The certificate is a personal recognition from Sang Shin and other teachers that you have successfully and passionately completed the course. It does not have any affiliation with any company, institution.


NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Anna Nawrot   This course helped me to learn Hibernate Framework, which is more and more popular in Java applications. Thanks.
Mark Patrick   This course helped me to learn Hibernate programming.


NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Bruno Rodrigues Franco Brasil Very good course, good topics.
Fernando Aguada Argentina Via this course I could learn about use Hibernate, many thanks!
Pierre Geiger Germany Great help for taking first steps in complex world of hibernate!
Vicky Roy India Some things are really good (like inheritance strategy) but some concepts like locking/caching/inverse/Transactions/Concurrency are either omitted or not explained well.
Victor Bruno Dias Ronda Mozambique Once again, this JPassion course did not let me down. The lessons are structured in a way one gets the big picture within the minimum time frame, while retaining the ability to dig deeper and play around with code. That is awesome!
William Nitchie USA This course provided a very thorough look at many of the concepts behind the JPA framework. There were also many valuable learning resources available to use for future projects.


NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Gert-Jan den Besten Netherlands Excellent course to get up to speed quickly with Hibernate and JPA!
Jeff Hodd Canadian / US Resident This course helped me learn the fundamentals of Enterprise programming, with a concentration on data management (Hibernate, JPA).
Rajasekhar Pentakota India This is a good course on important Jave Enterprise technologies.Thanks to SangShin and Java Passion Team.
Roy Sarango Ecuador Thanks


NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Piotr Sobolewski Poland  
Vance Arocho USA Good overview of Hibernate and JPA

Session #5

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Sanjeev Deshpande USA  
Timothy Robert Puchala British  
Todd A. Johnston United States Of America Great Course! Definitetly gave me the knowledge I need to advance my skillset.
Yuriy Buy Ukraine This course is a good start point for studying Hibernate, EJB, JPA. I would recommend it to others

Session #4

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Enrique Gomez Pelechano Spain Great course! A lot of very interesting topics
Hiroshi Kubo Japan  
Juan Antonio García Lebrijo Spain  
Patrick Moniaga Australia  
Stephan Rusli Australia Again many thanks for providing this excellent online course. The Recording is very helpful as like we attend the seminar or class in our own time.
Tischliar Ronald Germany Good Course.

Session #3 (November 2010 - March 2011)

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Aleš Bednařík Czech Republic Thank you very much for all the content. I appreciate on this specific course that somebody has made me to learn about the Spring framework.
Allan Casalla Philippines Thanks Sang and Michele! God speed.
Anthony C.K. Lam Hong Kong Thanks Javapassion for offering this course
Bambang Sadikin Indonesia, Singapore and ASEAN Thanks for this superb j2ee online web training, i would recommend everyone who are seriously needing the improvements in their Java / J2EE / IT skills. Two thumbs up
Gideon Snyman South Africa This course was excellent!!!
Madhavi Yeduguri U.S.A Good Course
Marcin Strzyz Poland It was a pleasure to learn with that course. Very good starting point for beginners. It could be also used as good repetition materials.
Marius Petan Romania Very good course. Thank you Mr. Sang Shin.
Patrick Flood    
Tusa Adina Romania Thank you again, prof. Sang Shin!
Xiangdong Xu US  
Yvonne Kinsey USA Fantastic course, at a good pace. It is good to know the workings for JavaEE. Thanks.

Session #2 (April - September 2010)

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Darren Eisenhauer USA  
Edward A. Morris Massachusetts, USA Great introduction to JPA, Hibernate and Spring!
Gianluca Ferrario Italy That's great course to get started with these technologies, I recommend it.
Hiroshi Kubo Japan  
pawan chinnapattala U S A I really appreciate this tutorial. I learnt a lot about j2ee technologies and other frameworks..
Uno Carlsson Sweden Good intro to the frameworks Sprint, Hibernate, Struts2 etc
Yvonne Kinsey USA Great course. Starting to include JavaEE data into my confort zone.

Session #1 (9th October 2009 - 21st February 2010)

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Akil ELKAMEL Tunisia This course helped me greatly and allowed me to learn some advanced concepts for J2EE.
Alex Walker United States Very helpful course with a nice overview of some important technologies. I especially enjoyed the section on Hibernate.
Andriy Dubovyk Canada Useful course.Thanks
Crescenciano Zamora Lozano México I would have liked to see more depth issues using Spring MVC.
Dipesh Karki Kathmandu Nepal The advance javaee_advance course provided me with an excellent learning opportunity. The course material is lucid and meticulous and highly instructive. Thank you Mr. Sang Shin for allowing java lovers like us to delve in this course.
Eduardo Álvarez Alcázar Spain This course has been really helpful to improve my knowledge of J2EE. Thank you very much Mr. Shin.
Firmansyah Indonesia Once again I have to many thanks to Mr. Sang Shin, it is very help me to learn J2EE
Jan Nemec Czech Republic Nice overview of Spring and Hibernate – maybe one real-life example as one lesson would help get the snapshot of possible advantages and problems with these frameworks.
Jerry Yanhui Zhao    
Massimo Ferrara Italy This is my fifth certificate. Thanks Mr. Sang Shin
Mauricio Rosas Fuentes Mèxico Thanks again Sang Shin, I did the course Jee Basics and now Advanced. It is a huge work to do notes and laboratories and ofcourse homeworks. I think this is a good course for people that want to  begin in J2EE and  also for people advanced in J2EE. I hope this page  grow up every day and many people can  enjoy it.
Michal Sikola Czech Republic I really liked the course, it helped me to refresh and enhance my J2EE knowledege. Keep up the good work, thank you.
Shimin Xu USA This is truly a great course. I have finished the Java Programming, J2EE Basics. Before I started this Advanced course, I read a few books of Hibernate and Spring, and found they are not that easy to follow just by reading them. In this course, when I started doing the labs, I realized that it is not difficult at all to grasp the concepts. The labs in all your courses are invaluable. I really appreciate all you have done to make these courses available! I truly wish that your future students find these courses valuable, and wish your success in your new endeavor.
Srinivasulu Pulluru USA Great site to learn and keep up with=latest technology with Guru like Sang Shin.
Vonnie Kinsey USA I've tried to understand JavaEE before.  This course has brought me through my impasse.  All the good material out there, but it really works with lesson plans, plenty of examples, homework assignments, great links.  When I have homework problems, I go over in more detail the lesson and other examples.  And when I solve it, I have the great feeling of accomplishment and learned it more in depth.  What a good thing.