How AI is transforming the marketing world

The world of commerce is experiencing a revolution. You do not have to get in physical contact with someone to do business with him or her. All you need to do is login to an ecommerce store, order what you want and pay for it. The ecommerce company will give you a period within which it will deliver the item(s) to where you want them.

It is even getting to the point where you can try out a new product you intend to buy via its virtual form. Meaning that you can try out the look, the new sofa will give your sitting room without even bringing it in. With the help of technology, you can simulate your sitting room and place the virtual form of the chair in the position you intend to put it. It is amazing what technology can do for ecommerce and WooCommerce Whatsapp Order. Today however, we will be considering how AI is transforming the marketing world. We will be highlighting the benefits of artificial intelligence to marketing and woocommerce mix and match industry.

AI through automation helps you plan and execute ahead

Marketing is actually a full time job. It is not as easy as most people think it to be. It involves a serious amount of planning and execution. Most often than not, people tend to get the planning aspect correct. For some reason however, the execution aspect becomes a serious problem.

AI through automation helps you plan and execute ahead

This is even more so if you are working on a number of projects simultaneously. Marketing will not forgive you because your schedule is packed. However, AI will ensure marketing does not punish. Through automation, you can now make an assistant out of AI. You can schedule a number of digital activities for it to execute at a later date and time. You do not have to set a reminder about flagging off your email marketing campaign.

It also help you provide better customer services

Artificial intelligence is continuously proving its importance. When marketing, you want to give your prospective customers the impression that you are a supportive enterprise. You will not be able to do that if you are not always available. Truth is, you can almost never be always available. It is almost impossible to be online 24/7. I said almost because it is not very impossible. It does not matter if you went offline, what matters is whether or not your customers will notice your absence. With AI powered chatbots, nobody will observe that you went offline. These bots will respond as if your customers are chatting with a human being.

It helps make informed decisions by analyzing big data for you

This is one major issue of concern for most ecommerce enthusiasts. How do I begin to make meaning from these numbers? You do not have to worry about having to learn about statistics, as artificial intelligence will cover up for you. 

AI helps make informed decisions by analyzing big data for you

It will help you analyze data and simplify it for you. All you need to do is read its interpretation.

It helps market precisely and to the right customers

This is probably the best part of artificial intelligence. You will not have to be making guesses when it comes to marketing. With the analysis and interpretation AI provides you, you can see things much clearer than before. You will be able to identify which marketing channel is bringing results and which is not. You will also identify the group of individuals who are responding the most to a product or service. This way, you will know where to pump in more resources and where to severe ties.

It helps personalize content

I remember talking about AI working as an executive assistant to you. It actually does more than just execute schedules. It executes schedules as perfectly as you want it to do so. If you want to send email newsletter, you can program AI to send personalized newsletters to your different customers or prospects. By personalization, I do not just mean names. I also mean that it will personalize the content. All you need to do is provide it with the relevant information.


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