Why WordPress Plugins are the Creative Backbone of WordPress

Why WordPress Plugins are the Creative Backbone of WordPress

As a website developer or designer, you need to know the WordPress plugin. It is crucial in the world of WordPress. In the beginning, developers used their code to develop each web application. As technology advances, developers have adopted a new way to create applications with CMS. As a result, you may find that many developers are trying to create a new plugin to save technology.

For example, suppose you run a company and are looking for a program with auto service. A few years ago, you had to do custom development from scratch. However, building an app with WordPress is now much more comfortable and saves money and time. The most significant benefit of plugins is that they add new functionality to existing ones like WooCommerce product video plugin helps boost the awareness regarding your products and brand.

The world of websites and web development owes a lot to WordPress in general. WordPress alone currently accounts for 29% of the Internet. Also, the market share of WordPress CMS alone exceeds 60%. What do we love about WordPress? Ease of use, open-source community, platform beauty, blog, etc.

If we learn the secret and get down to the micro-level, WordPress plugins could be the answer. In parallel, WordPress plugins are available for various purposes. With over 35,000 plugins and less than 800 million downloads, WordPress is the king of CMS.

WordPress Evolution

WordPress is considered to be the most powerful website. In today's life, WordPress has provided a terrific solution for businesses. For example, the WooCommerce plugin allows visitors to buy a product while sitting at home or elsewhere.

With a large number of plugins, the framework allows for robust use cases. After that, WordPress was created for security and maintenance with version 4.9.1.

Most companies that rely on small and large are forced to choose a CMS. However, creating a website in any CMS was a crucial decision. Because all companies have different functions to perform various tasks like some want to sell their products, and in this case, WooCommerce product video plugin helps them to boost their sales. Therefore, WordPress was introduced as a reliable web application.

WordPress Popularity

One of the reasons WordPress is so popular is the freedom it gives users to add any number of features via plugins. Users can choose from nearly 50,000 plugins that are available for free in the WordPress plugin repository. And that doesn't even mean that you have to consider the free and premium plugins from many third-party vendors.

However, sometimes this breadth poses potential problems. Scams, obsolete plugins; Each of them can give hackers access to your site. To fill these potential gaps, there is a small guide on how you can protect your website by removing WordPress plugin vulnerabilities as much as possible.

What are Plugins?

Plugins are considered an integral part of the code. Adding code will increase your WordPress website's functionality to the utmost based on the functionality of the free theme. Hence, it helps you improve the functionality of your WordPress website. The plugin will make your simple website functional for a specific task.

For example, if you want your site based on free WordPress themes to have features like a calculator, you can add different plugins for the calculation. There are also several plugins to help you create exciting content with a variety of fonts, effects, and explainer videos to advertise their products with the help of the WooCommerce product video plugin.

How actually plugin works?

WordPress plugins are designed in such a way that any developer can adapt them to their needs. The filter option simplifies the work of the plugin. These filters make it easy to add new features to your existing website.

Importance of WordPress Plugins

WordPress is flexible and reliable and allows plugins to improve the functionality of your website. Plug-ins speed up your site or blog. Several plugins are available to protect your code. Some backup plugins allow you to back up your system and project.

Search engine optimization plugins allow you to optimize your code for easy search. You can enhance your brand awareness through the WooCommerce product video plugin. Build an email list of plugins and reach out to anyone with social media. 

There are many things to keep in mind when installing a plugin, such as reviews and ratings, and detailed information about the plugin: total downloads, last update date, and customer support.

WordPress Plugin Vulnerabilities — Stay Safe!

No plugin is 100% secure. However, you can significantly reduce the vulnerability of WordPress plugins by learning how to rate and select high-quality plugins before installing them. Just choose plugins from reputable markets like CodeCanyon, WordPress Plugin Repository, or verified third-party providers.

If you have the resources to support the service, you can install as many plugins as possible. Plugins must be well programmed. A poorly written plugin can cause your site.

The effective change log section indicates that the author manages the plugin and fulfills the needs of the users. There are hundreds of great free WordPress plugins out there. Note, however, that plugins are often more responsive and updated to the latest versions of WordPress.

Update your Plugins

It is recommended that you install plugins only when necessary. Even if you choose the "right" plugins first, you still run the risk of not updating these plugins. So how can you make sure your plugins are always up to date? One way is to find the update icon in your WordPress control panel (see the image above). Another option is to enable automatic updates.

Another great way to be sure is to remove inactive plugins that you no longer want to use. Inactive plugins do not use RAM, bandwidth, or PHP, but they do take up server space.

Fruit for Thought

Adding a plugin to a site created with free WordPress themes does a specific job. These plugins solve the problem quickly. Plugins are great. They help you do good things with WordPress and WooCommerce, one of the great plugins is WooCommerce product video. Plugins are downloaded by most companies with minimal cost and time to publish all content. Therefore, WordPress plugins are considered the backbone of WordPress.

However, sometimes unencrypted or outdated plugins can hack your WordPress site for hackers. By choosing plugins carefully and updating them regularly, you can significantly improve your ability to fall victim to WordPress plugin security holes.


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