JAX-RS Basics 2


  • Sub resource locators 
  • Building URIs 
    • UriBuilder, UriInfo classes 
  • Exceptions 
    • WebApplicationException, ExceptionMapper classes 
  • Security 
    • @Context, SecurityContext class 
  • Deployment options 
  • Web app or Java SE app

Sub-Resource Locators

What is Sub-resource locator? 

  • Sub-resource locator is a method 
    • Annotate d with @Path but Not annotated with @GET or @POST 
    • Returns a sub-resource, which itself contains methods with @GET or @POST annotations
  • Sub-resource locators support polymorphism 
    • A sub-resource locator may return different sub-type resource depending on the request (for example a sub-resource locator could return different sub-type resource dependent on the role of the principal that is authenticated).

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