If your email with homework attachment is not bounced back, please assume we received it.  The scheme has been working for us for several years without a problem.
Yes,  you can submit homework in any order you want. In other words, the order of your homework submission does not have to follow the order of the topics.
Yes, you can resubmit a homework.
Each course has a Google group email alias, through which you can post your questions. You have to join the alias first before posting questions. The instruction on how to join the aliases is at the top of each course's page.)  Community members including JPassion.com technical staff will try to answer the questions as best they can.

  • Homework is designed such that you know you have done your work or not.   In other words, you should not submit homework unless the work is done.  If there is a vagueness in the homework description, please post it to the class alias so that it can be discussed and corrected by the instructors.
  • Unless it is an extremely unusual case, you will not get an individual response from the instructors indicating the quality of your individual homework.  Instead, you will receive an auto-generated email message indicating that your homework has been sucessfully received.
  • If you have any technical questions, please post them to the class email alias. (Joining class email alias is really simple.  It is just a matter of sending a blank email to the subscription email alias, which is specified in the webpage of each course.)

  • If you submitted all homeworks for a course, you will be given a certificate, a PDF file.
  • The certificate has no affiliation with any colleges, educational institution, company.  Instead, it is just my personal recognition that you have done your share of work, thus successfully finished the course.
  • You will be noted as "Graduates of the course"in the class website.

"Where to", "what files", and "how" to submit homework are described at the end of each hands-on lab.  For example, for the class of "Web Application Structure" topic of Java EE programming course, homework is specified at the end of hands-on lab of the same topic.