JAXB 2.x


  • Improvements of JAXB 2.x over JAXB 1.x 
  • JAXB 2.x Architecture 
  • Default data type mapping 
  • Java to Schema annotations 
    • @XmlRootElement 
    • @XmlType 
    • @XmlSchemaType 
    • @XmlAttribute 
    • @XmlJavaTypeAdapter

JAXB 2.x Improvements over JAXB 1.x 

  • Support for binding “Java-to-XML Schema”, with the addition of the javax.xml.bind.annotation package to control this binding. 
    • JAXB 1.x specified the mapping of “XML Schema-to-Java”, but not Java-to-XML Schema 
  • Improved implementation 
    • A significant reduction in the number of generated schemaderived classes 
    • Smaller runtime libraries

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