How Search Engine Algorithms Work: Every Software Engineer Should Know

The question 'how search engine algorithms work' has an ever-changing answer. Most software engineers know the basics of how search engines find new websites. There are algorithms for how a search engine crawls the web and how it ranks a website. Seo companies and software engineers both need to know the importance of understanding how these algorithms work. 

This is not a comprehensive article on the topic, but let's get started about these pesky algorithms.

There are many algorithms

The search result by google follows a collection of algorithms and sub-algorithms that have developed and evolved to solve different problems. With new issues, new algorithms are created. 

Each algorithm has its understanding, architecture, and importance.

Panda algorithm

Panda algorithm was a response to 'content farms'. They are collecting low-quality and thin content websites that exist but give nothing new and unique to the reader. Panda was developed to look in the search index and classify unique content better than the 'content farms'. It also identified 'content farms' and gave them negative ratings. 

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5 Most Important Neuro-Linguistic Programming Techniques Every Programmer Should Learn

What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which is commonly referred to as NLP, is a psychological approach. It involves strategies adopted by successful people of the world to achieve their goals and applies them to people struggling with similar problems. As the name suggests, it is the brain's language that gives you the power of reprogramming human thinking that makes it capable of transforming lives.

Coaches usually use this technique to solve their problems and achieve their set goals effectively. An SEO consultancy also uses it when it reads the mind of Google and helps the website work according to pleasing it. However, neuro-linguistic programming is not a cup of tea for everyone. There are some techniques that a programmer should undoubtedly learn to achieve command on this rather tricky technique.

Listed below are the five most critical neuro-linguistic techniques:

Anchoring Technique

Anchoring is one of the most fundamental techniques of NLP. It is the process of associating a response to a specific trigger so that the answer is quickly re-assessed the next time something similar occurs.

For instance, you may ask your clients to touch their hands when they feel happy. If they make this action their anchor, they will unconsciously touch their hands every time they sense happiness. Similarly, they can associate a sound with feeling confident so that they can feel confident every time they hear something like that. This technique helps you feel alive and establish mental processes even in complex situations. It indeed enables you to stay positive.

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8 Quick tips For Students to learn programming online

How does a computer perform calculations, scan your system, and search the web in a blink of an eye? Well, that’s possible due to something we call “programming”. 

What is programming?

Programming is the act of making programs, software, computer applications, websites, portals, etc. Through programming a service can be attained from the computer. 

From windows to Facebook, from editing software to games all that we see on screen has been developed by a genius with programming skills. 

Our computers are able to work through the programs we feed into them. It’s like instructions you give to your employee so he/she can work as you desire. E.g. Online Steam (Steam is a gaming platform) works with the help of programmers adding, replacing and managing its features. From games to simple alarm apps, it’s the programmers that make it possible.

8 Quick tips to get started

If you want to learn to program online, then here are 8 tips to get started. Regardless of you being a freshman or an experienced pro, it’s always great to learn more than what you already know.

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Blend of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

You are living in the 21st century also known as the digitalized era or the world of technology. It was predicted by previous renowned philosophers that technology would soon take over the world and replace manual labor which is also known as the Artificial Intelligence takeover theory. It states that artificial intelligence would be the most dominant form of intelligence on earth even surpassing human intelligence. This is a real issue and needs to be paid heed to so that AI stays in control and under human intervention and not free from it.  

Artificial Intelligence is an emerging field in the world of today and is paid heed to in the new educational approach known as the STEAM education, which greatly focuses on technology as one of its main focal subjects. 

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science concerned with building brilliant machines equipped for performing errands that normally require human knowledge. It is the undertaking to reproduce or recreate human knowledge in machines. It includes perception and the ability to move and manipulate objects.  

There are three different types of artificial intelligence, namely, 

Artificial narrow intelligence (ANI)  

It is also known as weak AI. Weak AI is objective situated, intended to perform solitary undertakings - for example, facial recognition, voice recognition, driving a vehicle, or looking through the web - and is exceptionally wise at finishing the particular assignment it is customized to do. Narrow AI's machine insight comes from the utilization of natural language processing (NLP) to perform assignments. NLP is apparent in chatbots and comparable AI advances. By getting discourse and text in regular language, AI is modified to communicate with people in a characteristic, customized way.  

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New Accessibility Testing For PC and Xbox by Microsoft

Microsoft has been paying attention to the creation of games for the disabled. Microsoft has taken a step in this direction, ensuring that almost anyone can play games on computers and Xbox. Whether it be some thriller, action, mind games or any other like a mind booster for chess learn and practice, technology has made it more accessible and fun. Developers will currently send their games to evaluate their accessibility and be tested by players with disabilities.

Since the Xbox Tuning Controller launch in 2018, Microsoft claims that it has launched an alternative platform-provided program for evaluating Xbox and computer games and is consistent with Xbox Accessibility Guidelines (XAG).

What do you need to know?

  • Over the years, Xbox has been committed to improving the accessibility of games and formulated the "Xbox Accessibility Guidelines" in 2020. 
  • XAG aims to help game developers consider the accessibility of all players when creating games.
  • One year later, Xbox has made many improvements to XAG to make it more comprehensive and easy to use.
  • Xbox has also launched a new program to help game developers test their Xbox or PC games under XAG and get feedback from members of the game and the disabled community.

Over the past decade, the enthusiasm of developers and gamers for game accessibility has grown exponentially. According to ESA Foundation data, there are nearly 46 million disabled gamers in the United States alone who are playing. It's good to see that game developers are actively looking for resources to guide inclusive game design to ensure that their games are suitable. As the game has evolved from a niche market to the mainstream in the past few decades, it has also been increasingly used by people with disabilities or other considerations. Microsoft aims to make PC and Xbox more inclusive through a new internal testing service that compares games with the newly expanded Xbox accessibility guidelines.

The so-called Microsoft game accessibility testing service is now enabled, and anyone who publishes games on Windows or Xbox platforms can use it.

Microsoft has launched a platform-provided test program to evaluate games based on the accessibility.

Microsoft is expanding its accessibility efforts with a new program for evaluating Xbox and PC games. Today, its game accessibility team announced that developers could send their games to be assessed for accessibility and tested by players with disabilities. The plan was announced along with the Xbox Accessibility Guidelines update released in early 2020.

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