The certificate is a personal recognition from Sang Shin that you have successfully and passionately completed the course.  It does not have any affiliation with any company, institution.


Nationality or Country of Origin

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Johannes Amtén Sweden Good course for learning the basics of javascript programming, DOM-manipulation and the jQuery library.
Stepan Severin Finland Thanks much to Sang Shin. It was very needed and helpful course on JavaScript. A lot of material and practical touch gives almost everything devs need to know to jump on any JS project and start working. Definitely must for any JS learner.
Temitope Folayan United States of America This course helped me learn
Valdemar Pacyno Lithuania  
Victor Bruno Dias Ronda Mozambique Such a great course! I was learning javascript, jquery and AJAX for the first time, and immediately felt that developing rich, client-side complex web aplications is within my grasp. Thank you very much.


NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Jarrod Dieppa USA Good course, Thank You!



NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Abhinav K Adduri United States This course helped me learn a lot more about javascript and dynamically changing webpages.
Andy USA This course helped me learn JavaScript and JQuery from the ground up. I will use this new knowledge on my next project. Looking forward to the next lesson on Spring MVC. Thank You.
Bill Nitchie US This course helped to learn more about some of the debugging tools within the browser that helps to understand how a JavaScript application is structured.
Gert-Jan den Besten Netherlands Just the course I needed to brush up my JavaScript and getting my feet wet on jQuery and Dojo.
Marius Petan Canada This course helped me learn jQuery and java script. Thank you so much!
Michael Chandler United States Good course. I'm comfortable with JavaScript, Dojo, and JQuery in addition to the tools available for debugging. I've also gained a good understanding of Ajax and its implementation in the different libraries.



NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Jesse Jaime United States  


Session #7

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Dorothy Rifai United States I took this class to prepare for a work project which uses a lot of JavaScript. I had tried to learn JavaScript on my own by reading books and using Google. I found the course gave me a solid framework, and doing the homework made me learn the web debugging tools in IE, Firefox and Chrome, and honed my debugging skills.
Máirtín Keane Ireland  
Patrick Moniaga Australia Hi Sang Shin, Thanks for the course.
Robert Belina USA This course is very well structured and if you do the labs you will learn a great deal!
Robert Cuyegkeng Canada Great Course! Thanks!

Session #6 (June  7th, 2010 - September 15th, 2010)

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Eliel Herrera Gress Mexico The course was very interesting and help me to understand ajax technology. Thanks a lot.
Luis Martin Hormanstorfer ARGENTINE VERY GOOD COURSE !!!
Raksha Hegde India  
Sunil Gandhi 'New Zealand' Permanent Resident (Born in India)  
Yvonne Kinsey USA Ajax is powerful. This course was wonderful. It helped me understand that power and how to use it. I like that it is artful and transparent. Artful because more can be done on html's. Transparent because of the debugging window, which was a whole lot better than old javascript.

Session #5 (September  7th, 2009 - January 20th, 2010)

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
AJIT ENGINEER USA This is an excellent free online course covering AJAX and Several FrameWorks and ToolKits. I hope Mr. Sang Shin continue offering this as well as other free online Java courses.
David Amend Germany great opportuniy, nice idea of subscription-based service; a version for eclipse made by the community would be great for the future!
Doru Dumitrescu Canada This course is an amazing opportunity to get familiar with AJAX technologies. I appreciate very much the content also the links and exercises. Great job! Looking forward to explore more courses, with Passion!
Douglas G. Allen USA This course helped me greatly in understanding Ajax. The homework was very challenging. Thanks for every ones' effort in creating this free course. Good wishes for the future ones.
Jan Nemec Czech Republic Nice introduction to this technology (or group of technologies) with focus to real usability and java implementation of the server-side part. Thanks.
Jerry Yanhui Zhao Australia I finished this course with PASSION!
Kollurani Pandian India Nice course.Thanks to Sang and his team
Massimo Ferrara Italy Always excellent courses javapassion. This is my fourth certificate. Thanks Mr. Sang Shin
Michèle Garoche France Extremely fun, great thanks for Mr Sang Shin for this opportunity to at least understand JavaScript and Ajax.
Sung Powley Korea / USA This was a GREAT way to get exposure to many different Web technologies at once and how the pieces fit together with Java EE. The course content is definitely worth paying for.
Raffaella Ventaglio Italy I found this course very interesting: a great introduction to AJAX technology and related frameworks. Thanks!
Roger Goessens Belgium thanks Sang Shin for all your support in the "javapassion"  cloud -  good luck in your future job


Session #4 (Jul. 30th, 2008 - Apr. 30th, 2009)

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Aaron Blanton USA Great course, Great Price, Great Teacher!
Andrea Maietta Italy Another great course by Mr Shin, who always manages to find some cycles to help us all to improve our skills and broaden our knowledge. Thanks again!
Emanuele Campra ITALY thanks to this course now I understand a little bit better what a great job was done to give to the Internet and the Web2.0 the right importance.
Hashim Kubba Canada A great course that let me understand technologies Like AJAX, Dojo and Web-2. Thanks to Mr. Shin I also learned about  handling Netbeans. and I highly recommend it.
Ilya Paramonov Russia Thank you for amazing overview of using AJAX technology in Java programming! It is comprehensive and very useful for practice.
John Chan SF, CA USA Thanks again for this Ajax course. It helped me demystify AJAX and all it's implementations. I personally liked learning it's application with JSON and Dojo. Keep up the good work.
Juliano Alves Brazil Great course!
Loan Quach USA Excellent course . I really enjoyed it . Thank you very much Sang Shin .
Marcelo dos Santos Brazil Nice approach through of the various frameworks.
Marco A. Toscano F. Ecuador Thanks Sang for share your time and experience with us. Definitely a course very interesting, God bless you and don`t forget that with God all is possible.
Paolo Mazza Italia I appreciated this course, and I think to subscribe also the new edition, when it will start.
Philippe DUBRULLE French Thank you so much for this online course, I hope you will find time to freshen it, but it is very usefull as is.
SUNITHA DHOTI INDIA This is an excellent online course which help me to learn AJAX and Several FrameWorks and ToolKits. Thanks to Sang Shin for offering an excellent course.


Session #3 (Oct. 15th, 2007 - Apr. 14th, 2008)

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Abhijitsingh Sulhyan India I would to thank Sang Shin for the efforts he had put in providing a brief course on the AJAX frameworks. The course has helped me understand, learn the different AJAX frameworks in the practical use today and their pros, cons.
Aguedo Hernandez Venezuela Great introduction to JavaScript, DHTML asynchronous communication and other AJAX features. Thanks very much to Sang Shin and his group!!
Alain Sellerin France Thank you very much for this course. Everything is well explained, I recomment it.
Ales Bednarik Czech Republic This on-line course gave me a deep orientation and interest in the AJAX technologies. Thank you very much. I appreciate your work.
Anup Francis Indian This is a fantastic course which introduced me into the magical world of ajax and ajax toolkits. Thanks a ton for making the effort to put together such a great course.
Balu Loganathan India This is an excellent online course which help me to learn AJAX and Several FrameWorks and ToolKits. Thanks to Sang Shin for offering an excellent course.
Davide Bettoni Italy Now the world of AJAX is no longer populated by aliens. Thank you San.
Doug Joel Canada Thanks very much for the online course, what a good way to learn Ajax.  Thanks Sang Shin and all involved in providing the class...
Ilan Amar Israel This course helped me greatly in understanding Ajax and introduce me to a wide range of Ajax frameworks which I have not aware of before the course. In addition, I would like to say thank you for giving me the option to do this course. As I understand you prepare the course on your free time and I appreciate your effort, which contributes a lot to my knowledge.  Again thanks a lot.
Iveen Duarte Guatemala Thanks for the opportunity to get in touch with AJAX technologies, at the beginning it seemed a little cryptical however as the course developed I felt more confortable and motivated to go on, this is a great course, if you have the chance to take it, don't waste it.
Jan Baan Netherlands this course gives me a great understanding of Ajax and I learned a lot of crossbrowser development as well, as I was very familiar with IE and Microsoft Tools, I now learned a lot of Sun Tools and Firefox.
Javier Pérez Sianes Spain A great course that helps understand the different open technologies that we can find to develop AJAX applications and many of wich are integrated into Java applications. Thanks to it you can choose the most suitable for your developments. Incidentally you learn handling Netbeans. Highly recommended.
Joanne Mao U.S.A. This a great course! Very helpful!
Jorge Diaz Chile Thank you very much again, I really enjoyed taking this course.
José Manuel Bermudo Ancio Spain Thanks to this course, i've really discovered how powerful AJAX can be. Thanks to Sang Shin for develop such a great course for free.
Juan Felipe Maillane Tabares Colombia This was a very useful course tath help me a lot in learning AJAX. Thanks
Jui-Yu Tsai Taiwan This course helps me to discover the capability of Ajax within Java.
NIRANJAN ANGADI India Ajax programming course under javapassion is a wonderful course i have come across still. It covers all the ajax frameworks used in the industry. Its a best platform to learn ajax.. Thanks and Congratulations Sang Shin for doing great job...
Pascal BANNEROT Paris, France Very nice course. I enjoy it. All parts are good explained. I can help you for translating this course in french, if you need it. Thank you, Sang Shin. I'm ready for another experience.
Pedro Padron Venezuela Thxs!! This course really helped me!!!
Pedro Valladares Florida, USA This course has helped me grasp the idea behind AJAX and the several tools available to the development community. I understand that completing this course does not mean the end of the road, but the beginning of a long and hopefully rewarding journey. Thank you Sang Shin for putting it together for us. I will recommend this course to all my friends and I will take some of the other courses in the near future.
Ricardo Ríos El Salvador Thanks Sang Shin and all the people involved. I have learned a lot about AJAX and how to apply this technology.
Sergei Barkin Givatayim, Israel As for practitioner, for me was very useful to find very well organized study sources with plenty useful links.Thanks a lot!
Simon Karssen Belgium A very good course! It gives a good view what AJAX is.
Stephen Brooks Ireland Thank you for putting this course together. It was packed with lots of information and useful references about this emerging technology. There were inevitable hic-cups with the lab sessions, some taking way over the expected time due to troubleshooting, some causes of which were the different tools versions which didn’t match the older versions used when the course was put together. Nevertheless, I found it challenging, sometimes bewildering and certainly worthwhile.
Tomasz Guz Poland Sang Shin, thank you for your great work and will to share the knowledge !!! As a comment to the course I am puting an excerpt from what I found today on the internet : " for skills in technologies such as AJAX and XML increased by 12.5% in the last six months of 2007..." - it is great to know, that what we have learned here is on the top, and rules in the IT world !
Wah Douglas LAI Hong Kong This course helped me greatly in understanding Ajax and is very useful for Web development. Thanks a lot Mr. Sang Shin!!
Walter Mangra Canada Great Overview of AJAX Technology with ample opportunities to explore solutions for your web applications.  Thanks Sang Shin.
Waragoda Witharana Kapila Sanjeewa Sri Lanka This course gave me a massive support to learn AJAX basic and be familiar with advance tools like DOJO, JMaki, GWT etc. Thanks Sang Shin.
Wim Tieleman Netherlands Thanks for this cource, it is nice way to learn about different ajax-frameworks.
Yury Bubnov Russia This course is a good starting point in learning AJAX technologies.


Session #2 (Feb. 12th, 2007 - Aug. 27th, 2007)

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Abdulhamid Dhaiban Yemeni With AJAX... Be RELAX!!!
Adebiyi Kuseju Nigerian This course has really exposed me to what Ajax has to offer, and the various tools and frameworks available for ajax projects. It is an excellent course!
Alberto Zanon Italia This online and free course has helped me to have an idea about ajax and the ajax state of things. In my company I use PHP as language to create dynamic sites. It's time to add some "salt and pepper" to our site with ajax! You made a good choice about the interval (2 weeks) between a lesson and the next. It has been the right interval for me to study in my free time. Thank you Sang!
Aleksei Belikov Belarus Excellent course and good knowledge.
Ales Medic Slovenia Thanks so much for explaining us AJAX technology. Great way to create web page more interactive. I learn a lot about using Netbeans and excellent firefox plugin Firebug.  Thanks so much for these courses and all your hard work.
Benny Vaessen The Netherlands This great course on AJAX gave me a good view on the possibilities of AJAX and the tools supporting it.
Carmen Rodrigo Spain This course helped me greatly to understand the basis of Asynchronous Communications and its application in Java Web Applications. In general, DOJO and JSON seems to me to be the most interesting and the overall result of the course is outstanding. A good job. And thanks a lot!
David Pulkrabek The Czech Republic Now I am familiar with AJAX principles thanks to this really nice course.
Dimitri Nikoloudakis    
Drabo Constantin Burkina Faso I spent my most marvellous and great time learning Ajax with passion !
Drausio G. Santos Brasil Congratulations Mr Sang Shin by course and your devotion . This course gave me a good overview about world Ajax  and  the your utility  in WEB 2.0.
Erich Holzbauer Austria The course was really a great opportunity to gain deep knowledge on Ajax related to the Java Technology. Thanks Sang for your effort to provide all these knowledge for free!
Iván Yáñez Marquina Spain Thanks for this great website. Difficult to find any other place where docs, links, labs and forum discussions on such a recent technology could provide anybody with a wider understanding of it than here. Congratulations!
Jacques Bergmans Netherlands Through this course I came in contact with a lot of AJAX related technology. With your help it was easy to set up the environment and to create working projects. A good start for further exploration. Thank you San.
Javier Losada Argentina I really enjoy the course. I learned a lot with all the material and the exercises. Shin, I really appreciate all your effort.
Juan Angel Vanrell Argentinian I think this is a great course. I really liked  the laboratories and topics included, specially Dojo, JMaki and Phobos.I am waiting for the new topics. Thanks
Kirby Foster USA Thank you for the course. I have learned alot. Comment: During course we learned many different toolkits. It might be good to reduce the number of toolkits and go into more detail with some of the better ones. It would be a hard choice thought since so many of the toolkits are very good. I really liked the jMaki and Phobos myself.
Laxmikant Dash USA This course helped me greatly in understanding Ajax blah blah blah (just kidding) This was a really great course. The course contents were really awesome. My sincere "Thank You" for all the effort you have spend in arranging this. I have a request - if you can enhance this course to cover the other Web 2.0 related topics then it will help us understand the rest of the Web 2.0 details and make it complete.
Manuel Loayza Gahona PERU This great course had helped me to know the different approaches to develop AJAX-enabled web application. The material is fabulous and very organized. I'd like if you could add material about  Jqueries, IceFaces or RichFaces Thanks a lot
Manuel Gómez Sobradelo Spain This course helped me greatly in understanding Ajax and different libraries and frameworks related. Now, based on the topics seen together, it seems easier, though not easy, to find out clues about when using one better than another approach depending on the application in mind.
Manuel Pérez Vega Argentina This course helped me to know how ajax works, and the variety of frameworks that can help us to keep the development easier, even when you make complex things.
Marcelo Pacote Brazil An Amazing tour throughout AJAX world. I thoroughly got pleasure from the course. The lessons are quite presentative and online hands-on labs are very effective on kickstarting people on each topic. Best regards and thanks for all Sang Shin
Marcos García Padrón Spain I really enjoyed this course because I wasn´t aware, till now, about all the different "frameworks" available for Ajax (I did some things in AJAX, some time ago but without any framework facilities..:( Maybe I missed some comparison with other RIA technologies such as LAZLO, FLEX, ...based on Flash rendering...or some critical homework thinking in how we get a better server performance moving "logic" from server to client side. Many many thanks Mr. Sang Shin for this course and for your fantastic work and dedication.
Maria Garcia Spain Thanks for the course, it was very helpful.
Michael Phoenix USA A good overview of AJAX open source software. It gave me a broad, but not deep, understanding of the state af AJAX technology.
Michael Zanussi United States I found the course useful in introducing me to the variety of Ajax frameworks and technologies currently out there that I had no clue existed. Thanks Sang.
Najeebur Rahman Bangladesh Thanks for your help Sang; your course is really a great resource for learning AJAX.
Nemarugomula Rao Sandeep INDIA *Thank You Sang for this great effort.. i really learnt a lot.. and also enrolled in webservices programming course..* *Hoping to meet you there with more question s to BUG you ..  :-)* Thanks a lot.
Nikolai Gorshkov USA  
Peter D. Bolier The Netherlands Fun course for an introduction to several Ajax Frameworks, showing the futures of web applications. Live long and prosper
Peter Gelderbloem United Kingdom/South Africa This course showed me different approaches to implementing AJAX
Peter Schönhofen Hungary This course provided an excellent introduction to AJAX frameworks
Ravi Shankar. G Indian Yeah this course really helped to understand Ajax in and out as well as the other tools almost each and every topic particular to Ajax were greatly covered.All the tools and basic concepts in upcoming technologies will benefit me greatly in my work profile to implement. One positive suggestion from my side is the homework part can be some more complex as the intention for this course is course is some certification oriented. Anyway great to be part of this course and with this inspiration I can take up few other courses also offered. Thank you Sang very much
Rimantas Juozapaitis Lithuania  
Roberto Lezama Gutierrez Mexico I really appreciate your effort and time for teaching us Ajax, i rebuild my master degree thesis project indeed, thanks to your course. My recomendation is to add new frameworks like Spry, Ext , etc. Also i would like a new course about JavaServerFaces only. Thanks and Luck.
Shashi Gharti Nepal I want to thank Mr Sang Shin for this course. I got the chance to learn ajax in depth.
Susana Eguía México * I've found this course rather good because i could understand the basics of ajax and also how it's possible to integrate with several development tools and frameworks, and got some insight on when is benefitial to use it. It's very useful to me because i'm developer and designer, so i can think now in terms of richer interfaces and concrete limits of technology, and i can understand the terms and what might work or not under some specific situations. * i also want to remark and thank you for the (i think) pedagogic way the labs were tought and the focus on ajax with new frameworks, because i was unfamiliar with some of them but still i was able to understand the main idea and complete them.
Terry Taylor U.S. This course, for me, provided a fairly compact introduction to a whole range of unfamiliar frameworks in the world of web development, and all in one place! Gathering this information independently would have been much harder, but it is by and large introductory, the labs give a light hands on feel for any individual topic definitely requiring the student to follow up with the resource list and more to properly grasp each framework and technology if it's to be put to good use.
Vanitha Vellingiri India Thanks for the extensive and self paced tutorial. The homework/hands-on lab were quite explanatory and I din't have to fear giving up for the lack of details.
Varma Padmaraju    
Yiguang Hu China This course helped me greatly in understanding Ajax from a broad perspective. I have been playing some ajax myself for a while such as DWR. This class brought me to broader scope and introduced me to several approaches that I have not touched before. So that I can now look at ajax from a higher point of view. I really appreciate your evangelistic effort. Thank you very much.
Yves Greatti France Ajax lecture was essential to me to grasp various technologies related to Web Applications and Ajax. Each weekly topic is completely covered in the slides accompanying every module, and completed by hyperlinks if one wishes to find out more about the topics. The hands-on labs are a useful complement to the lecture and clarify the concepts previously exposed. The homework never really complex presents you with a challenge interesting enough to force you to use the technologies you just learned. You could do it in your own one time which is also an advantage for busy people. This is a class I will recommend to anyone interested by Ajax and Web Applications in general. This is a good companion guide that will help anyone to understand Ajax and its underlying concepts which could be challenging if you are doing it entirely by yourself. Thank you Sang Shin, Thank you everyone who contributed to this training. Ajax With Passion!


Session #1 (Aug. 4th, 2006 - Dec. 8th, 2006)

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Ad van Ommen Netherlands  
Adam Biczok Hungary  
Ademir Buric Bosnia and Herzegovina  
Aimin Zhang China  
Augusto Fontes Brazil  
Alberto Milan Spain "Great online course for a beginner programmer in AJAX to introduce this new Technology."
Alberto Rodríguez Porral Spain  
Andrés Abad Rodríguez Spain  
Andrei Beleuta Moldova  
Andrés Iglesias Spain  
Andreas Marx Germany  
Andrew Barton U.S.A.  
Andrew Wong Hong Kong  
Andriy Dubovyk Canada  
Angela Y Qian China  
Aris Tan U.S.A.  
Bob Tarling U.K.  
Bonagiri Bheemeshwer Rao India  
Carlos Fernando Gonçalves Brazil  
Carlos Romero Peru  
Christophe Hertigers Belgium  
Daniel Matteoni Czech Republic  
Denis Zhdanov Russian Federation  
David Blackman U.S.A.  
David Flores Miras Spain  
David Kartopranoto Indonesia  
David Lin U.S.A.  
Darrell Pearce U.K.  
Dennis Dooley U.S.A.  
Diego Núñez Silva México  
Diego Torres Chile  
Dieter De Cock Belgium  
Donald Albertson U.S.A.  
Dora Kinghorn Cuba  
Doug Nehring U.S.A.  
Doug Schwartz U.S.A.  
Edelisa Dacillo Philippines  
Eduardo Torres Spain  
Emanuel López Argentina  
Erick Tauil Brazil  
Erik Lorimor U.S.A.  
Erion Elmasllari Albania  
Esteban Luengo Spain "Ajax is very easy now. Thanks for this fantastic course"
Frederic Daoud Canada "Excellent way to learn AJAX and how the pieces fit together. Thanks Sang Shin!"
Flavio Palumbo Italy  
Gabriel Pascua Philippines  
Gareth Anderson Australia  
Gerhard Pachler Austria  
Glenn de Paula Philippines  
Glenn Petry U.S.A.  
Gloria Zambrano Australia  
Greg Barr U.S.A. "I thoroughly enjoyed this course! Good coverage of many AJAX technologies and frameworks. The "hands-on" format was very effective in accelerating the learning. The forums provided a pleasant sense of community and was an excellent way to share and learn together."
Harry, Ng Cheuk Keung Hong Kong  
Henry Suryawirawan Indonesia "Thanks for this great class. I've never joined an online course before,  but I can tell you that this online course really gives me enough depth about the material. Though there are some classes which are not quite ready, but I can understand it since this is the first online course about Ajax. Thanks Sang Shin and all the people involved for providing the class. Thanks to bunch of helps from the fellow student in the mailing list. Merry X'mas 2006 and Happy New Year 2007"
Herbert Gerngross Austria  
Hideki Mae Japan  
Ivan Guimarães Farias Brazil  
Jan Cornelius Keller Germany  
Javier Allende Astigarraga Spain "Good Experience,Fantastic Class Mates and Ajax Tools ,thanks for all Sang Shin"
Jayabharath Reddy Gadhe India  
Jeferson Santos Brazil  
Jeremy Pyman Australia "Great learning format that allows you to work at your own pace and still get assistance from your peers."
Joe Pimentel Brazil  
John Lindwall U.S.A. "This class provides a great way to understand AJAX technology in general and also how specific frameworks/toolkits may help you in implementing an AJAX solution. I really liked learning using this hands-on approach"
John Pearson U.S.A.  
Jose Delgado Spain  
Joseph Dante U.S.A.  
Josep Escofet Spain/Barcelona  
Joseph Randell L. Benavidez Philippines  
Juan Manuel Díaz Spain  
Jun Chen China  
Junior Hack Brazil  
Karthik Amirtharajan India  
Lael Watkins    
László Vadócz Hungarian  
Lee SangPil Korea  
Luciano Zanuz Brazil  
Maksym Chyrkov Ukraine  
Marc D. Lipnick U.S.A.  
Marcial Samper Spain  
Mark Patrick U.S.A.  
Marli Esprega Gonçalves Brazil  
Martin Kühl Germany  
Matt Conrad U.S.A.  
Matthew Passmore Wales  
Mauricio Tabares Colombia  
Michael Bendio U.S.A.  
Michael Sync (Soe Htike) Myanmar  
Michael Weisser Germany  
Mike Lundin U.S.A. "A fantastic tour of all things AJAX.  A great way to get your feet wet.  Thanks, Sang Shin!"
Nageswara Chava India  
Namrata Kasthuri U.S.A.  
Nelson Chamberlain U.S.A.  
Nigel Charman New Zealand  
Noel Branzuela Philippines  
Noelia Sebastian Spain  
Nuno Oliveira Portugal  
Nuwan Chandrasoma Sri Lanka  
Orris W. Josiah U.S.A.  
Osvaldo Sotillo Calvo Bolivia  
Pablo Andrés Barrientos Argentina  
Pasha Gleyzer USA  
Patrice Secheresse New Zealand  
Peiyun Wu    
Quan Nguyen Canada  
Rafael G. Padron Venezuela  
Rajendra Bhat Nepal  
Richard Yee U.S.A. This class is a great introduction to the world of AJAX and is extremely useful for anyone who is considering using the technology. Through the exercises, I learned a lot about frameworks and libraries that I otherwise would not have looked into without taking the class. The course materials and resources are very informative.
Rick Holmes U.S.A.  
Riikka Lemminkäinen Finland  
Robert Davis U.S.A.  
Roberta Strambini Italy  
Rocío Alguacil López Spain  
Rodrigo García Acevedo Spain  
Rodolfo Castellanos Venezuela  
Roland Schaal Germany  
Roohbir Singh Canada  
Ronny Meeus Belgium  
Salvatore Bonifacio Italy  
Sandip Shrestha Nepal "I have really enjoyed and learned a lot from the course which was well laid out and simple to follow."
Sandy Cheng China  
Sean Strand Ireland  
Serafeim Papastefanos Greece  
Sevket Riza Harmanci Turkey  
Sjoerd Talsma Netherlands "I found the value of your course in the high-level overview of available techniques and frameworks / toolkits."
Sonia Bilbao Spain  
Stephan Wunderlich Germany  
Svetlana Shchegrova U.S.A.  
Supriya Gopal U.S.A.  
Tamara Forza Croatia  
Terry Taylor U.S. Citizen/U.K  
Terry Wall U.K.  
Thi Nguyen VietNam  
Thiago Resende Imolesi Brazil  
Tim Grunewald    
Tim Leonard U.S.A.  
Tobias Frederick Germany  
Tomasz Wrobel Poland  
Victor de la Fuente Castillo Spain  
Víctor M. Peláez Martínez Spain  
Yingjin Wang U.S.A.  
Wing Kee Kan Hong Kong