.  In addition to being a web services course, it also serves as a grand tour and tutorial of the Glassfish tooling in NetBeans.  I had created some basic web services for JBoss-WS with Eclipse and was impressed by how much more polished and user friendly the Sun IDE is. The course was paced appropriately--the two week breaks are necessary as there is quite a bit of coursework.  It will take as long as Mr. Shin tells you to get to the end of the course.  I would advise not racing too far ahead in any case as the later homeworks may not be posted until a couple of weeks before the scheduled module. The only thing I would point out that may help future sessions is that many of the samples are hard-coded to interact with port 8080.  I'm not sure if I'm unique but my out-of-the-box Glassfish server used port 13563 instead.  On occasion, especially in homeworks where the WS-monitor XML sniffer was involved, this required some onerous digging to find and change all the port references. Thanks, Mr. Shin.  I'll definitely be signing up for another course.
Sushant Verma Indian This course has been great because of the wide coverage of the topics and practical approach of learning. Lab session and home-works gives you great practical knowledge and it was truly a great experience for me. Thank you so much Sang Shin for your great work!!!
Tarusina Liudmila Ukraine The only one of its kind. It is plan of action in the world of WebServices.
Todd A. Johnston USA I would like to thank Sang for providing a valuable resource to the Java Community !  The course covered a wide range of topics that provided me with a pragmatic approach to learning Web Services and associated technologies.  As a software professional, I feel equipped with the knowledge to take on developing SOA applications at a level beneficial to the organizations I work with.  To some it up, JavaPassion ROCKS !! - Thanks
Vidyalakshmi Ramanathan India Highly organized course contents and lab exercises/homeworks are the fascinating part of this course. It takes real hard work and effort to give some thing like this. Thank You, Sang.
Vytenis Bivainis Lithuania This course covers a lot of topics. It mostly gives an overview of technologies and existing Java libraries related to web services (which is very useful), but it's impossible to learn to use them in a few months. The exercises are very easy and do not require much knowledge. My computer is old and slow, so using NetBeans was hard, as most of the time I had to wait and not to work.Thanks for the course, it was very useful. You must be very industrious to prepare such a course, and to prepare such amount of courses.


Session #4 (Summer 2008)

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Ales Bednarik Czech Republic Thank you for this complex introduction to the web service technology. I have enjoyed every lab.
Anil Gogia Indian  The whole course provides real and practical approach of learning and interactive which makes person confident about all the knowledge s/he gained in the course and can apply in ongoing future and present project.One word is Worth and Marveloous. Thanks
ANTONIO GIORGI ITALY This was my second course here. It was extremly interesting and I will use soon these new knowledges. I'm ready for the next course!
Barbara Regan United States I learned a lot from this course.  Thank you.
Charles Simms UK A very good course, covers a good range of material, all important component of SOA. The labs are very good and make an essential part of the course, I would recommend this course to anybody interested in wanting to learn about SOA
Derlon Aliendres Brasil It has a great content, in a affair very important within an globalized enviroment we get, where the B2B demands increase each time!
Donato Grassi Italy I found the arguments treated in this course very topycal in the big landscape of web applications. I want to thank a lot Sang and his coworkers for the competency and professionality they voluntarily put in the course.
Dov TSAL SELA Israel Thank you Sang for your time and dedication, this is not the first of your courses I took, and for sure not the last!
Drausio G. Santos Brazil The course was very good . Up-to-date topics .  Interesting presentations  and  good exercises. Congratulations Sang Shin.
Hemant Rastogi India Thanks Mr. Sang Shin! I have learned lot about the web services and associated technologies along with currents trends in open source programming through your course.
Jialiang Lu U.S.A. "This is a very good course for learning WebService!"
Juan Felipe Maillane Tabares Colombia Great Course, thanks to mr. Sang Shin
Juan Jose Rider Jimenez Spain "Thank you... for the passion"
Marcos André Pisching Brazil Congratulations. Certainly this course is an excellent initiative because its offer opportunities for learning, knowledge, research, and we make knowledgement about tools, technologies and resources that can be used in the development of Web applications. Thanks a lot.
Mark Zhu USA Thank you for this wonderful on-line course. It is a good opportunity for beginners to acquire a lot new technology and improve the knowledge within your center location.
May Zhou USA Good course, good experience.
Pawel Zieba Poland A great course, a nice introduction of web-services.
Rudy Meyer United States This was a very informative course and provided insight to technologies that are very important within todays workplace.
Sankar SV Indian Thank You Mr.Sang Shin 1000 times!!! Topics and Schedule of this course welcomes newcomers with red carpet. Duration mentioned against each topics prepared me psychologically to go for this course. Topics are extensive and number of resources are available to enhance the knowledge. Homeworks are explained with clues and makes our life easier. Class alias is an excellent place to share ideas, seek help, clarify doubts. Everything is explained with PASSION. This inspires, motivates any java guy. Simply superb course!!!
SERGIO ILARRI SPAIN Very interesting material! Congrats for the course!
Sijtsche Smeman Netherlands This course provides a good overview of SOA and webservice technology. It was a pity that not all labs were completely without errors, but not everything can be perfect. Thanks you very much for the possibility to follow this course for free in this way, I learned a lot.
Steve Thein USA It's a very good course. The lab exercises are precise and easy to follow. I am looking forward to attend another class
Suryazi Samiullah Khan Indian Long live JavaPassion
Susana Chavez Argentina Ha sido un curso fantastico para mi. Me ha permitido introducirme en el tema de una manera muy practica. Ademas, es genial tener la posibilidad de completar el curso de manera "on line". Muchas Gracias.
Tong Huang USA This course is great. I learned a lot from it.
Varma Padmaraju USA The course material is awesome and it was a great learning experience. Thank you Sang for putting the great efforts to educate the java community. I would say we need the follow up advanced course to cover more on SOA concepts and teach about how to create and use the reusable components.
Walter Mangra Canada Thanks Sang Shin for providing us with this wonderful forum to explore WS and SOA.  The use of tools is important; so be assured there are going to be lots of opportunity for hands-on.
Wasif Tanveer Pakistan I won't say much but would like to say that during this course i have learnt alot have clarified very basic and high level concepts that were unclear. This course clears the confusion about hose topics. Not only development but also many other technical information has been learnt during the lab works and homeworks which is really a great thing about this course. Though there was some problem regarding the slides and with the sequence of topics within the slides that required a bit of extra time and effort but in the end it was a course worth while doing effort on it. and I would like to thanks Sang for intrucing this course and my fellows who told me about this course as well


Session #3 (Spring 2008)

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Adebiyi Kuseju Nigerian I have taken part in a number of courses offered by Mr Shin, and I want to say I am very impressed. For those who are looking for introduction to some of the java related technologies, I strongly recommend his courses.
Aguedo Hernandez Venezuela Excellent introduction to the Web Services world!! This is the second Sang Shin's online course that I take and, once again, I have to say that it was a great learning experience. Thanks a lot to Sang Shin and his group.
Álvaro Velasco Fernández Spain This course has been useful to know a bit deeper about the web service world.
Andrea Maietta Italy I would like to thank mr. Shin very much for his wonderful job: this course presents a lof of high quality material and gives you a very good idea of web services and related technologies. Moreover, you can find a huge collection of focused references to other material. Highly recommended.
Anup Francis Indian This is one of the most awesome courses I have taken in java. I am so impressed with the teaching methodology being used that I have become hooked on two other courses, ajax and j2ee programming with passion!... Way to go, Sang Shin...
Borut Korosin Slovenia This was a nice introduction to many technologies connected with web services.
Carlos Tejo Spain I really enjoyed the course. It has a lot of information and the feedback provided for all the participants was great. I guess that I will repeat another course of Javapassion. One thing that maybe would change: homework could be more difficult
César Vargas Argentina Hi Sang, The course was very interesting and this made me grow professionally. Thank you for the effort and time spent at this time.
Christopher J. Baldoza Philippines This was another great course. I found this very useful in building my web service competence. Thanks Mr. Sang Shin! Program with PASSION !!!
Constantin Drabo Burkina Faso Never be so excited to take course such Webservice code camp !
Daniel Calderón Mexico Ths is a great course because is the only place I've found on the internet that doesn't only teach you about the concepts of the technologies of interest, but also it saves you the hard time of figuring out the necesary back-ground of technologies necesary to understand it. It's also very valuable the real-life orientation of the presentations, and the focus on undertandig the technologies more than learn its API. Thank you very much Shang Shig for this free-course. I kind of feel like in debt.
Edras Pacola Brazil Great course. Not even a nice introduction of web-services but explains the background knowledge and give us extra information in each class about this technology.
Elsbeth Hartmann Germany Thank you for this course. I learned a lot of interesting and new things.
Glen Mazza United States Thanks for the great course, Sang!
Iván Yáñez Marquina Spain Thank you very much for having found the time to gather so many different aspects related to such a recent technology as the WebServices, and for having made them available in a course like this. This has allowed anyone with almost no knowledge of them, to build up the skills from scratch so as to be finally able to understand smart ways of development. Congratulations for it!
Iveen Duarte Guatemala This has been a great experience, I have learned a lot about Web Services which are becoming a trend in current application development.
Jerome Roberts USA I have learned an enormous amount about Web Services and the new NetBeans 6.0 by taking this course.  Thank you so much for you time and providing such a great opportunity.
Jesús García Sáez Spain This course has been great!. ps: REST is really cool!
Joanne Mao USA This is a great course and I truly appreciate your efforts in the course. Meanwhile, I feel that the samples are too basic-level. If we can somehow have more advanced level of samples or homeworks, then we can understand more deeply about the knowlege points and thereby benefit more from the course. But again, this is a truly good and helpful course.
John Darby USA I wanted to learn how to build Web Services and use them outside of ICAN. I think I 'm beginning to understand.  I need to learn more about using Ant and why we build Web Services from scratch.
Juan Angel Vanrell Argentina I really like this course, I think every java programer must work in it.
Karssen Simon Belgium This course offers a lot of information about the current web services technology. If you are interrested in this subject and don’t mind to do some further reading, experimentation and being persistence, this course is made for you.
Luca Oddi Italy Javapassion is a real opportunity for beginners to acquire a new technology and for professionals to improve their knowledge.
Manuel Pérez Vega Argentina This is a great course because you can learn how to do a web service in a very easy way, olso you can test it, as well.
Michal Holečka Slovak Republic Well Sang , gread idea to provide such course. I appreciate your hard work for us newbies.  This course gave me good overview about web services but it needs to be more stable in terms of NetBeans bugs/ problems with versions and such.  Thanks.
Michael Phoenix USA I definitely learned a lot from this class. My one criticism is that some of the topics seem to be concerned with technologies that are not very mature and these "bleeding edge" technologies tend to be difficult to work with and not very stable. Focusing on getting more in-depth with widely-accepted technologies would probably be more useful for those getting started with Web Services.
Nuno Oliveira Portugal Thank you for this fantastic course.
Peter Gelderbloem UK/South Africa This course gave me a nice overview and a practical understanding of the vast area that is Web Services
Peter Schönhofen Hungary Many thanks for this great course which provided a hands-on experience with the most current web technologies
Roger Kang Ren United States of America Ths is a great course because I have learned a lot of knowledge from it such as  XML Schema , XSLT, WSDL ans JAX-WS, etc. There are many good labs and presentations which you spent your much time to prepare. I should thank you very much for your a lot of hard work. God bless you !
Rudi Gruteke Netherlands The course was interesting as an introduction to the web services area. The course is only a start, it will cost much more time to really explore this subject of web services. The course is also very usefull, because we really want to implement it in our work, though we need more information about Java and .NET interoperability and the possibility to transfer bulkdata (files like Word, PDF and CAD files with large size) using a web service. Thanks for your course and effort
Sean Strand Cork County Cork Ireland This is a great course because it is most beneficial in the never ending process of learning, within the area of communications and also with a far greater reference to the use and understanding of Java, as working within NetBeans 6.0.
Tim Leonard USA This is a good course covering a wide array of topics related to Web Services.  The technology is in a state of continuous change and Sang has done a good job in providing both lecture and lab materials.  Thanks for all your efforts, Sang. I have a suggestion for future iterations of the course.  You spent a fair amount of time on XML, but I feel that the uses of the SOAP protocol need more time.  I found that the tutorials on WSDL and various sources you cited were invaluable in understanding the underlying use of SOAP.  I suggest that you rely on these tutorials to augment and reinforce the concepts of your slides and the labs – perhaps adding the tutorials as sections in the lab.
Vladimiras Makarovas Lithuania Great job, Sang! Your course provides a precise map for further learning.
Wing Kee Kan Hong Kong Thanks for Sang Shin's comprehensive, up-to-date and coherent course design and resources, I have gained enough basic knowledge to continue my quest on Web Services in the shortest time possible. Picking up skills on Netbeans and Glassfish is a bonus.
Xianglei Dai People's Republic of China Thank you Sang for the great course! I am now having a better understanding of the changing world of web services! Thank you!
Yury Bubnov Russia This course is a goot start point to learn WebServises.