JAX-WS 2.x Basics


  • Quick overview of JAX-WS 
  • JAX-WS programming Model 
    • Layered programming model 
    • Server side 
    • Client side
  • Protocol and transport independence 
  • JAX-WS annotations 
  • Tools 
  • Client catalog file

Quick Overview of JAX-WS 2.0 

  • Simpler way to develop/deploy Web services (compared to JAX-WS 1.0/JAX-RPC 1.0) 
    • Plain Old Java Object (POJO) can be easily exposed as a Web service through annotations 
    • No deployment descriptor is needed (unlike JAX-WS 1.0) 
    • Layered programming model 
  • Java platforms that support JAX-WS 2.0 
    • Java SE 6 version 4 and after 
    • Java EE 5 platforms and after 
  • Built-in data binding via JAXB 2.0 
  • Protocol and transport independence

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