WS-I Basic Profile Overview


  • What is, What is not, Why WS-I?
  • What is a Profile? 
  • WS-I organization 
  • Basic profile

What is, What is not, Why WS-I


“An open industry effort chartered to promote Web Services interoperability across platforms, applications, and programming languages. The organization brings together a diverse community of Web services leaders to respond to customer needs by providing guidance, recommended practices, and supporting resources for developing interoperable Web services.”

WS-I Is Not 

  • Is not a ‘standards’ organization 
    • Doesn’t produce specs for new technology 
    • Profiles existing specifications

Why WS-I? 

  • Challenges for Inter-operability 
    • Each standard deals with a specific problem 
    • Customer solutions utilise multiple standards 
    • Infinite ways to interpret the standards 
    • Customers have multi-vendor environments 
    • Inter-operability a significant challenge

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