Spring 4 REST Response Generation


  • Two schemes of generating responses 
    • Creating responses using built-in Entity Provider (Content-handler) 
    • Creating responses using ResponseBuilder 
  • XML content handler via JAXB 
  • JSON content handler 
  • JAXBElement 
  • Creating response for “Create” operation 
    • Set Location response header with the URI of the newly created item 
  • Other built-in Entity Providers

Two Options of Creating a Response 

  • Option #1: Using built-in Entity Provider (Content handler) 
    • Entity providers supply mapping services (marshalling and unmarshalling) between representations such as XML or JSON and their associated Java types 
    • JAX-RS runtime comes with built-in Entity providers for XML 
    • Entity provider (content handler) for JSON is supported by either Jackson or MOXy 
    • Custom entity provider can be plugged in 
  • Option #2: Creating Response object manually 
    • Used when fine-grained control on creating response is needed, for example, setting up custom response headers

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