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David Sande Garcia This course helped me to learn How to work with Android, the basics elements and a good code examples for implement diferents projects.


NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Peter DaSilva United States of America I finished your Java course and now the Android course. Now I am armed with enough knowledge to make my own Android applications. Thank you!
P.Radhika Indian This course helped me learn several Java related technologies like Java, web technologies and Android from the scratch. Still i am exploring many others topics offered by this course. Many many thanks for the JPassion for providing comprehensive list of Java related topics at one place.
SEUNGKYUNG KIM Korea This course helped me learn how to make Application on Android and how to use Android Developing Tools more effectively. Thank you.


NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Ahmed Badawy Egypt Yes This course helping me to learn Android , But some topics without video link, so please can you provide me video link for the following topics :- 10. Resources and Assets 11. Data storage 12. Content Providers 13. Multimedia (Audio and Video) 14. Animation 20. Testing Thanks & Regards
Jeff Hodd Canadian / US Resident This course helped me learn Android programming.
Mikhail Gerdov Canada This course helped me learn android in a convenient fashion. I was able to study at my own pace and in my own free time. The lectures material was condensed and was getting right to the point with hand-on labs. At the same time there were always available more links to additional reading for the curious minds. The result; another great course from JavaPassion!
Patrick Moniaga New Zealand This course helped me learn about Android. It took me a while, because each module is packed with information and knowledge, which is good. Thanks Sang Shin.


NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Anthony Chung Kwan Lam Hong Kong Great course for writting Android application for beginners
DINH QUOC TRAN USA Dear Instructor, I've submitted the android security homework. Since the homeworks for android publishing and android licensing are optional, the android security is my last homework for the android course. Please let me know if you received all my previous homeworks or if you need any thing else. Thank you so much for your JPASSION training. As a software developer, this training is the best one I've ever taken. The explanation is clear and the labs are extremely helpful. Your website is a gold mine for software developers.
Kevin Lee USA A great class to start learning Android development!
Madhavi Yeduguri U.S. Good Course
Nimrod Gal-Oz Israel Thanks for a very educating course. It really got me into pace with android quickly and efficiently

Session #2 (February - July 2011)

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
John Haubrich United States Very useful course. Some homework assignments were a little too easy but overall it was definitely worth my time.
Mahendran Mookkiah India Hello Javapassion, It was my great opportunity to learn Android programming through I will tell my friends about Sang Shin and javapassion. Thanks to CT Java user group for introducing me with javapassion through Android Bootcamp.
Manuel Fernández Álvarez Spain Thank you for this excellent course.I learned a lot from this comprehensive course. I will recommend it.
Robert Cuyegkeng Canada This is the first course that I have taken at I enjoyed the Android Programming course very much. The Android course was very informative. I feel that the topics that I need more practice with are Content Providers, Services and Adapters.
Tischliar Ronald Germany Good course.
Vivencio Anes Jr Philippines It's been a wonderful experience learning a new programming language with passion! Java Passion and Shan Shin really provides the best service. Kudos to JPassion!
Yvonne Kinsey USA Great course with details, examples, and links.

Session #1 (July 2010 - January 2011)

NameNationality or Country of OriginComments
Gianluca Ferrario Italy A perfect starting point for Android development!
Hiroshi Kubo Japan I wish the Android plugin for NetBeans would be made available by someone.
Kathleen Horbaty Pendracky United States A very detailed, good class. Really helpful and easy to understand for much of it, assuming you do the required reading. Probably one of the best resources to find sample coding, etc., out there right now.
Laurence Welt U.S.A. Great course. Thanks.
Michael Behrens United States of America Fun Course - Great overall coverage of the new mobile cloud client technology! Code on :)
Octavio Morales USA Thank you for the course. It is what I have been looking for. I have read many books but non were as detailed and complete as this course.
Ping Nie Canada Thank you for this great class. Your class is much better than others and I like it.
Sunil Gandhi Indian (NZ Resident)  
Yvonne Kinsey USA Great course.