Spring JMS


  • JMS overview 
  • JMS support in Spring 
  • Sending and receiving messages synchronously 
  • Sending and receiving messages asynchronously 
  • Message conversion 
  • Transaction

JMS Overview

What is JMS? 

  • A specification that describes a common way for Java programs to create, send, receive and read messages 
  • Handles 
    • Loosely coupled communication between JMS clients (message producer and message consumer) 
    • Asynchronous messaging 
    • Reliable delivery 
  • Outside of the specification 
    • Security services 
    • Management services

Players in a JMS Environment 

  • JMS Clients 
    • Java programs that send and/or receive messages 
    • They are the clients using the services of JMS provider 
  • Messages 
    • TextMessage, MapMessage, ByteMessage, ObjectMessage, etc 
  • Administered Objects 
    • Pre-configured JMS objects created by an admin for the use of JMS clients 
    • ConnectionFactory, Destination (Queue or Topic) 
  • JMS Provider (Messaging server) 
    • Messaging system that implements JMS and administrative functionality 
    • Examples: ActiveMQ, GlassFish Messaging server

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