RSpec I

RSpec I: Topics 

  • Rails testing related tools 
  • What is and Why RSpec? 
  • Installing and running RSpec 
  • RSpec vocabulary 
  • Subject

Model testing with RSpec The advanced topics will be covered in “RSpec II”.

Rails Testing Related Tools 

  • Testing frameworks – DSL's for writing tests 
    • RSpec (most popular), Cucumber, Test::Unit (currently comes with Rails)
  • Web acceptance testing (integration testing) – simulating (or driving) browsers with methods for executing common actions, interacting with DOM 
    • Capybara, Webrat 
  • Providing test data 
    • FactoryGirl, Fixtures (currently comes with Rails) 
    • Faker – used to generate real-life-like user data 
  • Convenience tools 
    • Spork: Starts Rails app once thus saving time 
    • Guard: Run tests when files are changed

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