8 Quick tips For Students to learn programming online

8 Quick tips For Students to learn programming online

How does a computer perform calculations, scan your system, and search the web in a blink of an eye? Well, that’s possible due to something we call “programming”. 

What is programming?

Programming is the act of making programs, software, computer applications, websites, portals, etc. Through programming a service can be attained from the computer. 

From windows to Facebook, from editing software to games all that we see on screen has been developed by a genius with programming skills. 

Our computers are able to work through the programs we feed into them. It’s like instructions you give to your employee so he/she can work as you desire. E.g. Online Steam (Steam is a gaming platform) works with the help of programmers adding, replacing and managing its features. From games to simple alarm apps, it’s the programmers that make it possible.

8 Quick tips to get started

If you want to learn to program online, then here are 8 tips to get started. Regardless of you being a freshman or an experienced pro, it’s always great to learn more than what you already know.

   1. Understand why are you learning programming

Before you start learning anything it's important you know the reason. Whether you want to make games, apps, websites, or operating systems it's important you know what you are aiming for and then consult people in that field to grow. There are people who you can approach online and join groups to get more help. 

With the right mindset, you will know exactly what you want at the end and there will be fewer uncertainties. Choose your path wisely and then start working towards it.

   2. Start from the very basics

As with all skills, it’s important in programming as well that you have a clear understanding of the basic concepts. If you develop problem-solving abilities and know how codes work at the back end then you will find it easier to learn further. 

The beginning is harder for everyone but once you make it through this phase you will develop interest as you go ahead. Don’t skip steps as you will find yourself stuck at many times and won’t know how to get out of it. 

   3. Start with the right language

As a beginner, you should learn a low-level language because it will serve as a great introduction about how programming works in general. C++ is a low–level language that can help you learn how programs work and how it makes your computer carry out a task. 

The language you begin with should be basic enough to help you understand what programming is all about. Check online articles to find the best language for you.

   4. Write code by hand

It sounds funny that you should write programs by hand but it can help you:

  • Remember things better 
  • Generate code from your brain rather than from Google
  • Understand errors better

You won’t get much help about errors as well so that will help you focus more on writing error-free on your own. 

   5. Use online resources

There are many platforms like: 

  • Edx
  • Coursera 
  • Udemy etc. 

You can take courses and learn from teachers at popular universities around the globe. The courses are designed for different levels and many offer certificates that you can show on your CV.

   6. Ask professionals

If you come across a professional working in the same field as you and you feel like you could use a little help then do reach out. Many people who are at the top were once beginners like you so they will be happy to help you out. 

Build your connections, take guidance and explore more people to expand your knowledge. Email them, contribute to codes online and take criticism seriously.

   7. Practice as much as possible

As the saying goes ‘Practice makes Perfect’, this is one of the oldest but useful pieces of advice. Practice as much as you can till you think you can teach it to someone. Learning, practicing, and teaching will greatly help you become a better programmer.

   8. Try to learn from your mistakes

As a programmer you will make countless mistakes, you will run into problems, and will stay stuck for days. That’s natural and is what every programmer goes through. The mistakes are a part of your learning but make sure you know the reason why the issues occurred so it can be avoided and you don’t end up making the same mistake again.


In this article, we learned what programming is, and 8 tips you can follow to learn to program online. These tips are generic and work for everyone but with more research, you will know more ways that work best for you. Keep working hard, stay focused, don’t worry too much, and eventually, you will get there.

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