Spring Batch


  • What is and Why Spring Batch? 
  • Spring Batch Architecture 
  • Running a Job 
  • Configuring a Step
  • Built-in ItemReaders and ItemWriters

What is and Why Spring Batch?

Motivation for Batch Processing 

  • Many applications within an enterprise require bulk processing to perform business operations that include automated, complex processing of large volumes of information that is most efficiently processed without user interaction 
  • Examples 
    • Time based events (e.g. month-end calculations, sending notices or correspondence on monthly basis) 
    • Periodic application of complex business rules processed repetitively across very large data sets (e.g. insurance benefit determination or rate adjustments) 
    • Integration of information that is received from internal and external systems that typically requires formatting, validation and processing in a transactional manner into the system of record

What is Spring Batch? 

  • Lightweight, comprehensive batch framework designed to enable the development of robust batch applications 
  • Built upon the design principles of Spring framework 
    • POJO-based development approach 
    • Ease of development 
  • Provides reusable functions that are essential in processing large volumes of records, including 
    • logging/tracing 
    • transaction management 
    • job processing statistics 
    • job restart, skip 
    • resource management

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