6 Mistakes To Avoid While Designing An SEO Oriented Website

6 Mistakes To Avoid While Designing An SEO Oriented Website

Search engines are the major sources of organic traffic. The average web user will consult Google when looking for information on the Woocommerce composite product plugin. This is even more likely if the web user does not know a particular website that has information about eCommerce plugins. Even web users that know websites that provide information about plugins will most likely use Google because Google will provide results faster than surfing through a website.

Using the Woocommerce shop as a customer approach, website operators now optimize their websites to meet the demands of search engines. While some have been successful, others have not been able to increase their SERP rating. Sometimes, low ranking in search results may be because of what you do, not what you did not do. Making mistakes in creating an SEO oriented website can hurt your SERP rating. Here are 6 mistakes to avoid while designing an SEO oriented website.

Not Registering Your Website in an Online Directory

This is a terrible mistake to make, especially when you are creating the website for a business purpose. Submit your website to online directories like Google My Business. Websites listed in directories appear as a compiled result at the top of related web searches. This boosts your SEOand increases the chances of your website getting more traffic. Not doing this will hurt your website's SEO.

Installing Multiple Plugins

This is one mistake web designers often make, especially those who opt for free plugins. Plugins themselves occupy space and installing multiple plugins will affect your website. Another reason for the installation of many plugins is installing multiple plugins for the same purpose. Some web designers are of the opinion that having multiple plugins will cause the website to get multiple benefits of such features. This has not been proven to be true. Instead, it causes your website to lag. This is a myth and a mistake you should avoid for the sake of your website's SEO.

Not Structuring Your Navigation Properly

When designing a SEO oriented website, always place functionality of aesthetics. It should be what works well above what looks well. No matter how beautiful a template looks, it is best to avoid it if it does not offer user friendly navigation. The navigation of your website is crucial for ensuring premium user experience. It will be a terrible thing if users have to scroll all the way to the top of the page to access the Menu button or the Search icon Not structuring the navigation of your website properly can be detrimental to the SEO of your website.

Not Changing Old URL When Redesigning a Website

Web designing may not always involve creating a new website. There are cases where the website design involves revamping an existing website. A number of. Web designers make the. Mistake of just changing the design and leaving it at that. When revamping a website, ensure to revamp the entire website. Avoid leaving the old URL the way it is before the revamp. If possible, also make necessary adjustments to the content of the website after designing it. Doing a one-sided job will be the same as old wine in new wine skin.

Not Incorporating Social Media

Whether you are designing a new website from scratch or revamping an existing website, you should endeavor to incorporate features that will boost your SEO. One of such features are those that enable you or web users share your posts to social media platforms. This particular feature helps boost the SEO of your website and also increases your web traffic. Social media is also a great way to grow an online community and it will be a grave mistake not incorporating social media when designing your SEO orientated website.

Using Outdated SEO Techniques

The essence of search engine optimization is to help web users get answers quickly on the internet. SEO is determined by user behavior and will continue to change as long as people's behavior changes. If the behavior of web users changes to an extent, some of the SEO techniques

mentioned in this piece may as well become redundant. To this effect, always stay up to date with the latest SEO techniques. This will help guide you when designing a SEO oriented website.

Every website on the internet is a SEO oriented website. This is because every website on the internet is created to bring in traffic and SEO increases chances of getting traffic. Whenever you are designing any website, these six mistakes listed above are mistakes you should avoid. More importantly, designing your website to delight web users is arguably the best SEO practice.


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