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Codecamp Testimonials

Why pay $2000 to $4000 per course when you can attend these live, instructor-led (by Sang Shin, founder and chief instructor of and former lead Java technology evangelist from Sun Microsystems), online codecamps practically free?  All you have to do is to become a paying member of is absolutely no gimmick on this pricing. And the quality of the codecamp is guaranteed.  By the way, the course contents of all topics are already there including recordings from previous codecamp so you can take them as self-paced manner at any time if you cannot attend the codecamp in person.




"TDD, and Refactoring part 2" Half-day Codecamp: March 2nd 2017

  1. "Excellent hands on demo on refactoring .. Thanks." (Horace Ho)
  2. "Thanks Sang, for the helpful demostration. I have deeper understanding on TDD practise an refactoring." (Steve Lin)
  3. "Very helpful examples." (Eudris Cabrera)

"Spring REST Programming using JAX-RS" 2-day Codecamp: Feb 27th,28th 2017

  1. "Wonderful hands-on code camp, covers so many Rest Programming topics in detail. I have learned lots of from this class." (Steve Lin)
  2. "Excellent REST with Spring 2 day code-camp. A high speed tour through all the important stuff. Good tutorial material with clear explanations and plenty of relevant hands-on labs. Five star!" (Jonathan Lister)

"Generics, Lambda Programming" 1-day Codecamp: Feb 18th 2017

  1. "It is an excellent course on Java8 lambda. I learn a lot ..Thanks!" (Horace Ho)
  2. "Sang illustrated the core topics of Java Generic and Lambda. It strongly enhances my Java knowledge in detail. Lambda is brand new to me, I learned a lots from this code camp. And it was always a very good experience to watch Sang's demonstration on coding and resolve issues with his help in class. Many thanks to you, Sang!" (Steve Lin)
  3. "Absolutely great.  Excellent cource-contents with v.quick introduction to the concepts. It is the best training and v.much worth for what we pay...." (Jagadeesh Krishnan)
  4. "This is an excellent training course for a Java developer to learn Generics, Lambda, Functional  programming and write better quality code and know why and how. Thanks!" (Tony Mao)
  5. "Rarely do I find a course that's heavy on practice and exactly right on theory. The code camp for Generics and Lambda functions is just such a course.Thank you Mr. Sang Shin!" (Dillan Fernando)
  6. "People spend time watching movies and if they like they go GA GA over the actors, I will have to say and everyone will agree, best way to spend weekend, brilliant movie and fantastic speaker. This is all about PASSION!!" (Shashank Vashista)
  7. "Great work, I've learned a lot. Much better than just reading Java books" (Ki Kwok)
  8. "While very fast, this really helped make functional programming and lambdas clearer.  Thanks!" (Mary Abdill)
  9. "Very informative session on Generics and Lambda. Thanks!" (Pravab Rana)

 "JUnit, Mockito, TDD, Refactoring Java code" 1-day Codecamp: Feb 11th 2017

  1. "Thanks a lot for this amazing interactive codecamp! I hope you have more such codecamps to come. Please subscribe to jpassion if you haven't already!" (Vikram Srinivasan)
  2. "Excellent code-camp!! Strong emphasis on hands-on training with lots of code examples. Code camp was packed with lots of examples and a much better explanation than i have ever received in the past on the subject.  Looking forward to many more code-camps this year" (Rob)
  3. "Excellent presentation on TDD!" (Horace Ho)
  4. "Thanks for your codecamp on TDD, it will help a lot at my work dealing with our code base!" (Etienne Savard)
  5. "This is my first code camp with JPassion, felt it is very useful for TDD using mock objects" (Hussain Mohammed Ashruf)
  6. "This is an excellent training course for TDD development.  Thank you, Sang!" (Tianfu Mao)
  7. "Very usefull, thank you" (Wilfredo Martinez)
  8. "Very very useful codecamp! must create a subscription fee just for live codecamp or any specialized course." (H.)


"Angular 2 Programming" 2-day Codecamp: Jan. 9th, 10th 2017

  1. "Very informative course, gets me well on the way to developing Angular 2 applications.  Typescript really Rocks!" (Todd Johnston)
  2. "I've studied Angular1/2 for the last 6mos. This course was well-done. Like knowing why decisions were made from Angular. Felt I received a firm overall understanding." (Vonnie Kinsey)
  3. "I appreciate the introduction of great tools--editor and web sites, for example--and the use of up-to-date technologies, in this case Angular 2." (Bill Yoder)
  4. "Excellent hands on intro to Angular 2!" (Paul Meixler)
  5. "Excellent presentation and labs exercises on Angular2!" (Horace Ho)

"Java REST Programming" 2-day Codecamp: Nov. 3, 4

  1. "Extremely well to begin with REST concepts and JAX-RS fundamentals Thank you!" (John Koskinaris)
  2. "This class helps build a deep understanding of the JAX-WS and Java REST programming." (Mukesh Kumar)
  3. "The Java REST Programming course is a great code camp.  I learned a lot.  The slides, examples, labs and instruction were excellent." (Maria Vittori)
  4. "Professional presentations with student involvement at each learning." (Vonnie Kinsey)

"Spring 4 MVC" 2-day Codecamp: Sep. 28, 29

  1. "Whenever I've attended Sang's codecamps or his tutorials, I can't appreciate enough the efforts he makes and goes out of his way to explain the details. In today's fast times, it nice to know that you can go to a reliable mentor who can teach you the latest technologies so easily, and who is also very affordable. There are many instructors out there, but Sang stands out for his humility and passion. Thank you Sang for your great service." (Deepak Menzes)
  2. "Sang Shin's course is very useful - it is the quickest way to jump to java world with his wonderful materials! He is the man knows JAVA." (Fred Hu)
  3. "I appreciate the wonderful new insights on SPRING Framework Programming! Looking forward to the next codecamp." (PJT)
  4. "I like this two days code camp, which is concise and cover necessary-to-know of Spring MVC technologies." (Steve Lin)
  5. "Loved the way of explanation and description-code hopping style touching almost all the main topics. Hungry for more." (lalitk)
  6. "The codecamp is going really smooth and the presentations + labs are neat and to the point.Someone with Java experience should start getting a grasp of things quite easily.Thank you again for answering all the questions!The interaction is priceless in comparison to just reading a book" (John Koskinaris)


"Java Design Patterns" 2-day Codecamp: June 8, 9

  1. "Excellent course!  For years I have known how to code Java, but now I have a better idea about why it should be coded certain ways." (Randy Bartholomew)
  2. "This was an awesome codecamp with lots of examples. You made the pattern so easy to understand."(Tebogo Molokomme)
  3. "Thank you so much for the very Informative codecamp Sang!!"(Puja Maheshwari)
  4. "Thank you for the great session!" (lalit k)

"AngularJS Programming" 3-day Codecamp: Feb 11,12,13 2016

  1. "The webinar is very good and complete from beginning to advanced. A complete sample app may be a good sample for seeing actual web development application" (joselito bongco)
  2. "AngularJS codecamp was the wonderful session packed with handson and conceptual knowledge of the technology covering almost all the topics" (lalit k)
  3. "Professor Shin's AngularJS codecamp takes the student through basic constructs and features of the language, culminating in an exquisite animated webpage feturing realife phone devices. Stunningly well presented!" (Paul Tyner)
  4. "I always like attending Mr Shin's code camp. All the jpassion code camps are very detailed, very easy to understand. Exercises after every topic will make your learning more easy and interesting. Sang is very well versed with all the topics. Job well executed !!!!! Jpassion rules :)  (sreenivasulu Arcot)
  5. "I have been waiting to start "Angular" for a long time. Thank you for the jumpstart! I try my best to attend the code camps. I know somehow Sang will motivate! (santhi peyathevar)
  6. "Covers ground well at a good pace. Know AngularJs and it gave me a richer understanding." (Vonnie Kinsey)

"JavaScript and jQuery Programming" 4-day Codecamp: Feb 19,20,21,22 2016

  1. "The codecamp is very informative, interactive and creates an interest in coding by playing around with the lab exercises." (Ace ARK)
  2. "Professor Sang Shin provides an awesome training experience, complete with multimedia support which can be referenced later on for further reinforcement." (Paul Tyner)
  3. "I have already recommended JPassion to friends of mine who are interested in getting started with programming -- the material is very accessible and our instructor is very responsive." (Jarett DeAngelis)
  4. "I'm glad I attended this javascript/jQuery codecamp by JPassion. The broadcast was easy to setup and its quality excellent. Good alternance of theory/exercices, and wonderful pedagogy and support by M. Sang Shin. I'll probably look forward for others codecamps." (Jean, Swizterland)
  5. "Great course.  Gives lots of in-depth explanations." (Mary Abdill)
  6. "Comprehensive." (Vonnie Kinsey)

 "Ruby on Rails Programming" 5-day Codecamp: Nov. 16,17,18,19,20 2015

  1. "The 5-day Ruby on Rails Programming class led by Sang Shin has been great. I have been auditing the class all week thanks to Sang placing a notice on the SF Ruby meetup list and have learned a lot this week. I especially appreciate the 'create code, watch it fail, then flesh it out until it passes' mode of construction, the repetition of commands over the course of several days (after a while it starts to make sense), and the avoidance, for the most part, of using shortcuts so that we could see what' going on at a detailed level. There is a lot of material to pack into only five days, and I feel Sang did an excellent job of doing that while giving just enough time for students to do the exercises along the way. Thanks for this opportunity." (Mark Wieder)
  2. "I just want to say that I've thoroughly enjoyed your way of teaching and wish that more schools would embrace how to teach beginners to code." (N.B)
  3. "Great class i was lost with the install but very full stack i will pay and go the the whole training you know your stuff very rigorus boot camp" (Imhotep al-Basiel)

Testimonials on "Spring Framework Programming" 5-day Codecamp: Sep. 7,8,9,10,11 2015

  1. "Thank you very much Sang. Even though I have used Spring in a few projects, your class always has something new and refreshing!" (Santhi P.)
  2. "Thank for your time... I have learnt  a lot about spring framework just in 5 days!!!" (Rogo P.)
  3. "As a graduate student who has had some basic Spring training, this class was a superb mix of both theory and practice. 10/10" (Joel Kass)
  4. "Inspite of that course was a bit advanced for my programming level. It was explained in easy and clear way with lots of examples and hands on exercise. It kept  me on track most of the time. I peeked a lot of useful information. Mr Sang Shin is a Doctor of Instructors.He know how to explain with passion." (Dmitry)
  5. "Sang Shin makes all the concept supper easy to understand and materials are well structure and easy to follow. ty" (Rehan Siddiqui)
  6. "This is nice to see all the information at one place to  start with a Spring application." (Lokesh Jain)
  7. "The codecamp / course gives a great opportunity for starting development in Spring or refreshing the previous experience and getting familiarization with the features of Spring 4.x." (Yury K.)

Testimonials on "Java 8 Lambda Programming" 1-day Codecamp: Aug. 28th 1 2015

  1. "Excellent class. Thank you" (Carlos Irigoyen)
  2. "I really enjoyed today’s training.  Thank you very much!" (Tony Mao)
  3. "Superb overview of lamda expressions and very clear examples. Highly recommended." (Joel Kass)
  4. "Sang was very helpful and answered all questions without hesitation. He did a wonderful job explaining concepts clearly and was easy to follow. I look forward to more codecamps in the future." (Robert Mapes)
  5. "Sang, Thank you very much for teaching Java 8 key features in a day ! I always count on JPassion for catching up or starting over :)" (Santhi)
  6. "I just wanted to say thanks for the nicely organised training, I enjoyed it!" (Petros.Pissias)


Testimonials on "Java Programming" 4-day Codecamp: Aug. 24,25,26,27 1 2015

  1. "I had attended the 4 day training program on Java. The course agenda was clear and the presentations were easy to understand even for a novice in programming. Concepts were clearly explained with adequate hands on exercises. Above all as the name suggests "jpassion",Sang Shin teaches with so much passion, even if we could imbibe a quarter of it, we would be good programmers. Looking forward for many more." (Rajesh.V from Bangalore)
  2. "This was a superb class, fully stocked with examples and a good selection of source code explanation. High recommended." (Joel Kass)
  3. "Thanks again Sir for a wonderful course." (S.J.)
  4. "Thank you for the wonderful class. You explained everything in detail and was very easy to understand." (Karthika Mani)
  5. "Excellent class. Thank you" (Carlos Irigoyen)
  6. "Thank you! Though the clas was a little fast I felt it was still very good and informative.This is a lot of data in a short session and your presentation is excellent." (Nabil Hussein)
  7. "Its because of your site today i am so good in java." (Mudassar H.)


Testimonial on "AngularJS Programming" 3-day Codecamp: May 26,27 June 1 2015

  1. "This class is a great teaser for someone like me who has read books on Angular before, but who never quite got enough information from the books alone to start using it for real." (David McLure)
  2. "The JPassion Angular training comprehensively covers the Javascript client side framework, to the usual highly professional JPassion standard. The code camp offers with a great mix of lectures, code camps and live discussions on Angular delivered by an expert. Thanks Sang!" (Iain Campbell)
  3. "Really Good!" (Uma Gorti)
  4. "Thanks for wonderful course, Its really good!" (Kalicharan merugula)
  5. "Tried to understand AngularJS with other videos & documents. This is informative and makes it understandable & ready to use it.use" (Vonnie K.)

Testimonial on "Groovy and Grails" 4-day Codecamp: April 14,15,16,17 2015

  1. "Why pay  4-digit $$, as it is said on the site, for courses when you get more out of it with just $139?!  This would be the only bootCamp  on Java technologies if I would ever be asked for recommendation.  Sir Mr. Shin rocks!!" (Hyeontae Kim)
  2. "I had been away for a year or so, but now I am back.  Glad it did because reading a book and trying things on your own is one thing, but the codecamp interaction at is excellent!" (Dave McLure)
  3. "Groovy/Grails codecamp took me from zero to functional in a short period of time." (Ish Bartley)

Testimonial on "Hadoop Programming" 3-day Codecamp: Feb. 17,18,19 2015

  1. "Very useful course with excellent overview of the whole Hadoop ecosystem." (Yury Kulikov)
  2. "Thank you for the thorough coverage of Hadoop and the Cloudera services. The topic is huge with all the different services it offers. Thank you.." (John Sylora)
  3. "Very good session. lot of information to digest. nice job sir." (kalyanarcot)

Testimonial on "Java Performance" 3-day Codecamp: Jan. 19,20,21 2015

  1. "Thank you for helping us with performance tuning our applications. This codecamp was as usual very comprehensive covering a multitude of complicated topics to help us get the best performance for our software applications. Thank you." (John Sylora)
  2. "Sang, thanks very much for teaching in this code camp. I appreciate it." (Steve Lin)
  3. "Thanks a lot. very good presentations." (Dillep Abraham)

Testimonial on "HTML5 Programming" 3-day Codecamp: Dec. 17,18,19 2014

  1. "A lot more than just hands-on HTML5 and CSS3 lectures and labs! Discovered how easy all types of graphics are quickly as well as advanced architecture smart, multi-platform client / server communications are with Web sockets and Web RTC! Fantastic value and easy, hands-on learning curve." (Jim Mason)
  2. "JPASSION html 5 course is a very good course for a wide range of audience. That course includes multiple topics with code samples that developers can use “out of box”. Technical level of instructor is excellent." (Kelman, Yevgeniy)
  3. "With his usual friendly but rigorous style, Sang introduced me to a very innovative technology." (Massimo Manfredino)
  4. "The course was good, very informative – covered a lot of details." (Uma)
  5. "Thanks Sang! Your code camp, as always, was very informative." (Jarrod D)
  6. "Excellent. If you want to know what exceedingly more HTML can do, take this HTML5 course." (Vonnie Kinsey)
  7. "Thank you for the in-depth explanation of so many HTML5 topics. It's amazing how much new material there is in HTML5 to make it more convenient to create rich web applications and to make it a web standard for all browsers." (John Sylora)

Testimonial on "Spring Framework" 5-day Codecamp: Nov. 3,4,5,6,7 2014

  1. "One of the finest and most reasonably priced Java educational sites on the Web. All courses have been well thought out with documentation, labs and unlimited video reviews. Not to mention a support team that responses quickly to questions. I have subscribed to JPassion for the past two years and reference it almost daily." (Steve)
  2. "I have done a lot of J2EE development, and moved to other Enterprise Technology space in recent years. Want to get back to serious development work and needed a refresher. I enjoyed your Spring Boot Camp. It is thorough with documentation,samples and pointers for supporting tool-set. Thank you for enabling continuous learning and also keeping it affordable for everyone." (Santhi Peyathevar)
  3. "Before taking the Spring Framework Programming (with Passion!)  "Training course from, I felt like Spring was too complicated for me to easily understand with out spending weeks implementing multiple spring projects, and banging my head into the wall.   The training was presented covering different parts of Spring, in a way that could be easily understood, and digested.   Each training session ended in a lab where you would extend the functionality of the covered material, thus cementing the material in you mind. After a few days, the stuff I had learned before started to fade, and I worried about how well I had learned the material.   This is one of the best parts of, I could easily go to the training material, and pull down a video recording of the training session, thus it would refresh my memory on the subject, and can be used for a reference guide anytime I approach another part of spring that I was trained on.  (vs in-class training, where you only have your notes to look at on.)   I feel that the spring training was invaluable in my present job, and I look forward to many more training sessions! Thanks so much!!!" (Mike  in Utah)
  4. "Thank you for another great course." (Ulrich Nicolaisen)
  5. "I attended the 5 day spring camp by jpassion. It covered almost all the topics of spring and I find it very useful and informative." (Gangadhar Chadive)
  6. "Thanks Sang! This course has given me a lot to think about." (Jarrod Dieppa)
  7. "Spring course covers begin to intermediate in depth, easy to follow, has links for more study; material contains understandable walk-thrus, good examples shown and provided; instructor clear, knowledgeable, and patient." (Vonnie Kinsey)

Testimonial on "Hadoop Programming" 3-day Codecamp: Oct. 27,28,29, 2014

  1. "Excellent detailed presentations on the vast array of technologies which make up the Hadoop ecosystem. Course was well presented with a balanced mixture of presentations and labs. I will be recommending the company I work for use JPassion for their training. I would thoroughly recommend JPassion courses to anyone who wishes to keep themselves uptodate. Thanks to Sang Shin for his great work - he has definately demonstrated his passion for technology in his delivery of this code camp!" (Iain Campbell)
  2. "Awesome! Thank you very much!" (Yiguang Hu)
  3. "Thank you for the great codecamp. This stimulated me to learn about Hadoop. You reviewed so many topics, it was great to get this overview. They all have unusual names and today you reviewed HBase, sqoop, oozie, and flume. Thanks for taking the time to put all this material together then review it live with us." (John Sylora)
  4. "The JPassion online courses just keeps getting better!" (Ulrich Nicolaisen)
  5. "I really enjoyed this codecamp.. It really gave me a good start and cleared some questions I had before this codecamp. I would like to see more and more codecamps from Sang Shin in the future…" (Venkat Kondarapu)
  6. "Thank your for the codecamp! It was very useful!" (Gagnadhar Chadive)
  7. "I enjoyed ths course and I am already feeling more confident in playing with Big Data ;-) thanks!" (Francois-Louis Zannettini)
  8. "Very good!" (Uma Gorti)

Testimonial on "Groovy and Grails" 4-day Codecamp: Aug. 26-29, 2014

  1. "Great course which tackles lots of concepts, each explained with examples in the labs. Basically, it's so well described that you can't get lost through the exercises and you can learn and review the material on your own afterwards. It's quite dense and sometimes fast paced but as I said, you have the material to review everything anytime." (Karim H.)
  2. "The jpassion Grails code camp was the fastest solution to learning how to develop applications in Groovy and Grails. The cost is the lowest anywhere!" (Jim M.)
  3. "SO this"  (Michelle H.)
  4. "Thirty years ago, I was introduced to a similar framework to generate webpages, EasyScreen. It was sold that all apps are the same and it would reduce number IT developers. Center stage comes Grails, which aids for smart apps and smarter developers. Make apps clean, clear, concise code and add intricate updates. Sang Shin brings the students thru the clarity and sophistication of Grails. An intense course starts for beginners and builds Grails experts."  (Vonnie K.)

Testimonial on "Java Programming" 5-day Codecamp: Aug. 11-15, 2014

  1. "JPassion code camps - Fastest, easiest way to build real Java development skills. Perfect for those short on time, money to get what you need at the pace you need. Missing class is not an issue since all material including lectures is available for download. If you submit the homework exercises, you get a course certificate." (Jim M.)
  2. "I enjoy the books by Cay Horstmann such as core Java (volume 1 and 2) and Big Java.. I also like the Udemy classes on Java and Coursera and edX.. However, jPassion gives the direct live interaction with Professor Sang Shin that these other formats of learning don't do. In those other formats you can post a question but they may or may not answer it, and you have to wait for the answer. In jPassion Sang is very open to answering all types of questions even unrelated to the exact topic being discussed!! His material is quite in depth even when it's called Introduction or Beginner etc. It's also a great motivating factor to hear him live and try to wake up early and listen live. Thanks for these great teachings Sang.." (John S.)
  3. "This course was incredible value – and very well done. I find that I need a starter class to begin a new language and the ability to learn from - and interact with – a live Instructor is marvelous." (Martin B.)
  4. "Great codecamp! It helped to understand some of the complex Java programming concepts in depth by interacting instructor that breaks down the complexity and makes it easier to understand."  (Natalya P.)
  5. "This is very good course.  I would recommend to my friends." (Raja S.)
  6. "Very good course. Sang shin (the instructor) makes it very hands on and at the same time is willing to answer all the conceptual questions thus making it overall a very interactive and practical experience" (Gopal)
  7. "thank u very much for sharing your knowledge with us"   (Yashwant K.)

Testimonials on "Ruby on Rails" 5-day Codecamp: July 21-25, 2014

  1. "In 20 years of technical training, the Java Passion courses and online classes in "code camps" are the most productive method to get real quality training on complex technologies ( Java, JEE, Grails, Ruby, Android etc ). Short of just using wikipedia and google, it's also the lowest cost option by far. I've been through and taught many commercial courses from all the large vendors and the training quality and productivity didn't match up to Java Passion education. Can't recommend the value highly enough." (Jim M.)
  2. Thank you very much for the course "Ruby on rails". It is so well organized and has so much materials that gives excellent opportunity for the professional study and good start point for the development. (Yury K.)
  3. "Hello Shin! Thank you for being an excellent Evangelist! I know teachers like you are not easy to find. I appreciate your time, your patience, your ability to make Ruby on Rails interesting online 5-day codecamp. Have a nice day!" (Donatien M.)
  4. "Mr. Shin covered everything on Ruby on Rails. I learned a lot from him. His code camp is very intensive and if you follow every lessons and do lab exercises, you will be in no time , become a professional developer." (Thet H.)
  5. "Thank you for another in-depth session. Your coverage is very technical and allows us to understand the more advanced topics in all these frameworks. Thank you for taking the time to go into depth on these frameworks.. I missed some topics yesterday. When I went to the website to review them they came out great. It downloaded as an mp4 file, very clear. It didn't have the discussion part, and it skipped the time for exercises. But the lecture was fully captured and very clear. It's a great resource to review anytime!! " (John S.)
  6. "The codecamp training has been excellent and it has covered topics in great details. What amazes me the most is the in-depth coverage of topics like routing, configuration and more.  Thank you for you efforts and look forward to many more trainings on cutting edge technologies." (Laxmikant P.)
  7. "The 5-days Ruby and Rails Codecamp was a fast way to learn a popular programming language. This course is intensive and well structured. It helped a lot to learn basics and create big picture. Now I have basics to move forward. It is amazing how much I achieved during these ~30 hours." (Ovidijus A.)
  8. "Awesome codecamp! IMO codecamps are great because you can ask instructor about syntax which helps you better understand and stay focused on the rest of the code samples. Also solving problems we run into during the codecamp helps to understand so much more than going through any tutorials or other learning resources." (Natalya P.)


Testimonials on "Java EE 6  & 7" 4-day Codecamp: May 6-9, 2014

  1. "Awesome course!" (Ulrich N.)
  2. "I want to apply for lifetime membership!!!"  (A. I.)
  3. "The course is very good and instructor is excellent!" (Yevgeniy K.)
  4. "Thank you very much, so much information, but I really learned a lot.  The labs are really great, I'll keep going back to those in the future." (Roger H.)
  5. "Thank you for the seminar. It was a lot of information in few days, so good job. I'm gonna recommend to my friends." (Daniel C.)
  6. "The most useful programming course I have ever attended!" (Omar N. S.)
  7. "These seminars are covering more than just what the topics are. In many cases, the students ask questions and Sang demonstrates how to do something with the IDE or browser that we can use in all of our programming tasks even outside the class. It's a great way to learn!!" (John S.)
  8. "Thank you for running this course. The combination of online tutorials and exercises is very well put together and an excellent way of learning or refreshing a technology. The code camp builds on this: Sang is a great teacher and was very helpful at answering all our questions." (Michael R.)
  9. "Nobody can teach you better Java (JVM) related courses than Sir Sang Shin.  He is a true master." (Asif I.)


Testimonials on "Hibernate, JPA, EJB, JMS" 4-day Codecamp: April 1-4, 2014

  1. "Thank you for the course. I'll review the videos and course material to solidify my understanding. This was a lot of difficult material, but with your patience and presentation efforts I think we can all have some understanding of how to use these programming concepts/tools. Thanks for the great effort and patience with all our questions. You gave great answers to a host of varying questions. All of this will be useful to us as we continue to practice programming enterprise applications." (John S.)
  2. "I really liked the course, it was fast and gave me a quick overview of what is possible even when I was unable to do all homeworks during course which I will finish later. I think Sang is a greate teacher and this course has exceptional labs so you can really practice what you learnt!" (Martin K.)
  3. "Once again a great course. Moved fast and stayed clear. Homework reinforces what we learned. Look forward to using what I learned. Will use materials as a good reference." (Vonnie K.)
  4. "Thanks a lot for all the services from I am glad to be a member of jpassion. I feel that out of all the available online servies, this is the most economical and more interative and more java oriented." (Mohana R.G.)


Testimonials on "Web Services Programming" 5-day Codecamp: Dec. 9-13, 2013

  1. "Just wanted to let you know that I had been trying to learn Web Services through online resources and books available in the market. But the topics were so complex and huge to understand and I barely ever made it through couple of chapters until I took "5-Day Web Services Programming Code Camp". The content and topics were well organized and easy to understand with a lot of hands-on lab work. The recordings are helping me to go back and listen to the parts I missed during the Code Camp. Thank you for your patience in listening and answering to my questions. This was my first JPassion Code Camp and really enjoyed it and grasped good knowledge of Web Services in a short time. I am looking forward to many more Code Camps. I have recommended to my friends." (Prashanthi)
  2. "The "Java web services Code Camp" is very useful. The instructor is great. I love the detailed labs, which include snapshots to ease getting started, and the resources for further reading. The best part is that the instructor moves at a good speed so it doesnt get boring." I would love if the code camps were available in a class room format as well - something akin to a evening certificate course." (Mitali J.)
  3. "The question: what's the best value on this planet for high-quality technical training?  The answer: How can I say that? (1) I'm a paid subscriber to jpassion like anyone else (2) I attended Web services codecamp and downloaded many other courses (3) I have 15 years hands-on Java Web development, infrastructure and architecture support. (4) I've build and delivered similar training courses, content, labs, applications to thousands (5) I've been an IBM certified technology partner on WebFacing.   Why js the best?  (1) High quality well-organized material (documentation, labs) that goes beyond the basics (2)  Excellent code camps deliver full, online, instructor-led classes with hands-on labs (3)  Very high-quality, clear instruction including review of lab materials (4) Instructor answers questions clearly, thoroughly during class (5)  Course completion certificates for students completing all course work (6) Labs are well-built, clear and easy to follow (7)  Course materials are well-maintained for technology updates and changes (8)   Course materials include presentations, hands-on lab exercises with documentation, class videos that can all be downloaded so students can use when and where needed (9)  Courses are well organized so advanced students can move productively through relevant material, labs while new students can work through all materials easily in order (10) Labs were well-organized logically to fit available class time: I could run a lab in minutes. If I needed to build it, I could spend more time where needed after class (11)  While “busy” on other, normal work, I was able to participate as needed online in code camps to upgrade my skills nicely (12)  Courses emphasize standards-based training so students are better prepared to support any vendor platform compared to more expensive, vendor training for a single product (13) Courses provide excellent references for more information on topics if you need it (14) Courses are great preparation for industry-standard certification exams (15)  The best, low cost, flexible training for those looking to build real technical skills" (Jim M.)
  4. "Hi, This was my first JPassion class. Have gained a better understanding of the subject. Thanks for taking the time to be thorough and explaining in detail. Also for making time to respond to all questions asked. Am sure I will be back for more." (A. Kadiyali)
  5. "I wanted to thank you for your time and effort in teaching a course of web services programming! Professional Java APIs for XML has at last given me the chance to learn and implement new skills in the area of markup languages, and to see how my background in technical editing could be well suited to DTD Authoring, in particular." (Donatien M.)
  6. "I have attended the 5-day Web Services Programming code camp. Great course. I highly recommend it." (Anoop M.)
  7. "The Web services course is extremely informative with lots of hands-on coding examples." (Dileep)


Testimonials on "Spring Framework" 5-day Codecamp: Nov. 25-27 Dec. 2-3, 2013

  1. "This has been an amazing class. I work in a Professional Services group and I teach a Development Kit class to our customers. I know the challenges of teaching to developer audiences. You have done an excellent job. You're depth and breadth of the subject matter was most impressive and the quality of the instruction materials is truly superb. I do wish we had a little more time for hands-on lab work, but given the quality of the handouts and the fact the lectures are recorded, I'm happy. Thanks." (Steven K.)
  2. "The "Spring Code Camp" is really helpful.  The instructor has a deep knowledge of the subject.  The presentation and the slides are well prepared. This is my second code-camp class.  I definitely subscribe the code-camp-classes in the future." (Quan M.)
  3. "I just finished the 5 day Spring Framework Code Camp.  Excellent Information, learned a lot that can be used at my current job. The information provided by the instructor is excellent and was able to follow along in a "LIVE" session, going over code even changing the code in my environment to play with the labs provided. Highly suggested to anyone that is beginning Spring Framework." (Andy B.)
  4. "This course covers many, if not all, aspects of Spring, with in depth knowledge from ample material and from Sang Shin and his staff. I've tried to learn from other sources and come up with presentations too brief or too complicated. Make sure to keep full attention to these presentations. Many concepts are presented at a good pace. Sang Shin does pause for thoughts to gel. Do topic prep work for lab unzips, any downloads, installs, etc. Even if you think you can, do not do homework during the presentation segment. This could risk learning from the next building concept. Spring is the best way to assist, to organize, to expose code, to introduce new approaches, and to have structure for better development, testing, revisions, security. Java Developers, at intermediate to advanced levels, should take this course in order to apply these powerful development principles." (Vonnie K.)
  5. "Great course! Taken other courses in the past, which cost a lot more.  This codecamp is a great value!!!  Material was covered in detail with lots of examples." (James B.)
  6. "Thank you for the excellent class.  Lot of information is provided with the class and I need to revisitthis again on own time to digest them.   This is the first time I am taking codecamp class, I felt that I have grasped something from the class unlike other courses which were quite difficult to comprehend." (Krishnan)
  7. "I have been a Web Developer for 10 years, best training for value you will get.  JPassion is how you become a stronger developer." (Mark M.)
  8. "Enterprise programming is a very complex topic.  Especially SPRING is so vast, extensive and difficult to grasp. JPassion courses break this down very nicely while the Code Camps allows us to practice live hands on.  The material is immensely helpful even after the code camps are done.  Thanks to Mr. Sang Shin for making these courses very affordable as well patiently responding to the questions." (Vijay B.)


Testimonials on "JavaScript, jQuery Programming" 4-day Codecamp: Oct. 15-18, 2013

  1. "I was delighted to be able to attend parts of the JavaScript and jQuery code camp.  Although I have a busy work schedule, I was able to follow along with Sang's presentations to learn much more about these two topics than I knew beforehand.  The labs were very useful in providing hands-on coding examples with which we were able to try out numerous programming constructs and techniques.  Although I didn't participate enough to learn some of the more advanced topics, such as Ajax wrappers and JavaScript Inheritance, I have come away with a much better understanding of the tools and coding practices to improve my web application programming. Thanks, Sang, for offering these useful and practical lesson and for answering  our many questions patiently and clearly. " (Bill Y.)
  2. "I have attended Mr.Sang Shin's seminar in person about a year back. He takes the most complex parts of the Javascript and presents it in a easier fashion for everyone to understand. I am glad i am able to attend the code camp and continue enhance my knowledge in the areas of JS, JQuery. The materials provided are top notch. Looking forward to attend future code camps. Thank you for doing this with real passion and immensely helping the folks like us."(Vijay B.)
  3. "I learned so much from your instruction during the four day Javascript/JQuery (+) workshop.  Your method and presentation were excellent.  The amount of material was a bit like drinking from a fire hose, but a good understanding was achieved.  I will revisit the PDFs, Labs and recordings to hone my understanding further. " (Norb W.)
  4. "This course helped me learn JavaScript and JQuery from the ground up. I will use this new knowledge on my next project. Looking forward to the next lesson on Spring MVC." (Andy)
  5. "Blow out great course. I had tried to learned Javascript many years ago, I had such frustration. Make a minor spelling error and could spend days trying to get it to work. This course introduced a wealth of validation check methods. Chrome Development Tools gives the developer all ways to know what is going on. Gave us resource links to super javascript code to include with project. Moved to advanced javascript with servers, jquery, widget. Professional websites are not just for the big corps any more.  Instructor has full knowledge of the subject. I'm so glad the presentations are recorded. I'm going to re-run them and know I will reference lab material years to come." (Vonnie K.)
  6. "I highly recommend taking Sang's code camps. I needed a refresher on Javascript and an introduction to jQuery and this code camp did not disappoint. Needless to say, I got more out of it than just a quick introduction, the code camp covered advance topics enough to point you in the right direction.Looking forward to more code camps of this nature." (Ashwin K.)
  7. " It was a pleasure to attend the live webinar on javascript. The material provided was very good and covered most of the important topics required for a software professional. Also your methodology of giving sufficient time for practicing each concept helps us to internalize what we have learnt. Hope of benefit in future webinars too." (Basheer)


Testimonials on "Ruby on Rails Programming" 4-day Codecamp: Sep. 17-20, 2013

  1. "The Ruby and Rails Codecamp was very informative. I learned many things application techniques that can be used at my current job. High quality code camp instruction, never a lull or dull moment during the code camp." (Andy)
  2. "I would highly recommend the Ruby on Rails bootcamp to anyone with some development experience.  The material is relevant, up to date, and taught at a reasonable pace.  There is opportunity for hands on experimentation, and the labs and walkthroughs make great notes on their own.  After the bootcamp, I feel I have a great basis of knowledge in Rails.  Thanks Sang!" (David O.)
  3. "Even though the Ruby on Rails Codecamp ends midnight (in my time zone) and it was after I had been at work, I felt great during the Camp. And do you know, it was because of Ruby, Rails and Sang presenting them so inspiring! Do not miss this one! ." (Dobri K.)


Testimonials on "HTML5 Programming" 3-day Codecamp: Sep. 3-5, 2013

  1. "Though I am not completely unfamiliar with the high quality courses offered by,  this was the first live code camp I attended. Sang Shin is an instructor with extensive knowledge and a passion for teaching.   This code camp is highly accessible and Sang has the rare ability to explain even complex details , structured  in simple words, and again......  with passion.  Every question gets answered almost instantly. All HTML5 topics are covered, with enough details to get a good  overview.  Since it is all packed in just 3 days, I considered  the time given during the webinar for playing with and studying the code examples in every detail, hardly enough for some topics (WebSocket, 3D/Graphics, WebRTC e.o) .  As always the only way to develop skills and understanding is by practising many hours  afterwards . This course gave me enough confidence to start HTML5 programming, .... with passion,  thanks to" (Peter V.)
  2. "This 3 Day code camp was very hands-on for HTML5 start up for me and you provided the content in clear and understandable way." (Supraja P.)
  3. "I certainly get a lot out of your courses and I am sure many others do too. It is very good value for the money I paid." (Pratap C.)


Testimonials on "Java Programming" 5-day Codecamp: Aug 19-23, 2013

  1. "I have attended the 5-day Java Programming code camp and it has been very helpful. The course content is very detailed including lot of examples and homework for each topic. Sang is very knowledgeable, also very patient in making sure everyone understands the content covered. He goes well and beyond the expectations. After taking the course, I feel confident now to take the Oracle Java Programmer certification exam. I am looking forward for 'Advanced Java Programming' code camp in future. I would definitely recommend jpassion to anyone." (Maheswar V.)
  2. "I am participated in the Java Programming - Learn Java for the first time (beginners) Code Camp and I have to mention that it is very well organized, contains very interesting exercises and home-works, and the way in which Mr. Sang explains everything is very great and effective specially by having the possibility to ask any question do you want.  I am very eager to attend another Code Camps and also to read and learn from all these great materials. I am suggesting this website for everyone, beginners can consider it as an effective station to start from, and the experienced people can use it to review and refresh their knowledge.." (Wahi N.)
  3. "Java Live code camp was really an amazing experience. Instructor is there to answer you questions, it is something not to be missed at any cost, especially the way it has gone through is marvelous." (Chan)
  4. "If you want to understand Java thoroughly, take this course. Clear explanations and lots of meaningful examples." (Vonnie K.)


Testimonials on "Groovy and Grails" 4-day Codecamp: July 23-26, 2013

  1. "The codecamp and your online courses are great. I like the way you have covered more complex areas of Groovy and Grails as well as the basic things. It is much better than a Groovy and Grails course my company sent me on, which costed $3000, and I am learning more from your course." (P.C.)

  2. "I attended the 'Groovy and Grails Programming'. I have wanted to go to codecamps. This did not disappoint. It was highly pack with information and exercises. Asking questions along the way and a support email for individual help. This helped me have Grails as mine." (Vonnie K.)


Testimonials on 2010/2011 Codecamps

"I attended the Spring and Hibernate Code Camp and my experience and learning there has helped me get a very clear and concrete understanding of these frameworks. The camp's blend of lecture and coding sessions was a very effective methodology and the resources Sang put together for the hands-on coding sessions helped us get up-and-running from the first session itself. The practical exercises are very well laid out and the way he directed us on using the tools and technologies very clearly illustrated the core concepts and features of these technologies.

Also, I benefited very much from the "along the sidelines" discussions we had with Sang during the Code camp. Sang's many years of experience in the Java world as a technology evangelist and his immense understanding and knowledge about Java and its related technologies provided me with valuable insights into this domain and helped me address issues and questions that I had encountered during my work and projects with Java technology.."

             -B Pradhan ("Spring framework & Hibernate")

"I've attended the 5-day Spring framework and Hibernate codecamp last week and I never thought it would be such fun. I enjoyed each day of the codecamp.  Sang Shin is highly knowledgeable and takes pain  in explaining difficult concept till we get it.  I highly recommend the codecamp for anyone.  I look forward to taking more codecamps from him."

             -Rajeshwar Parsi ("Spring framework & Hibernate")

"Attending the 5-day Android programming codecamp was a real intensive and rich experience for me. The instructor is a great helper and smooth teacher. The codecamp material, especially the hands on lab are pretty detailed, well organized, very helpful and straight forward for understanding the concept and then exercise them. The course was a huge step for me to get into android development, and I'm glad I've attended the codecamp."

             -Sinar Shebl ("Android Programming")

"Excellent as usual.. Extremely useful and very good material and discussion. Thanks Sang Shin."

             -Ahmed Kamel ("Android Programming")

"First of all, thanks for the amazing training, I'd never reached that level of Android knowledge in this short time. For me, mobile programming is a new field and that was a right start to dig deeper into it. So, thank you again for the 5-day codecamp."

             -Noha Mahmoud ("Android Programming")

"Android codecamp from was a great opportunity to learn a new and popular technology. The course is comprehensive and contains almost everything you need to learn about Android if you are testing on the emulator. This codecamp has taught me a lot of new concepts whether they be related to android or other fields. The experience of learning and taking a course at itself was great and was definitely worth the time and effort. Thank you.

            -Sherin Farid ("Android Programming")

"The course is chock full of practical information, immediately reinforced by thoroughly thought-out exercises.  The instructor is indeed a gifted lecturer, who can patiently and continually reformulate and repackage difficult concepts until the students 'get it'.  I can think of no better value for the training dollar."

             -Cris L. ("Web services and SOA programming")

"I found the course to be extremely informative. The contents are well organized and the labs are a superb learning tool because each step is shown. If you're hoping to get into Web services and/or SOA, this is the course to take."

             -D. F. ("Web services and SOA programming")
              KFLA Public Health

"This is the best resource for learning Java programming.  The material is thorough and well-detailed, yet concise.  The Web Services and SOA Programming bootcamp was a huge springboard in my career as a middleware developer and in my personal persuits in Java development."

             - J. C., Middleware/Java Developer
               Deloitte Consulting

This course is intensive. The material is presented well and the labs are very informative and give a basis from which to start a project. The course is fast paced; wish it had been two weeks for my own comfort."

             - John G. ("Web services and SOA programming")

The 5-day Web Services and SOA code camp was a fun and fast way to learn all about Web Services and SOA. The class lectures and labs were a great preparation for the final day topics of SOA and ESB. Sang Shin answered all of my questions with clear explanations and examples in order to make sure that I was able to understand the presentations. I have a better understanding of Java Web Services and SOA because of the enjoyable and educational discussions that developed from the presentations. The labs for the class reinforced how to implement the material that was presented. Now, I am capable of implementing RESTful web services as well as SOAP based Web Services and BPEL modules that I can use to create composite applications to deploy on an ESB.

             - Jody F., Java Developer ("Web services and SOA programming")
               ProObject Inc.