WSIT Reliable Messaging

End-to-End Reliability 

  • Before reliable messaging 
    • Reliable protocols based on TCP/IP 
    • Point-to-point 
  • WSIT reliability brings reliability to SOAP layer 
  • Transparent to application 
  • Recover from lost/misordered messages 
  • Works on non-TCP/IP transports

Specifications Used 

  • WS-Reliable Messaging 
  • WS-Reliable Messaging Policy Assertion

WS-Reliable Messaging 

  • Defines a wire-based messaging protocol, with a SOAP binding, to identify, track, and manage the reliable delivery of messaging 
    • The source periodically asks the destination to acknowledge which messages have been arrived 
  • Runtime provides Reliable Messaging Source (RMS) and Reliable Messaging Destination (RMD) 
    • RMS handles the chore of sending and resending 
    • RMD handles the chore of reconstructing the steam of messages

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