SAX (Simple API for XML)


  • Parsing and Application 
  • SAX Event Model 
  • Error Handling 
  • JAXP 1.1 
  • When to Use SAX T

Parsing and Application 

  • Parsing includes
    • Well-formed’ness checking & Validating (against XML schema) 
    • Reading elements and their values 
  • Application uses parsing for
    • Manipulating (XML document) 
    • Creating (XML document) 
    • Writing and Sending (XML document)

SAX Event Model

SAX Features 

  • Event-driven 
    • You provide event handlers 
  • Fast and lightweight 
    • Document does not have to be entirely in memory 
  • Sequential read access only 
  • One-time access 
  • Does not support modification of document



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