Spring 4 REST Best Practices


  • Base URI design 
  • Versioning 
  • Paging, Searching, Partial data 
  • Message 
  • Timestamp

URI Design

URL design Recommendations 

  • Use nouns (don't use verbs) 
    • GET: /customers (good) 
    • GET: /getCustomers (bad) 
    • GET: /customers/:id (good) 
    • GET: /customers/retrieve/:id (bad) 
    • POST: /customers/:id (good) 
    • POST: /customers/new (bad)
  • Make it simple – short, easy to use, easy to understand 
    • /customers 
    • /customers/{id} 
    • /customers/{id}/orders 
    • /customers/{id}/orders/{order-id} 
  • User plural than singular 
    • HTTP GET: /customers (good) 
    • HTTP GET: /customer (bad)

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